A Narcissist Constantly Needs Reassurance | Here's What You Do!

Narcissists Need Constant Reassurance! | Here's What You Do!

A Strong Friendship doesn't Need Constant Reassurance! | Narcissist Abuse

A Narcissists Constantly Needs your Reassurance

A Friendship doesn't need Daily Conversation to Stay Strong because the Relationship is in the Heart! 

A Narcissists is completely disconnected from their Heart and only cares about themselves. They are the epitome of Self Centeredness. Scientifically what they have done is escaped from their Right Brain the Emotional processor. And they have ran off into their left, logical brain to hide behind their logic! Thus they are disconnected from all of their emotions and feelings! Which is in the right brain!

One Major Key / Tip to Know someone is a Narcissist is they will continually beg you for your time to talk to, to constantly reassure them. This is not a Friendship this is 1 person sucking off of and draining you of your energy and time!

In the Empath Community we talk about Red Flags. This is definitely a red flag. 1 red flag doesn't necessarily mean someone who needs emotional support through a rough time is a Narcissist!

But a Narcissist needs constant emotional support even when they are not going through a rough time! That is THE RED FLAG!!! 

Someone who constantly calls you and needs to talk to you to get Emotional Support to continually tell them they are okay etc. etc... 

They refuse to deal with any of their issues on their own. They use anyone as their constant crutch...

As a Parent, as a Friend you need to realize all of us eventually need to Take the Leap of faith and fly! 

With a Narcissist, the Need for Emotional, verbal support never, ever, ever, ever ends or takes a break! That's how you know someone is a Narcissist! 

This is a 1 way Relationship!

It's always about them and their needs! They never even consider your needs even if your mother dies! I am dead serious! They look at you, with this absolutely horrified look, like, "What are you doing asking me for help with your emotional needs?" Like you are so far beneath them that you don't even matter as if you are beneath the dirt beneath their feet, no matter what happens to you?

The Worst Part of it all 

The very Person they are constantly reaching out to and call and beg for help from, is the very person they are going to destroy! You!

Learn how to see the Red Flags and Know what a Narcissists looks like, sounds like and the actions they do and or don't do!

Narcissists are Demonic! 

They are the very Definition of Evil... 

Once you spot a Narcissists, Walk away from them and cut them out of your life cold blunt, shut that door!


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