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You know, the reason I fell in Love with personal development was because it actually has real tools and communication skills that can help you to communicate better and express yourself in a way that the other person or opposite sex, as in my course, can relate to you, understand you and enjoy being with you much better. Another reason was because so many men and women go through such rough spots and hard times simply due to the fact that we are different and do things differently! And we simply misunderstand each other, a lot. Written by Mike Kollin Powered by MGK Enterprises For example many times women will tell a man that he is moving to fast, or vice versa. But for this  conversation let's talk about a real life example where a female who was commitment phobic because of a really bad experience in the past, told her mate that he was moving way, way, way to fast and even threatened to end the relationship. Well, over time she kept waiting for him to pop the question, but he wouldn't because he was afraid she was going to leave because she told him that. So over time she eventually couldn't take it anymore and she told him that she was ready to get married. So he said, "Ok." And she was a bit surprised at his lack of excitement. So over time she was waiting for him to ask her to marry him. But he was getting everything prepared to do it right. He ordered a specific ring setting, made plans, set up an arrangement, dinner and wanted to make the evening just right so he can ask her to marry him in the right, Romantic Fashion. But, over a few weeks, she was getting impatient and thought that he was not in Love with her. And then she got really upset at him and in an angry way told him so. And he told her that he had it all planned and ordered the ring and wanted to do it right and surprise her and make it a special occasion. Well, to say the least she kind of blew it, I mean the Romantic Surprise and all... hahaha... Now another example is in Louanne Bresidine's book The Female Brain, which I highly, highly recommend to both men and women to help you understand each other and how differently we are, she talks about how when a man gets angry is different from what happens in a females brain. On page 130 in the Chapter Emotions The Feeling Brain, the author writes about how the females prefrontal cortex and the anterior cingulate cortex are larger and when a female gets angry these parts of her brain hold her anger back or in check so she doesn't anger the Caveman so he doesn't hurt her or the children or leave her. She further goes on in the next sentence in "In the wild, the loss of a relationship with a protective male provider could have spelled doom. Cautiously holding her anger back may also have saved a female and her offspring from retaliation from men - if she didn't' fly off the handle, she was less likely to evoke an extreme response from the trigger-tempered male." Then on the next page, page 131 she talks about how women when they get angry, she states, "Women talk to other first when they are angry at a third person. But scientist speculate that though a woman is slower to act out of anger, once her faster verbal circuits get going, they can cause her to unleash a barrage of angry words that a man can't match. Typical men speak fewer words and have less verbal fluency than women, so they may be hadicapped in angry exchanges with women. Men's brain circuits and bodies may readily revert to a physical expression of anger fueled by the frustration of not being able to match women's words." In the next paragraph she states: "Often when I see a couple who are not communicating well, the problem is that the man's brain circuits push him frequently and quickly to an angry, aggressive reaction, and the woman feels frightened and shuts down. Ancient wiring is telling her it's dangerous, but she anticipates that if she flees she'll be losing her provider and may have to fend for herself." Now, 1 of the points I am putting this in here is to help men and women understand that we are so different that when we revert to what we find to be the normal way of dealing with things and or the way we give meanings to things many times is the complete opposite and when a man is trying to Love a woman or even approach a single girl, many times he Massively upsets and hurts her feelings or flat out scares her and she either A. shuts down or B. walks away or C. even gets upset and yells at him and he is lost wondering what just happened! An example I use a lot is when a guy buys a girl or his wife flowers and hands them to her and either says, "I Love you" or "I bought these for you" etc. and she grabs them either A. Begins to cry and says, "You don't love me!" and then walks away or B. when she grabs them and in an Angry Rage Throws them on the ground storms off and says, "You don't care about me!"  And might add a few choice words to that as she storms off. And again he is left there wondering, "What in the hell just happened? How in the hell could she possibly get mad at a kind gesture of me buying her flowers?" Hahahaha... well men if you truly want to find out the answers to these questions, you will have to take my course. For now I will give you this much. The meaning a woman gives to you when you buy her flowers or a gift or when a complete stranger at a club buys her drinks is that you are treating her like a prostitute, that you can pay for her sex, becsause handing her flowers without a deeply expressed and meaningful expression of your emotions and feelings along with the gift is simply put in the females world, "Meaningless!" In fact many times a woman will say, it's just an car or diamond ring, it's meaningless, he gave no meaning to it!" In my course, I will Powerfully teach you how to do this so you will not have to go through your entire bank account spending all your money on her buying her an expensive gift only to watch her walk away crying or in a rage truly believing that you don't care! So give us a call her at MGK Enterprises and let's set up your appointment. If you can get together 3 or more guys I will do a private workshop on this very specific skill set in expressing your love to her in the way that women actually receive love. And trust me paying for flowers, dinner, diamonds is not an expression of love but rather and expression that you can't express your feelings to her in a deeper, more meaningful way so you rely on paying for her love and sex. And to her, that is not Love! Period! Give us a call MGK Enterprises 415 456 8558 Now let's back up to what Louanne says on the top of page 131 in the first paragraph, in her book. 'Men speak fewer words." Yes she is right. And this is exactly what I am talking about. The male brain was developed in the Caveman era to speak fewer words to get the job done, so he can feed the children and not goof around. But the female brain due to boredom of picking berries all day long and cleaning developed this highly developed right brain communication and language that the male brain does not use. And this is why when you simply hand her a dozen roses or a diamond ring or pay for dinner or buy her an expensive car or gift that she actually gets mad and resents you for it. How many times have you heard a woman say that "she doesn't like it when a many relies on paying for gifts, because then she feels like she owes him?" And she doesn't' receive Love or Romance this way at all!!! And you know what? She means that intently. But many men because we think in the left brain way, logically, most men just blow it off and do it anyways. Trust me, the worst thing you can do is buy or pay for stuff so she will like you or love you or have sex with you. This really pisses women off big time! And women know that's why you are paying for it, even if you won't be honest with yourself. But, the thing she wants from you is communication, communication, communication. And that is what my entire course is about, this hidden female form of communication that melts her heart and allows her to receive your deep, heartfelt love and emotions for her. And yes, I as a male absolutely know that when you buy her a gift, it is coming from a deeper, more meaningful place, and you are expressing your Love and Emotions for her, but she doesn't because the way she is wired neurologically is so different from you that it actually hurts her feelings and upsets her. So Stop it! Stop loving women in the way men express and receive love!  If you truly want to learn mother natures hidden secret to Expressing love to a woman's heart come to my course and learn how. It's not easy, but once you get it, the light will go on! And you will smile from ear to ear! A key is this. Women express and communicate with a lot more words. Yes, there is a very specific way to communicate so she can receive what women call Deeply felt, meaningful and emotionally fulfilling Love! (Read that last sentence to her and watch her eyes light up! Trust me, this is THE ANSWER!!!) As Bill Cosby says, "The proof is in the pudding!" In other words, once you learn how to express your love in this way, you will see a huge, drastic difference in the relationship and you will see her light up! You will save your marriage and most importantly bring  back the True, Real Love! Because that's what his is all about! Love and Communication and Deeper, more meaningful and emotionally fulfilling bonding connections for you and her together as one! Come learn how! There is an Answer! But you have to make that move! Save your marriage! Meet the girl of your dreams! Call now 415 456 8558 MGK Enterprises Mike Kollin Your Love and Communication Expert!  
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