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How to Meet Amazing Asian Women in San Francisco.

"How to Meet Amazing Asian Women in San Francisco"

One of San Francisco's greatest Assets are it's Beautiful Asian women.

How to Meet Amazing Asian women in San Francisco | Dating Tips for Men

How to Meet Amazing Asian women in San Francisco

Beautiful, Talented, Intelligent and some of the Happiest, funnest women you will ever find. Yet, they can be Aggressive, Ambitious, Loving, Kind, Loyal, ok, well maybe not loyal. hahaha... They can also kick your ass mentally, emotionally and some times, yes, even physically... Online dating as I have posted can be a real pain in the ass and take up a ton of time. I personally don't waste any time online dating sites because it is so much slower than in person. And you don't really know who you are getting to know through emails and messages. You get to know the real person in person. 

Body Language, real life visual of who they are and you can hear their voice. All of this puts the whole picture together. And it makes it a lot Faster and Funner to get to know someone... no wasting time... When it comes to Asian women, they are basically like all other women but with a twist of Cuteness, playfulness and adorable smiles, cute eyes and are comfortable with their bodies and even sexuality. In my opinion and personal experience, Asian women tend to be the Happiest and funnest to spend time with in a relationship. Now I did not say all... Just more  and more often happier and playful...

At least in the San Francisco Bay area, Meeting Amazing Asian women in person is usually a lot of fun. Not always, not all asian women are perfect, some can be down right ornery! haha...

If you want to truly learn how to meet women, understand women and Love women

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How to meet Amazing Asian Women San Francisco | Dating Tips for Men

 Now here are some of the worst misunderstandings of Asian women in my opinion. They are not all sweet and kindness... And they are not weak in any way or lack any intelligence. They can be down right tough, mean and aggressive; some more than others. And can out wit and out fox the best of them, for sure!! In many, many ways, to me, asian women can be "Like Diamonds in the Sky" for sure.



There is a special uniqueness to being with an asian lady... If you make a special connection, mentally and emotionally and physically... Have you ever heard of the Orient in the sense of the Eastern mind? We here in the United States and Most of Europe would be called Western Mind. What does this mean?

The Western mind is the Logical male Brain. It's that Linear thinking I continue to talk about. It's the Direct, to the point and logical way of talking, thinking and communicating. The Eastern Mind is the Right Brain. Yes, what my entire course is really all about. This is the Right, Creative, Mentally Stimulating & Emotionally Fuliflling and Spiritual side of our mind. Western societies tend to Shun this side of the mind & tend to stick more to the rules side of the brain, the logical side. But this is not Emotional, this side is not sensual or Heartfelt!

See, if you are an overly logical person, then Scientifically and factually you are stuck in your Left side of your Brain. So of course you would have no clue about spirituality. You can't process or open up to it from your logical mind. The Left, Western minded cultures tend to Love and push rules, rules and more rules and structure and organization. And Shun, talk bad about the Right, Emotional Brain of Love, spirit and Deeper emotional connections.

And we wonder why our Divorce rate is through the roof in the United States! The Right Brain is the Brain that Processes and Connects to Emotions, Feelings and LOVE!!!!

The Right Brain is the Social, Emotional, Sexual Brain



There's this sense that if we all follow some man made up set of rules that some how, some way we will all fit in and..... and..... And What???? They never tell us... They just leave us in fear "blindly" following Rules to no end, to no happiness, to no understanding, to... "NOTHING!!!"

Why are we here? What is Love or at least Relationships all about? Following a set of rules made up by people you have never even met who died more than a few centuries ago? What happened to Love?

What happened to actually opening up and caring about someone you Love and are in a Relationship with? Rules! More Rules! Blame, shame, guilt, that's what happened to Love in this country! True Love is so shunned in this country it's not even funny! We don't even open up anymore... we are all so closed up inside... Got to make the All Mighty Dollar don't we!! $$$

The Western Culture is the Direct Culture. The Easter Culture is the InDirect Culture. The Hidden, Indirect Language Triggers any and all females... When a man can learn this hidden language and process this in the right brains way, it automatically Triggers her mating system to want to mate with you like Crazy!!! It satisfies her, makes her happy, fulfills her emotionally!

This is what women mean when they talk about sex before sex, "FOREPLAY!!!"

And yes, Western minded women are also butter in your hands, literally when you speak this hidden language...

This is where the women flirt so subtly you don't realize she is even flirting... this is where women are allowed and cherished to be feminine and Beautiful.

The Eastern Culture is extremely Symbolic. What does this symbol really mean? Just like the Right Brain, you say A. but don't mean A. you mean B. So what does this really mean? If you can understand the Symbol, you can understand her! And thus she will open up emotionally and willingly surrender sexually to you!!! This is What my course is about!! 

I personally believe it should be about the Best of Both!! A Combination of Loving and intelligence filled with Mentally Stimulating and Emotionally Fulfilling Communication and experiences for both.

"Pssst... hey guys! What I just said right there was very, very sexual to the female mating system! "Mentally Stimulating & Emotionally Fulfilling!" It's a hidden sexual language that women want you to know!

And this is where a lot of people get screwed up. Most humans on the planet are thinking in terms of Either Or thinking. This "Either Or" mentality is created from the lower, reptilian mind. The smaller, instinctual mind. Sure, sure we will use logical words to justify our actions or behaviors. But the Fact remains, if you think in terms of "Either Or" you don't believe you can have it all let alone "And & Both!" Either we can be A. or We can be B. But we can not be BOTH!

This is limited thinking. Now, not all asian's are Eastern minded or eastern thinking. Let's compare. Christianity is all about Logic. The left, logical brain is also the Rule oriented Brain. It loves to set rules and follow rules.

Christianity tends to lead away from True Spiritual connection. In fact it, Spirituality, is shunned and usually verbally punished in one way or another. So, when you truly open up, let go and actually have some sort of spiritual experience without drugs, Christians will tell you that you need to get closer to God, meaning follow their rules better and close off from God!

Now Buddhism is hands down a very Right Brain, Emotional, Spiritual Religion. And being spiritual is a very natural thing. Sure there is a Religion of such. But it's inherit goal is to help you to Be One with the Spirit or Soul. It's not about you follow the monks or leaders. It's about you Opening up, Waking up and living Freely in Love, joy and happiness.

There's no guilt or shame or punishment. In fact you don't ever have to go to Temple. If you go once a year or less, they don't care. You are merely Loved, Welcomed and helped. I've never felt so completely Accepted, Cared for and Loved in my entire life until I walked into Temple. Buddha Kham and later after he died Buddha Chandy fully Accepted me and simply wanted to help me find my "SELF". They simply taught me to continually "Look Within".


How to meet Amazing Asian Women San Francisco | Dating Tips for Men

That's Me Teaching the Monks in the temple!

This is the same thing that Jesus was teaching and spoke about. Look it up, "Look Within". They are there to Help you find Love, peace and harmony within. That's all. When you are ready they are there. And that is what my course is about. It's about helping you to find yourself "Within". 

Because this is where your Power is!! And this is what gives you The Power Back! And puts the Power back into your Hands. If you can truly learn how to do this, women will feel very comfortable around you and want to be around you. Socializing in public will be much easier with everyone.

See, an Asian Girls or Asian woman's touch is so natural, so beautiful, so feminine that it literally melts your heart... now not all asian women have this. But a lot more from south east asian tend to have this natural, graceful way and feminine touch about them. Their entire mind, body and spirit exude Love and warmth and caring compassion!


How to meet Amazing Asian Women San Francisco | Dating Tips for Men


Dating & Having Fun!

 If you have the heart and soul and willingness to Experience a full range of emotions and feelings and dynamic Love making, then she will be the one when and if you are ready for it. They touch you with their words with their culture... and guide you back into your "Self" with their Love and gentle peace. Be Wary because it's a very, very Powerful experience. There's nothing on the planet like Falling in Love with an Asian girl. She'll take you on the Roller coaster ride of your Life guaranteed. Either way you will come away from the Experience a much wiser, sharper and weathered man who can see the "Indirect" world from within!


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