Make her Happy!!! The Art of Romantic Seduction = The Female Way!

Hello, how are you? Just wanted to send you a quick BUT VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE! Ok, just 2 days ago, I sent an ad to a local Professional Magazine on Health and Wellness. You know, one of those monthly magazines that have ads on therapist, personal development coaches, hypnotherapist, life coaches, massage therapist, energy healing, relationship and dating coaches, etc. etc. And what happened, shocked me! He told me I had to emphasize Love and Understanding in my ad! And I was absolutely shocked because in the first line in big bold letters it said, A New Understanding in Love & Communication! And then he said I need to write in the ad this is a Pro Feminist ad and or either put non sexist ad! And then I was a bit taken back and shocked, because the next line, of my ad, in big bold letters states: For Romance, Love and Romantic Seduction = The female way! Again, I am like, did this guy even read my damn ad???????????? This is Pro Female, this is not sexist. This is not a Pro feminist course! This is a pro human course for humans alike! Yes, I was pissed, I was offended and yes, I was deeply wounded and hurt!  I was like, "WHAT THE FUCK?????" My entire life I have focused on personal development, love, and yes Romantic Seduction because there is something that women want from men.  And this is what I teach!!! The pain, loss and confusion does not need to exist anymore. There are clear teachings that clear all of this up! And I have meditated with monks for years and years, literally!!! [caption id="attachment_990" align="alignleft" width="215" caption="Teaching Communication and Awareness to Da Monks! Yes, That's me!"][/caption]   My life, my core values, my heart and my soul are absolutely 100% dedicated to helping mankind, to making a difference. I have spent well, well over 20 plus years dedicating my life to healing myself and learning the art of Healing, Communication, Love and Understanding and making a difference in the world. My #1 Value is Love!!! I have over 41 certifications in the Healing arts. Some of which took 5 weeks in an all day, 8 to 10 hour days of training to complete. I have taken 2 week, 3 week and 5 week training courses which required a minimum of 3 months daily study to complete before attending. I have taken almost all of the Tony  Robbins Seminars and many, many others. I have read and studied over 500 books on Love, healing, communication and therapy/psychology, energy healing and spiritual awareness, etc.. Now you might ask yourself. Why would someone dedicate so much of their time, resources and literally all of their money on these fields? Well, I will tell yo why? Because I want to make a difference. I want to add to the world. I want to help men and women finally, yes, finally Love and Understand each other! And many years ago, the light in the door cracked and shown through! I was given a gift  and it absolutely turned me on fire. And to this day I still carry this torch! There is a real Core Answer in my course that will blow your brain away. It will absolutely fry your circuits! And yes, it absolutely attracts her, turns her on sexually. But but, but, most importantly, it melts her heart and shows you how to connect with her mentally first, then emotionally in a way that she needs and desires. My friends! I am going to teach you how to Love a woman in the Female way! Again, for those of you who are hard of reading/hearing, again, I repeat, "IN THE FEMALE WAY!!!" That is 100% female supported and approved!!!!! LOOK!!!! Men and women are soooooooooooo completely different, that I can't even sell this to the male brain in a way that the female brain could relate to. But, but, but that's what the entire course is all about! Finally, finally, finally helping men and women understand what is really going on, on all levels, mentally, emotionally and yes, SEXUALLY!!!! Oh my Gawd! Did I just say the "S" word? Look, if you can't even handle talking about Love and relationships as in dealing with Sex, then you are right, this course absolutely is not for you! What most men absolutely need to realize, understand nad relate to, is that sex is the doorway to bonding on a much, much deeper level within emotionally! And women need to understand that men approach love and sex and deeper emotionally fulfilling and meaningful connections in the opposite way than you, women do!!! And all of this is causing men and women to absolutely destroy, rip each others hearts apart! It's all because of 3 core misunderstandings and views between men and women mentally, emotionally and sexually and it all has to do with a core difference in communication and how our brains and mating systems are wired differently in the complete opposite way! #1 Because we do not receive Love in the way the opposite sex does. And most importantly, men need to learn that there is a very specific way that women receive a deeper love that women need in order to feel Loved!!! But this is completely foreign, opposite and the direct backwards way to the male brain. And of course the male way of expressing Love absolutely pisses women off and that's why women get mad at you when you try to compliment them or give them flowers or pay for an expensive, classy dinner nad then expect sex afterwards. What I am attempting to say, is that what I am attempting to express to both you the female brain and the  male brain is that this is not easily explained. This is the most challenging subject you will ever take on in your life! And both men and women absolutely must learn what the hell I am attempting to say in this blog right here! Men and women receive and experience love in the opposite way! Men and women are attracted in the opposite way! Men and women are Sexually turned on, Seduced and fulfilled in the opposite way So, when men do it in the healthy, natural male way, her entire female mating system and right brain emotional system freaking fries! And she gets Pissed off like a volcano and she cries and she gets angry, because to her brain and system this is the complete opposite and absolutely wrong way!!!! So she thinks you are trying to hurt her and don't care about her. So she eventually after years and years, gets enraged nad the battle begins! Because she honestly believes that you are purposely trying to hurt her and rip her heart out and take the short cut! And here you are doing everything in your power trying to Love her and support her and be there for her! And the more you Love her and give to her, the angrier nad more hurt she gets, until one day you happily buy her roses or flowers, surprise her and give her the flowers and she tears up, cries and then throws the flowers on the ground and walks away hurt and sad! And you are standing there saying, "What the hell just happened????" That's how opposite we are! There are 3 hidden keys in my course that mother nature hid from the male brain that will absolutely help you understand her and love her in a way that she needs, desires and wants! So, is this a female supportive course???? ABSOLUTELY!!! Is this a Female Approved Course? Yes, Absolutely 100%!!!!!!!! In fact, this is what she has been begging you to do, crying for you to express! She needs to receive your love in a very specific female way! Yes, she needs to be Loved in the Female way! Not the Male way!!! So!!! What is this course really about??? IN one phrase: LOVE & UNDERSTANDING!!! IN a paragraph or more: This course is about Love and Understanding on a deeper, more meaningful way! In the way she can receive your Love! This courses is about a more meaningful, deeper connection in life and love with you, so she can truly open up her hear to you and surrender, willingly surrender emotionally because you understand how vulnerable she is when she opens up to you and connects with you in this deeper level! There is a Core Teaching that is absolutely not being taught out there this is absolutely vital to men and women understanding each other on all 3 levels, mentally, emotionally and yes, sexually!!! Without these core teachings, I don't care what courses you have taken, you will be the blind leading the blind and not even know it! This course will literally wake you up and bring you into greater consciousness to what's really going on!!! THIS COURSE IS ABOUT: LOVE, UNDERSTANDING, COMMUNICATION, BONDING, EMOTIONALLY FULFILLING CONNECTIONS AND MAKING LIFE MEANINGFUL TOGETHER ONCE AGAIN. This course is about the Celebration to life, love and relationship and relating to the opposite sex in every way! There is an answer. And men and women can finally understand and relate to and respect one another instead of blindly not understanding each other and taking the easy way out and simply saying, "I am right, they are wrong and therefor we must punish them and let them know our way is the right way and their way is the right way!" This is what causes all the hurt and confusion! There is another way, a better way! The real, Core way! There is an Answer!!!!! And it will change your life forever! It's time for you to wake up to these teachings and find your way in life, love and relationships! Isn't it time for you to take those steps and change your life? And yes, for you single and divorced men, there are real life answers that teach you how to attract women, approach women and romantically seduce women in the way that women want you to do! But, again this is foreign to the male brain! And it absolutely blows away my clients who realize where they went wrong in their marriage and why they are divorced. See, these Core teachings apply to every area of dealing with women, from raising a daughter to loving a wife to going to work with women. All of a sudden, all of the confusion in dealing with females in every area of life clears up! This is a valuable, valuable teaching that will change every area of your life when dealing with women! I sincerely Love you all and wish the very, very best for you! Please give me a call and let's set up an appointment! This course is for everyone from men to women, to singles, dating or married or divorced. Come, heal your heart and find your truth and love! Mike Kollin 415 456 8558 P.s. I just finished my book and am doing an unofficial book release. This book was written for the male brain in order to understand the female brain. This is over 400 pages of core teachings on what's really going on between men and women specifically written for the male brain to actually understand what's going on and what to do about it and how to turn the relationship back around and melt her heart and bring her back into his arms. This is for single men, married men or divorced men. "Crack the Female Code" Yes, there is a code! $60 ON sale now $25 til Christmas. Ladies, I will be writing your book for your brain to understand men,  starting this January! Right now I need a break in writing. But you can still call me and sign up for lessons! Let's get this thing going! Hey, do you have a group of girls/ladies who want to set up a few meetings? Then let's do it! If you are in the San Francisco Bay area, Napa, Petaluma, Novato, San Rafael, Berkeley, Oakland, Piedmont, San Jose or Santa Rosa Areas, take advantage of this now before I move to Southern California! I Will be here at least another year, but after that will be moving to the Greater Los Angeles area from Santa Barbara to Santa Monica and possibly to San Diego area! Call Now: 415 456 8558


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