How to Make Her Chase You - Powerful Dating Tips for Men

MAKE HER CHASE YOU - Powerful, Fun Dating Advice & Tips

"Here, Hold this Beer - I got this!"

How to Make Her Chase You - Powerful Dating Tips for Men

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Secret Dating Advice tips on how to get her Addicted to you and more importantly Chasing you! But in a Good way that her system likes!

Now remember guys! "Men and women are Wired completely differently!!! And what I am about to reveal to you is just 1 of my ways to get girls to do things for you willingly and wantonly!

Now, remember, in my course and in my book "Crack The Female Code" I talk a lot about Science, Psychology & Especially how our DNA is wired. There are things that actually make women happy that would either bore men or irritate us. So please keep that in mind.

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How to Make Her Chase You - Powerful Dating Tips for Men


Now the idea of getting a girl to hold your Beer is exactly what I am talking about.

Let's say you are at a club or bar or at a friends or Church Gathering of the Dead. (Yea, I said that. hahaha...)

So there you are meeting people, talking with friends and the like. And you find yourself introduced to or simply bump into an attractive little honey who is sweet as apple pie with honey poured all over them. I mean her. I mean it! You know what I mean... hahaha... Yes, Double picture that...

So you are talking to this girl and you are really hitting it off. And maybe you want to show her some pictures of your kids or your vacation in Hawaii where you caught a Turtle, which by the way will get you thrown in jail.

Anyways, you reach for your phone in your pocket, but first you say, "Here, Hold this" and you hand her your beer as you reach in for your phone to show her the pictures!

"YES!!! You Got it!!! Reel her in!!!"
Wait! What? What just happened?

Well, most guys are so damn polite and ask permission to a total stranger or they don't do the normal thing and hand her the damn beer, instead the walk over to a table or counter and then come back. Well, believe it or not, that's actually not normal. What is normal, is she is a human and a guess what? So are you?                                                                                                           

So handing her the Beer so you can grab something is actually quite normal.... That's what normal people do.

And it shows her that you feel comfortable enough with her to do that, which in turn makes her feel comfortable as well. Walking away to a table, etc. is awkward. It makes her feel like you don't like or trust her. Not good! Not Good.

TRIGGER: And it triggers her system to want to do more for you! It also instantly sets up the relationship where doing things for you is normal and will set up consistency. Bamm!!

The modern, submissive male does everything for her and himself. Now what does this do? It makes her feel like you "DON'T Want her Around! It especially makes her Mating System feel unwanted and in danger of being alone! Thus she gets a bad and uncomfortable feeling of not being wanted. Like she is not on your team. This is not good.

Exactly like when your younger sibling wants to help out with his older brother or sister but is rejected!! Not Good. Not Good at all.

She wants to feel & be apart of the Tribe, the Clan... and you closed the door in her face! How do you think that makes her or anyone feel.

I remember when my older brother wouldn't let me hang out or help with building the Fort for the neighborhood kids. It was awful. everyone was there and I was the only one who wasn't a part of the group. I so badly wanted to be a part of the group... Everyone was happy for weeks and I cried every day.

Now imagine her right there in a bar or friends house and you "Literally" walk away and put your beer down, then come back and pull out your camera to show her your photo's... Makes her feel in the out group and you did the in front of all those people!

"Hand her the Beer for crying out loud!" She's a freaking human. Treat her like one! That's all women want. Let her join your damn club already. Ok!

This Modern, Overly conditioned male is unbelievable. The common sense and natural awareness was flushed down the toilet a long time ago. He thinks being overly nice to the point of excluding anyone else in helping him even with the littlest things si the way to make friends. Wrong!

Exercise: Hand people shit!

I'm serious, go out and hand something to a total stranger. Ask them to hold this. Do it with strangers, women, girls you know, don't know, etc. etc. etc...

And!!! If they don't or won't do it. Simply walk away! This will condition this to be a natural effect inside of your nervous system that when it happens with a girl it will be seamless, totally natural. She will realize, "Wait! Holy shit!! He has Self Respect!!! Ooops... Oh Hello Stranger, come back her... Chase Chase Chase... And we're off to the racist. The cat and mouse game is on!!

I could tell you about my childhood friend who now in his 40's just went through a divorce because he was cooking and cleaning his heart out to make her happy. He literally took her job. And her brain went on overdrive panic attack as in "What do I do now!" Guys, don't take her job!

Literally, this Elite Private Executive Pilot gave up everythign for her thinking it would make her happy! It made her feel like he was going to kick her out and get rid of her. He took all of her jobs. Now she had nothing to offer or give back to the Tribe. She was desperate and freaked out over the littlest thing because her unconscious mating system thought he was kicking her out of or Rejecting her from his Group! (It's in the Book "Crack The Female Code") 


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How to Make Her Chase You - Powerful Dating Tips for Men


I could also tell you about how my New Girlfriend was quietly cleaning the kitchen while we first were watching a home movie. How she was lying down with me on the couch watching our rental movie. The quietly got up and so sneakily started to do the dishes with the lights off. I got up and said, "What are you doing?" And with a Big, Big, Big Bright and Cheery smile said, "I'm cleaning up for you!" Well! I wasn't going to have this! My modern day mother didn't raise a man's she raised a good little boy who would never let a woman lift a finger for him. So I stopped her and she almost cried. She literally said, "But I want to! I really do!!!" with the Biggest smile a man could ever see in his entire life! How did I not see how Happy this was as I literally had to console her as I made her stop. I continued to say, "It's ok, it's ok really I will clean it myself." She was sad and I think cried through the movie...

God I fucking Blew it!!! I literally took away her Happiness and Joy and Pride!!! I was such a fucking Asshole trying to be the Nice Guy!!! No! I am not Joking!

I Killed the relationship before it even started. And Man did she fight to cook and clean and do nice things for me! I simply wouldn't let her because I was brainwashed by society, hollywood and my mom that letting a woman do anything for you made you a bad or not nice guy. So I knew that being a nice guy was the right thing to do. So I made her stop her Happiness and Joy!

Let me ask you a sincere Question!

Haven't you ever wanted to do something nice for someone? Anyone? I mean someone you really Loved and Cared for with all your heart and all your soul? Haven't you ever done a damn thing for someone else simply because it made you feel good to do it for them because you Loved them with all your heart and soul????

Well, if someone Loves you and wants to make you Happy, "LET THEM!!!!" It's ok, really it's ok!!!

Fuck Hollywood!!! Fuck the Movie and Dinner Industries! Fuck what the PC People have taught you! They LIED TO YOU so they could get Rich off of you!!!
They can't get rich if you are doing the natural mating game. Because that way you wouldn't have to buy her a single thing and she will still be madly in Love with you.

Marriages and Relationships in the country are in absolute Shambles like a Nuclear bomb went off! I am not kidding!!! The Destruction in this country and other modern countries is horrendous! Stop listening to the lies!!! They are not working!!! So Stop it!!

I can't tell you how many stories of real people I have counseled who have ended up in divorce because of this 1 simple, easy thing!

Just get out of the way and let other people do nice things for you and make you happy! And watch their Joy, Happiness and Pride shine through. See, it's really not about you! It's about THEM!!!

Please, Please allow others to experience the Absolute Joy of Giving!!! To You!!! It's ok! Really, it is!!! Please... for Love!

To this day I wish my Brother would have let me help out!!
Don't be that Asshole who won't ask her to do anything for you.
Just say, "Hold my Beer!!"

See, because what you are really saying to her indirectly "Double Pictures" is, "You are invited to join my Group, my Tribe!" When you see her light up and smile, now you now why! It's about Survival. Survival will make someone happy!!

Now here's another thing you can do. This is just an example. You can think of more.

* If she is coming over from across town or out of town or whatever, simply ask her to do something small for you. Like, "Hey babe, can you stop by the store and get me some gum?" This gives her an opportunity to add to the group.

This is another test. If she won't do this or especially never does anything like this, the relationship is already over. So move on...

Have some Self Respect, some Self Pride. You deserve better than this and so does she! 

Guys never do this to Beautiful women. The funny thing is, they like it! A lot because they are never asked to join the Tribe Group. They feel so Alone and unwanted. Be the guy who makes her feel a part of your Tribe.

These are instinctual triggers in the females brain, especially in a certain part of the Female or human brain, in the Amygdala

These Triggers will Make Her Chase you!!! And put a Huge Smile on her Face!!! Watch for this! The smile I mean. 

It gets her to put effort into you… starts the trigger to Chase you… Triggered by acts of service…

Make her do something for you. It will make everyone happy and content!
Remember, people want to be a part of the group by helping out and lending you a hand. "THIS IS NORMAL" Human Behavior. If they don't, then now you know who they are.

What if she doesn't hold your Beer?

Well, then simply walk away! She's telling you in a polite or bitchy way she's not interested. And then watch her in shock follow you and try to bring you back!!!!! hahahaha... Because you are the first man in her life that actually has "SELF RESPECT!!!!!"

* And this is what she, technically her mating system, is looking for in a man!

Yea Boy!!! You got her! You got her! Real her in! Lean away! Lean away!!! Pull that fishing rod away!!! Lean back! Take a 1/2 step back and lean away!!!

If you have taken my course you will know exactly what that does. It reals her in!!! hahahahaha... Good Job!!! You Caught a Big one!!! Wow!!! She's huge!!! At least 250 pounder I would say! hahahaha...

Isn't it funny how when a man stands up for himself and respects himself it makes everyone happy and satisfied! Wow! I mean what a fucking Concept! No Lying! No submissive acting etc.. Yes guys, it's lying when you try to be this Fake overly nice guy when inside you are actually pissed off or don't like something and you bow down even further and lie to her even more!!!

Note: Now See!!! You are actually testing her. If she says no or doesn't grab for it. Now you know. Hahaha... Simply walk away... don't say a damn thing. Just walk knowing she failed the test. Trust me, it feels good to Have Self Respect!

See, you don't want anyone who is a part of your Tribe who is not a part of your Tribe! If they don't want to willingly help out and lend a hand, then they don't want to be in the tribe. And that's ok. Walk on!!!

So get out there and start asking people to start doing things for you! If they don't, then you know where you stand with them. So don't waste any time with them.

The cool thing is, if you immediately walk, they always come a running begging to get back into the group. Nobody likes to be rejected from a group. So let her in.




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How to Make Her Chase You - Powerful Dating Tips for Men



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"MAKE HER CHASE YOU Using Powerful Dating Tips & Advice for men."


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