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Love Doesn't Mean Being Together Always

Most of us have experienced feeling left out. Sucks, right? Imagine how your boyfriend/girlfriend feels when they feel like you have been "not there" for them even though you are always together. The answer to that would be COMMUNICATION.

A lot of couples have this kind of problem all the time and sometimes, all they need is someone to make them understand that this issue will just get out of control and that is not a good thing since you will need extreme measures in order to solve that problem.

Always be there and make your significant other feel that they have your back no matter what happens. Always communicate what you're feeling in order for you to understand each other. This is the simplest advice that you need to know if you don't want to lose each other. 


Practice openness and study each other's body, mind, and soul. Understanding this will lead you to a fulfilling relationship and the both of you will always feel that even if you're not together physically, the love is still there. And that's enough. It's enough to know that you are being loved by someone that knows who you truly are and is not afraid to brag that you are the love of their life.

Remember, you are not alone and there's always a way to make things right. If you feel like your relationship couldn't be salvaged anymore, someone is there to help you and give you solid advice that could open your eyes to even greater things!

Just know that you are here for a reason and two of those reasons is to LOVE and to be LOVED.

If you are having any marital or relationship problems, I'm here to help and guide you through it.

- Mike Kollin


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