Love Doesn't have to Hurt | A Beautiful Woman in her young 30's Desperately Crying from Heartbreak | Wearing pink top with dark hair pulled back on the right side behind her ear learning forward crying in devastation

Love Doesn't have to Hurt | How to Find Happiness in Relationships

 The Whole Purpose of this Course is to Save your from Heartache!

The Title really doesn't quite Capture what I am attempting to Express!

You can have Extraordinary, Life Changing Love that you always Dreamed of if you learn what is missing! 

There is Literally a Hidden Code!

Right now in this very moment you have "NO CLUE" how lucky you are! You literally found the Answer you have been looking for! No! You will probably bounce of this page and never give it a second thought! Yet you found Gold and Diamonds and you didn't' know what you were looking at!

What I am attempting to tell you is this blog, this website, my course is the very course, teachings, learnings you have Prayed for!

You Can't Learn this in Psychology Class! 

You can't learn this in Counseling or Marriage Family Counseling courses! And that's why they, psychologist, marriage family counselors can't help you! They are not even aware of this!!! Nobody is!!!

It's not easy to learn! It took me decades of meditating and healing work, spending years, decades with the Worlds' greatest Healers and Buddhist Monks from Laos! And dedicating a life time of learning how to shift from the Left side of my brain to the Right side and making it a life dedication to develop the ability to be Truly Emotionally Grounded with absolute Clarity!!! 

And then Teaching this from that perspective!!

I had to Master the Art of Learning how to OPEN MEN UP!!! 

It's NOT Easy!!! But I did figure out how to do it very, very effectively in a very powerful and life transforming way!

And that's why Nobody is teaching these Teachings!

This is a very Unique Course pulled from Vastly different Teachings, from throughout the World and all kinds of different practices and dedications, and also from my own Spiritual Awakening! My opening up allowed me to See the Differences between men and women and why we do not meet each others needs and why we Suffer immensely on a deep, deep emotionally painful level.

And Now there is a Powerful Answer to healing your emotional wounds and shifting your entire experiences within relationships with the opposite sex!!

Yes, I am Telling you this pain and suffering does not have to Exist!!

You are Blind to each other but don't even know it!

Yes, thats' what this course is all about! 

Opening you up to see it from the other side! I don't mean kind of sort of or in an egotistical way! I mean completely letting go of ego and opening Wide Open into pure Consciousness!! 

Once was Blind Now I See!

We Fall in Love in the Complete Opposite Way!

We Receive Love in the Complete Opposite Way!

The way a man Loves a woman is not the way a Woman is Loved! Period!!

In fact, the way a man expresses his Love actually hurts her emotionally and deeply! And he for the life of him doesn't understand why she's mad or sad or crying! He's trying to Love her with all his heart and soul!!! 

Yet it's ripping her heart and soul out of her!! But he doesn't mean that!

That's how different we are Neurologically Wired inside our brain and our mating systems!

We Can't Love Each other until we learn how to Love the opposite sex in the way they are Loved! Period!!!

Until we see the World and Emotions and Love from the Opposite Sexes EXPERIENCE we are completely Lost and Blind!!

But that is not easy! In fact until you take my course, it's flat out impossible!! Even while taking my course it will still be challenging for men! You will pop in and out of it for a while until you master a few techniques that open you up! 

What you will see will Transform your entire life!

What I am going to teach you in this Course you will never find anywhere else! Not in family counseling in marriage family counseling, from a therapist that specializes in marriages, from a priest, from no one!

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