Love the You Inside | Be Good to Yourself

Be Good to Yourself! | This is not a New Concept! It's Important! 💖

Be Good To Yourself So you Bring Good into the World

It's so important to be Good to yourself so you can bring a happier, better energy into the World! That is the only way to make the world a Better Place for all!

We were Lied to!

Demonic Narcissists have invaded every area of our society from Government to Schools to Churches, everywhere! And they lied to us about everything and they Twisted the Truth about everything!

How many times have you heard not to Love yourself or someone would laugh at you and say, "What do you Love yourself or something?"

How many times have you been told it was "Arrogant to Love yourself or Be Good to Yourself?"

How many times have you been told to show kindness back to those who abuse you? Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! 

You need to Love and Defend and Protect that which is inside you, you heart, your soul the spirit of God Almighty!

You do this and that Spirit inside you will begin to trust you more and more and thus will begin to open up the door to your own intuition and thus you will become much more in tune!

This will give you the very edge you have been looking for your entire life! 

Here's how Life Works from a Common Sense Energy Perspective!

It's simple!

Life is like your Houses' Water Heater!

If it's cold, what do you feel when you get close to it?

Yes, you Feel Cold!

When the Water Heater is Warm, what do  you Feel when you get close to it?

Yeah you feel Warm don't you! 

This is the exact same way Loving yourself effects the world around you! When you are walking in Love and feeling Love inside you because you energy is Love then those who come near you feel that too! And that makes them literally Feel the Loving Warmth Emanating from you and it begins to warm them  and fill them up with love too!

This is how Simple Life is! 

If You Love "Your-Self" then others will feel your Love and will begin to Love you as well. At the very Least they will be walking around feeling this Love! And as they walk through life this Love they are Emanating will be spread unto those who come across their path!

This is the way life works! Period!

If you Want Love then Become Love!


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Welcome to a Life Worth Living

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