Live it Up San Francisco!! Enjoy your life and make it happen!! FREEDOM!!!

Live it Up San Francisco!! Enjoy your life and make it happen!! FREEDOM!!! Just a Positive, uplifting note to move your spirits to live your life to the fullest! Get out there and Live your life!!! Whatever that may mean to you!! See, it's not about fitting in. It's not about doing what other people think is cool or fun or interesting or whatever. It's simply about you doing the things that you enjoy and makes your life worthwhile and meaningful… That could be dancing, going to clubs, meeting people or it could be fishing or camping or anything at all… For example, about 8 Months ago, I absolutely 100% Fell in Love with Fish Tanks and Aquariums. Now I have 3!! I suddenly fell in Love with figuring out how to keep healthy, clean, planted and dirted fish tanks. Yes, I actually have a tank with Dirt/soil in it to make the plants grow healthier and richer and more colorful. And that is what you need to make your life to be like… Well, Need, I don't know about need but "Want!" What do you want out of life? What do you want to do, see, be and have? Now get up off your ass and get out there and make it happen!! What's holding you back? What's keeping you from enriching and enlivening your life? Maybe it's a lot simpler than what you think? Maybe it's just not putting on the right music! Have you ever simply put on some music and all of a sudden within seconds your entire body fires up and your mood and your beliefs suddenly shift into, "I CAN DO THAT!!! What was I thinking???" Yes, use Music and Movement, deep breathing, running, exercising, hiking, anything and just get things going… MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!!!! Get up, Get out and just live your life!! Ok, back to fish tanks… I have been doing fish tanks, staying up all hours of the night reading blogs, watching youtube how too's and DIY video's on how to make a cool fish tank, fix things, etc. etc. etc. and I have been doing this for about 8 Months… A few months ago, I was at a fish store and talking to this lady and we were sharing our ideas and what kind of fish we have and talking about this tip and that tip… and next thing I know she came over to see my fish tanks, etc. The funny thing is, I never saw it as a date, etc. Then it happened again and again and again… It was so easy to meet ladies doing what I Love, Fish Tanks and fishes! hahaha… YOu want to know what it really was? I was out there, having fun and doing something that I Loved. And people Love to be around others who are happy, out there doing what They Love! It puts you in a better mood and makes things fun! Who doesn't want to have fun and enjoy their life? Everyone wants to be around people who are having fun! * So, be Fun, Be Friendly! How? Listen to music that you like, do things that you like and live your life the way you like. Eat Healthier foods more often. And watch the pieces fall into place! This is a dating and Relationship Coaching site that is focused on Living Life to the Fullest! Inspired by this song:
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