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This is My Secret to Meeting & Attracting women.

"Live an Awesome Life"


Make Her Chase you! Mike Kollin Crack The Female Code

This is My SECRET to Meeting & Attracting women. 

It's Powerful! It's Easy! And it's Fun!! It's not what you think, Literally!! 

Allow yourself to have Compassionate Love in your body and energy... simply imagine feeling this
Love and Warmth Wrapping itself around you and filling you up within you warming you, calming you allowing you to
simply feel good and relaxed... she will feel your energy the same way you can feel the heat from a fire...
No no! Don't touch her with the fire, allow her to come to you at her own pace and feel your energy... Put your Awareness on you!!!
This is the way it's done. Allow her to feel and get curious about you. And she will come over to you!!!

How to meet & Attract Women to you!!

2 days ago on youtube there was this stray dog that ran away from it's family. It was a rescue dog this family
adopted... but it ran away... And they couldn't catch it or get it to come back no matter what, so one day the mom and little 6 year old daughter saw the dog in a field. And the little
girl said God or the Dog told her to go out to the field and "ALLOW" the dog to come to her... So the mom parked the car and let the little girl out... 

So the little girl, without looking at the dog, Key there! She walked out without looking at the dog and simply sat down
out in the field and started playing with the Tall Grass and a bug she found. she actually forgot about the Dog... sure enough, a few moments later, the dog got really curious with this little girl all the way out in the field all by herself.
Because usually Humans chase and go after the Dog and Call the Dog. (Wink Wink, Blink Blink) You know, how men go after women, walk up to women, do the cat call thing, "Hey Baby!! what's up sweetie? You are so pretty, blah blah PUKE!" Yuck! NO! Don't do that!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!

So the little girl is sitting in the field.... all by herself. Now get this... She forgets about the Dog because she gets
caught up in this bug she found... this bug that was on the grass. So much so... I mean she got so much caught up in the bug she totally forgot about the Dog. Now, the mom in the vehicle, watching her with the Camera, giggled and said "She forgot about the dog.." Then BAmm!!!! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzip!!! Just like a Fish biting onto a Hook, the Dog Locked ONTO HER!!! It took the Bait. But the thing is, the Little girl didnt' mean to set any bait or Trap. She was just so caught up in the Bug, she was "ABSOLUTELY" Fascinated!!!

Guess what happened to the Doggie???

Yep, the Doggie forgot about it's fear of people. The Doggie suddenly, got Totally Caught up in the little girl's FASCINATION and was like,
"WHat the Fuck is she looking at???" Seriously!!! YOu could Totally see in this dogs eyes and body language and movement, it totaly Froze and Locked onto the Little Girl... Sure enough, "Curiousity Killed the Cat" Cuz cats get super curious about shit... Sure enough that Dog Couldn't resist... and it started walking over to the little girl to see what was going on. It got super curious... and slowly but surely like a magnet it "LITERALLY COULDN'T RESIST" the Little Doggie walked right up to the little girl, stopped and looked at her as if to say, "WHat are you looking at? What's going on here?"
The little girl, suddenly noticed the dog, looked up, and in that peaceful calm little way little girls do, gently looked at the little doggie with love in her heart and looked at the doggie as if to say, "I'm just playing with this caterpillar that is eating this tall grass, see?" And the
little doggie looked at her and then back at the grass and the caterpillar and back at the girl as if to say, "Wow, that's cool, can I touch it?" And it leaned forward to touch the caterpillar with it's cold wet nose!!!

And so the little girl and the doggie bonded over this little caterpillar experience. And made life long friends...

See man, it's not about the car or hair cut or cool shirt at all. it's about "THE EXPERIENCE!!!"
And it's not even about the EXPERIENCE as in it has to be something Big or Awesome or cool or expensive at all... zero...
It can be a Caterpillar... a piece of Grass, in a field, "LITERALLY!!!!"

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What it's Really about, is, Are you in the Present moment,  Are you GENUINELY Fascinated by something???

Cuz if you are, she will come right on Over and get curious about what you are curious about like the little doggie
did, so much so that she will get so fascinated by your fascination that she will "LITERALLY" Lock onto you as if
to say, "What's so fascinating?" "Hi, my Name is Silly Salley and I would like to get to know you."

Sir, it's sincerely that simple and easy...

Abhinav. This is what I am doing when I am going out to clubs, restaurants, etc...

I am totally Fascinated with my world, my life, my experiences my LIFE!!!!!!!!
My Life is AWESOME because I can actually find fascination in a butterflies colors on it's wings...

DO YOU?????

Guess what? If you don't find your Life Fascinating and Interesting, She won't either!!!
Thus she won't lock onto you! She won't walk over by you to find out what's so fascinating. She won't find you fascinating. She wont' tell her friends, "OMG!!!
I met this guy today, he's sooooooooo Fascinating!!!"

This is what I mean by "You have to put your Heart and Soul into your Life into your interests!!!! This is how you become fascinated by life! And this is what women, people will see as you being a fascinating guy!!!" Because you have Interests, real interests.

And you can't do this to get her interested. That's just the wrong thing to do. You genuinely have to become fascinated about you and your life and what you are doing with it to the point that you are living this exhilarating, fascinating life that "YOU" Enjoy!

It's not that you are a fascinating guy! It's that you are Fascinated with whatever it is that you are fascinated with!!! This is what will make you a fascinating person. Life is Fucking Fascinating!!! How can you not see the AWESOMENESS OF LIFE????? Life is Fucking Colorful, Vibrant, Alive with LiFe and Energy and Awesomeness!!!!!

Wake the Fuck up!!! Open your eyes and look around!!! Look around, see, hear and feel LIFE!!!!

And everyone will be like, "What the fuck is this guy so excited & fascinated with??? I want to know!!! Curiosity Got the Cat!!!"

Now Get curious about your LIFe!!!

Do it, this is what I mean by being Awesome!!! Be Fucking Awesome and Live an Awesome Life!!! And the world will Open up to you!!! Trust me, I know!!!

Mike Kollin

P.s. right now I am at Starbucks in San Bruno. And all the girls are staring at me.
Glancing over at me. Everyone is. I have my headphones on and I am looking down at my computer.
Totally focused on my writing because it fascinates the fuck out of me!!! Changing
people's lives, opening people up to the world around them and inside them!

Now that's Fascinating!

And they are curious as to why I have been locked onto my computer writing/typing away furiously for over an hour now!!!!

"What in the hell is that guy so focused on???"

MY LIFE!!!! And the World Around me and within Me!!

Life an Awesome Life Peeps!!!


"Step into your Power"
And Live an Awesome Life
Core Patterns that Simplify & Empower your Life!


Now you know my Secret to Meeting & Attracting women.


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