Listening to Understand for Romance, Love and Clarity; Dating & Relationship coaching Marin!

If you just do one thing it will change your relationship with everyone you know! Come from a place of understanding! How? You look for what's behind the verbal communication. That's where most people miss the important information. You have to open up to all your senses! Special offer below: [caption id="attachment_2506" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="Love & Understanding = Love!"][/caption]   You have to hear their words, see their body language, listen closely to their tonality and the "WAY" they say what they are saying. And you have to combine all of this information with what you are feeling in your body! What is your body picking up? What automatic thought or question just went through mind? Notice what you notice and be Aware of all communication within and without! Most importantly, you have to constantly ask yourself, "What is the communication behind their communication and words?" "What is their purpose for sharing this?" "What is it they are trying to truly express and communicate to me?" Again, Look for the real communication. As I always say, "Listen to understand!" Stop!!! Stop talking! Just stop!!!! Stop thinking! Just shut that brain up! And truly listen to the person you are listening too! And finally, truly hear what they are saying! Listening to understand them is what it is all about! Period! If you are more concerned about what you have to say or what you want to say or what you are thinking, then you just completely shut off communication! Just let gooooo... and put your ego aside and just quite your mind, go silent within and open up to receive all of their communication! And that includes the tonality, tempo and rhythm all combined with the picture they are literally painting with their body language and movement! Now that's listening to understand and will create more clarity than you have ever created before! If you want to truly learn how to listen and quiet the mind, I have a few techniques that will Powerfully open up the doorway to listening without that internal chatter! Give me a call, I'll give you a discounted fee. Let's say 50% off! NO! Let's do more than that! I can teach this to you in 1 phone session! It's the most important skill and tool you will ever learn in life for everything from love, sex to sales to running a business or family or just purely getting along with people! And it can save your marriage! I normally charge $125 an hour! For this session, even if it goes over an hour, only $50. Come learn the most valuable tool you will ever learn! Listening to understand for Clarity, Romance, Love, Social Power and a lot more! And if you are single, this 1 tool can change the game completely for you! (Good for the months of April, May and June 2013!) Come learn how! Now! Mike Kollin 415 456 8558
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