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Linkin Park - I'll be Gone | What is Love, an Illusion or a Great Teacher?


Love is the Great Teacher, Healer and Coach. 

A lot of my clients come to me thinking they are going to learn how to pickup on chicks, girls, women...

David Garcia said it best to me one day. He said, "I had no idea how much of this was going to be about healing myself and reconnecting with myself!"

 Well, where do you think "YOUR - POWER" comes from? Did you think it came form pleasing her or learning better manipulation tactics? Do you think your power comes from her Approval??? NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

It comes from you learning how to understand yourself, by re-learning how to find yourself, your "Internal Power inside of you!" It's inside of you! It is not in her!!! Stop! Turn around and "Look within yourself for your POWER!!" I'll show you how!! 

A lot of the songs that inspired me to write my book are from Linkin Park! 

They are living, screaming and being Alive!!!

That's what my entire course is about. But so many people have been deceived by this New Social Media world... It has disconnected men from their Real Power within!

The reason I picked this song is because it talks about the Divide... Linkin Park also talks about, excuse me, Chester Bennington Screams about "The New Divide" in his song New Divide.

This song inspired me for months and months to write my Famous Book "Crack The Female Code". 

The whole purpose of my course is to teach you how to cross this New Divide, because on the other side you will find yourself and your POWER!!! And this is what women are attracted to.

Her Mating System is wired to be Triggered by A man who is "In Tune", "Tuned into himself!" An Awakened Man! A man who is aware, tuned in and turned on!!!

This is the man who will survive, thrive and take life by the reigns!!

So yes this course is not only about Communication patterns that trigger her mating system but also the real Power which is laying dormant, asleep, in the box deep, deep within you!

The Good News is, it's Still there and always has been! The Goal of life is to learn how to "Wake up, activate this part of your Brain, turn it back on and begin to Live, see, smell, taste and Feel Life again!!


Beautiful Couple Kissing on Bed | Book Cover Crack The Female Code


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