Life is a Gift that was Mean to be Enjoyed | Spiritual Awakening

Life is a Gift that was Meant to be Enjoyed | Spiritual Awakening

It's True! You are Already Enough

Almost immediately after my 28th Birthday I went through a Spiritual Awakening that lasted for 6 months! It was by far the most Amazing Experience I have ever had in my entire life! 

Every night when I went to Sleep Physically I went through these lessons! There was this mystical way that something was teaching me very Powerful Spiritual lessons!

Physically I was asleep but I was more Awake than I have ever been in my entire life! 

People ask me where I learned what I learned and Teach in my Course Crack the Female Code! Answer: From God!

It's about Love, Communication and Understanding on a much Deeper Level that Adds Romance, Clarity and a much Deeper Emotional Connection within so you can Connect Spiritually! 

Love is The Answer!

Every Night it sent me lessons and taught me so thoroughly and clearly! My entire life changed, 180 Degrees! And so will yours!

The very last night I started to cry because I knew it was the last night! I could feel it!! But the lesson was so Beautiful... 

"Life is a Gift that was meant to be Enjoyed!"

Do not wait a moment longer! You are here to Live, Love and Enjoy Life to the Fullest, whatever that means to YOU! To YOU!!!

Be Gentle with yourself! Love yourself inside! And Be Kind to yourself! 

Open up a bit more yet pull away from those who hurt you! 

It's okay to Protect yourself inside because what you are protecting is the Spirit of God Within you! Once you Begin to do this, God will suddenly Open up to you and begin to guide you!

Listen to the feelings and emotions you are feeling inside your body! That is God talking to you!

If your energy shifts around someone, if you start to suddenly talk faster, get nervous or scared or feel shame or any negative emotions then get away from them! "LISTEN" to those feelings! Pay attention to what you are feeling! That is God talking to you! 

On the other hand if you have Clarity, Peace, Love and Warmth inside your body and you feel good, Listen to those feelings as well. They are your Guide! Trust me, your Body knows!

God Bless you All!

I Love You!!


Mike Kollin

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