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Life is a Gift that was Meant to be Enjoyed | Spiritual Awakening

I Love you!

Golden New Years Fireworks falling down | What's the Most Important thing in the World to Me???

Today on my Facebook page I posted: 

Do you know me?

What's the #1 Most important thing in the World
to me and always has been???
I would guess that most of my friends would guess that "Awesome" is the most important thing in the world to me because I am always saying that word in one way or another. 

The truth is, I use that words "Awesome" all the time as a tool to do the #1 Most important thing in the world is to me!

I began to really realize years ago how Powerful words are and how much they effect you emotionally and physically on what choices you make or don't make; on what actions you will take and won't take!

So now I say, "I'm Awesome! Life is Awesome! You are Awesome!" 

And Lo and Behold my life went from a total train wreck to an Awesome Journey of exciting learning, discovery and seeing the wonderful side of life and the world!

So, what is the Most Important thing in the World to me?

Answer: Your Happiness! 

The Most important thing in the world to me is to see you Happy and Enjoying life! 

I have been this way my entire life!
I have spent over $100,000.00 on my education in Psychology, NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis, going to Tony Robbins Seminars and Trainings and learning different forms of Energy Healing. I even spent time for years and years going to Buddhist Monks and Energy Healers to Learn how to Help others and Heal myself as well...
It's my entire life's focus, to help others to heal emotionally and simply Be Happy!

Nothing in the World hurts me more than seeing someone Suffer Emotionally! 

Bluish Background with snow and a penguin and man ice skating!

Why is this the Greatest Compliment in the World to me?

Because through decades of learning and developing and meditating, I realized how much it hurts people to be judged and how harmful it is to someone's spirit!

I also realized how few people actually just accept others for who they are without judgement!

I decided I didn't want to judge anyone ever again!

After 20 years of going down this path to Enlightenment and Awakening, one day someone said to me in the most Profound way,

"I feel so Comfortable around you. I feel like I can just be Myself!" 

I realized one of the most powerful things there is to learn! 

The way to Love someone is simply by just Accepting them for who they are... It was the Greatest feeling in the world knowing someone felt so comfortable around you that they can be themselves without any stress or worry! Zero... just being... with you! 

This took me down the spiritual path even further! 

My Spiritual Awakening 

 I am not going to go to in depth about my Spiritual Awakening other than, it happened when I was 28 years old, just after my 28th Birthday after meditating every day for almost 10 years.

And that it lasted for 6 months! 

Every night when I went to sleep for 6 months there was a lesson to be learned. It was like a download of information. Tons and tons of information that miraculously always integrated into the simplest form.

Well the very last night of my Awakening... 

I knew the moment the vision started...

The way it worked, was I would fall asleep after meditating... 

Then after a while I would be conscious in another space so to speak... And on this particular night I knew it was the very last teaching of this Awakening experience. It instantly made me very, very sad... 

The image that came to me was nothingness...

And I didn't understand it at all. It was the first lesson that I didn't understand... I remember even saying in my head, "Ok, well what is it? I don't get it?" 

After a while, I just stared blankly at it... now mind you, my physical body was completely asleep like you do.... but I was awake in another place or experience.

After a long while suddenly I got it! 

It was Pure! 100% Pure

In the Beginning everything was 100% Pure Positive ions or electrons / energy so to speak. It was so pure that nothing existed yet everything existed in the Pureness. 

After a while I was like, "That's it???"

And then it began... 

A Rectangle was drawn out. Just a plain ole rectangle... that's it!

And then I saw some streaks flying or falling into it from above, down into the rectangle... now this didn't make any sense at all to me... I had no idea what I was looking at or what it was trying to tell me / teach me!

And then I got it!

The Rectangle represented the Beginning and the Ending. The Alpha and the Omega. 

And the streaks were Angels falling down to earth! And the space inside the rectangle was time, space and distance. The 3rd dimension so we can exist! But it was still all dead, nothingness, no movement, black and white!


But it was all just black and white and plain... no color, nothing....

Without Contrast you can't see, you can't hear, you can't feel, you can't taste, you can't smell, you don't even know you exist! You need darkness in order to see the light. In art, you must create contrast in order to see the edges and corners etc. in a painting! You need Contrast. If it's 100% Pure Positive you can't see, hear, feel or sense anything at all... 

Then in the Lower Left Hand Corner there was 1 single negative spark added to the Rectangle's corner!

And instantly there was life. There was this negative spark that went shooting all the way across the entire rectangle and added Contrast! And this Beautiful, Colorful, Emotional experience began to unfold in the rectangle... The Feelings and sounds and sights were so Amazing!! Thus, Now We Have Life!!!

And after a while it all hit me...

In order to have Life, you have to have Contrast!!! 

I then began to cry... I was so sad because I realized that Contrast meant that people had to suffer and die and be killed and all these horrible "Negative" things had to happen in this plane of existence for Goodness and Happiness and Love to exist!

In order for there to be Light, there has to be Darkness!

In order for there to be Happiness there has to be Sadness!

In order for there to be Pleasure there has to be Suffering!

But then God Spoke to me through giving me a knowing!

As I stared at that Beautiful Contrast full of Life and Colors and Emotions and Feelings, I realized, there was no suffering in this rectangle! It was just Beauty in Contrast... 

And then as if God spoke to me himself, there was another knowing... 

There does not have to be pain and suffering for Happiness, Love and Joy to exist! 

All there has to be is 1 single spark of negative electron for all the Happiness, Love and Joy to exist!!!

This is where mankind misunderstands... Most people think / believe, that in order for there to be Massive Pleasure or Lots of Love and Happiness, then there has to be an equal amount of Pain and Suffering on the planet!

This is not True at all... This is where you are Wrong! This is the Ultimate Sin! This is "THE LIE!!!"

All there has to be is 1 tiny spark of negative electrons to create contrast so you can experience all the Happiness, Love and Pleasure this life has to offer!

And then the final message came to me! 

Life is a Gift that was Meant to be Enjoyed!

It's a choice!

All you have to do is Choose to Accept this Gift from God and Enjoy it to the Fullest!

This was and is and always will be the intention of Life and God! 

You can't pay for it! You can't buy it! You can't bargain for it! 

All you can do is "Open up and Receive the Gift of Life!"

This is my Message to you!

This is what my entire teachings are all about!


The Most Important thing to me is your Happiness and Enjoying the Gift of Life!


I Just want you to be Happy and Enjoy this Gift Called Life!

- Mike Kollin


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