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We are Healing on a Deep Level | Emotional Healing 💕

Let Go and Allow Yourself to Heal Emotionally

You have to Feel your Feelings, your Emotions in order for them to Heal...

It's like you have to go back down with the part of you that is hurt and scared and feel the negative emotions with that part. Like you are being your own best Friend and TRULY being there not only For you but "WITH" the You Inside!!!

You Have to Walk through the Fire Holding Hands with that Part of you that is scared and hurt! Be your Own Best Friend!!! Because that's What Real Friends Do!!!

How are you guys doing?

This video will Give you Hope! 💕🎁

It has been an Amazing, Amazing Journey these last few years to 10+ years. Obviously recently things have been heating up and picking up pace, speed and intensity!

The learnings have grown 10 fold... 

Most of you I am sure have Awakened Spiritually and are beginning to notice things are not what they originally seemed for most of your life. Coincidences turned out to not be coincidences at all but were actually set in place in your life on purpose!

This video is merely to help you begin to heal in a much gentler and more compassionate way towards yourself.

Remember, you are already on your path even if you think you are not! You are!

Enjoy the learnings in the video!

Emotional Healing 

Beautiful Asian Angel with Long, Beautiful Dark Hair wearing White Dress Holding out he Hand to lead a Little boy out of the Fire, being chased by Demons on Horses!


Mike Kollin

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