Learning how to Read & Understand women makes you a better Salesmen & Gambler!

Yes, you might not believe it until you see it, but learning how to read women will make you a better gambler and better in sales as well; not to mention will be the sole, #1 resource to getting ahead in the corporate world or any organization. Written by Mike Kollin Powered by MGK Enterprises http://MikeKollin.com See, here's the deal. Women are very subtle creatures, the opposite of men. Men are direct. In fact the male brain is the direct external brain. Meaning men say it the way it is and do it the way it is. There's no hiding when it comes to truly functioning from your left male brain. And this applies to both men and women. Now, women are born using their right, female brain, so this is her home and she's damn good at it. Now, our society and life itself forces women to really develop and get good at using their left, logical male brain as well; but that's another message. What this blog is about is explaining a few very, very key things. Right now I am reading a book called The Female Brain. And I highly recommend it for both men and women. Now, in Chapter 6 Emotion: The Feeling Brain, page 117, 118, 119, it talks about how women have a very developed ability to pick up on small facial cues that men can't or don't pick up on! And you know what? She's right. The average male is soooooooooooooo left brain that social cues are the majority of men's biggest downfall. This is how a woman can tell if a man is lying or not. And because he/men suck at this, it's the very same reason why most men can't tell if she or his boss or co-worker or anyone is lying or setting him up! Now, the my clients become better gamblers and salesmen and succeed in every area of life is because they learn 1 very, very, very important thing in my course that no other course teaches you how to do. My clients are forced to learn how to open up to their right brains. In fact, the #1 Core teaching in my course is to teach you how to open up to your right brain, because a man who can open up to and effectively use his right brain is the man who Powerfully attracts women, understands women and can read women a lot better. And thus he can also read other men as well. So, a client of mine who develops this to an efficient state suddenly see's all the unconscious nuances that other men give off without realizing they are doing it. And this gives my client a huge Edge in Social Influence and reading people and thus giving him more Social Power! Now to give you an example, this author talks about this married women who suspects her husband of cheating and lying. Well, as she is talking to him about this, here is what the author writes on page 118 towards the bottom of that page: Sarah's brain will automatically scan his face like an MRI Scanner... She will begin to match what he says with his tonality and his facial cues and body language and she will begin to feel in her gut what he is feeling and she will know before he knows what he is feeling, because she is taking on his emotions and feelings and knows what he is feeling and if it is matching up with his words. And this guys is how women understand how you are lying. Now that was an over view because otherwise, this blog would be extremely long. In short though, I will teach you over and over in different ways how to tap into your own MRI or what I call Radar system so you can begin to notice the most subtle cues in her body language, see her eyes dilate, watch her lower lip swell or shrink, notice her breathing shift. But most importantly I am going to reconnect you with your internal system which is in "YOUR RIGHT BRAIN!!!" See, most men in the modern society are completely, absolutely disconnected from their right brain to such an extreme degree that a woman could throw a huge, massive pass at you and you won't even notice it. And if you think I am joking, talk to any woman past the age of 21. All girls notice that there is something, in female terms, Wrong with men! hahaha... And here's what it is. The modern world allows the modern male to be lazy as hell. He doesn't have to tune into his right brain, which is powerfully connected to his 5 senses. And this is why he doesn't notice the small nuances in tone, volume and the way things are said with body language and also within the actual words and language, yet, to a woman it's totally, completely absolutely obvious! So, what I do is teach you very, very specific techniques to practice and practice and practice and practice in order to learn how to open up to your right brain in a way that Powerfully reconnects you like a Happy Caveman hunting on the tundra. Except what you are hunting is not animals, but Cave girls! hahaha... You'll be able to learn how to read her, notice her slightest nuances and subtleties and learn how to know if she likes you, wants to continue talking to you and when it's time to move in for the Kill... Ummm... I mean Romantic Seduction... hahaha... So yes, I am going to teach you how to be a much more successful hunter by teaching you how to open up to your right brain! Once you get there and develop this enough, to the point of truly being able to access your right brain at will, then "You are off to the Races!!!" Now, here's the deal, this will actually teach you how to read animals, horses, dogs a lot better. And this will also show you how to deal with and lead any of these types of animals as well. And it will literally make you a much better hunter, like the American Indian by noticing the most subtle shifts in the wind, smells, reading mother nature, animals around you, etc. around you! And this is the #1 single most important skill to getting ahead in the business world! So, if you want to learn how to romantically seduce women, turn women on and powerfully love her heart with all you've got, then come, take this course and find out how learning how to read, love & understand women will powerfully effect your professional life as well. There is an Answer that will change your entire life. So come learn the easy way to attract women, turn women on and actually melt her heart! This course will massively amplify your inner game and the ability to actually carry on a conversation and how to talk to women. I'm Mike Kollin! Your Love and Communication Expert. Http://MikeKollin.com Single Men go here: Http://MikeKollin.com/single-men/ From New York to San Francisco to Los Angeles to Las Vegas!
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