How to Understand Love | Dating & Relationship Coaching

How to Understand Love | Dating & Relationship Coaching

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Notice how the Heart Beat was soothing to the Baby. 

At 0:54 as the baby begins to hear the heartbeat from the man it begins to calm down and stop crying. 

Try not to cry but... the baby's mother's heart was transplanted into this man! So when the baby hears the rhythm/heartbeat it recognizes it's mother inside the man. It's the same beat that it experienced it's entire life inside the womb of the mother. And it is very comforting because it's familiar to the baby.

I teach men how to slow down inside... Slow down their heartbeat... because of a study done on babies and the mothers heartbeat and how it comforts them. I also teach this to men because it makes common sense once a man finally gets there!

If they, men, can slow down to 1 beat per second, it will help women to feel comfortable with them. Most men go way to fast for comfort...

Most men are going so fast inside because they think there is some kind of rush to get some where even when you are already there! Stop! Just Stop!

See, she can feel what you are feeling inside and is more conscious of it than most men are!

The male way of thinking is to "IMPRESS" a woman buy talking fast, being fast and intense using what's called "Push Energy!" What you are doing unconsciously is Pushing her away & Literally Closing her mind, heart and emotions to you! This is why women constantly say, "Why do men always try to impress women?" See, you are "Pressing" her away... it tightens her up. It closes her.

Trust me. Slow down! Relax... breath deeply and take your time... Allow her to completely finish her thoughts and her communication. Don't interrupt or wait for her to take a breath to fit in what you want to say. You do this, she will walk away... Learn how to be content. Relax, let go! There's no rush... learn how to be the kind of man women feel comfortable around! She'll appreciate it!


Emotionally Grounded and Calm is a woman's Safe place!

The Greatest thing a man or women can do is learn how to stop! 

Learn how to completely stop and silence the mind completely!

This is the Space where you can learn how to listen to Understand someone you Love!


Listen to Understand

How to Understand Love | Dating & Relationship Coaching

Silence your mind So you can Hear. 

Silence your Mind so you can Understand.

Silence your mind so you can Feel her Love.


Silence your Mind

How to Understand Love | Dating & Relationship Coaching

Whenever you go to a meditation class etc. they some times will play drum beats or chanting etc. with deep breathing techniques. The purpose is to slow you and your heart beat and overall energy down inside you! 

Because this brings clarity to your mind. And now you can Understand!

As Bruce Lee made the phrase famous, "Empty your Mind!"



Letting Go is The Key to Love


Honestly Expressing Yourself

I can't tell you how many young men and older men I have said this very same thing to. In fact my entire course is teaching men how to let go of their linear system, the thinking brain. So they can come from their Real Self, their Genuine self without thinking but a higher level of Awareness.

Most men don't merely say what they think. They think about what they are going to say, then rethink it, then rethink it again and usually 2 more times before they say the very last thing they thought.

This is not Honesty and this is not you Expressing who you truly are inside, your "SELF!"

When Bruce Lee says, "To accept defeat, to learn to die is to be liberated from it!" He means to let your thinking go... so you can be natural and to come from your "SELF" within. It simply means to merely be yourself. 

See, she doesn't want to hear the right answer! She wants to know what you feel. But if you are thinking and thinking of what you think she wants to hear, then you are not truly expressing yourself and who you are and what your feelings & emotions are about anything!

So she can't get to know you because you keep trying to figure out what you "Think" she wants to hear, which is "NOT!!!" what she wants to hear!

Do you understand?

She merely wants to get to know who you are!

You have to learn how to let go of the Ego & Simply be yourself!

This is what my entire course and teachings are About!


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