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Learn how to Love yourself | Life Coaching

Listen closely. 
This is the way it works...
Whatever you think / feel about yourself is what others will feel / think about you! That is the way it works!
This is The Secret.

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If you are kind and compassionate and Love yourself, others will feel that and thus experience you in that light and way! If you hate yourself, they will hate you!

It's like when a friend of yours Loves or Hates someone. So do you! When they hate someone, then you hate them too. When they Love someone, you see them in a positive light and have Love for them as well...

The problem is the person / your best friend inside you that you are hating on is your inner "Self." A small, very young child / infant.... So please, Please be Kind to your inner child called your "Self" and love your "Self!" He or she is just a tiny baby that needs your Love, support and protection! 😊💕

It may be said that your energy inside is like a magnet. Maybe so... 

I would say it's more like a water heater. 

If it's warm and you are cold, then you will gravitate towards the warmth because it feels good. If it's cold people will feel that it's cold.

So if you are happy inside and feel good about yourself inside people will want to be around that! 

"Bring Happiness, Love and Compassion into the World! It all starts with your "Self!" Be Loving and Compassionate towards yourself and that is what you will bring into the world for others to feel, see and experience through you! 

This is the way to make a Better World!


Mike Kollin

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