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Laird Hamilton on Finding Your Tribe

Finding yourself is the First Step to Finding your Tribe!

We are balls of actual physical energy.

And like Laird Hamilton in this video, he was just this ball of energy going for it! He was living his life to the fullest as a child and as an adult. 

And this is what drew people to him naturally! 

Well, what kind of people? 

His kind of people, his vibe literally! 

And this is how you find your tribe!

You just go out there, do you thing the way you do it and all the rest will fall into place!

 What does Living Life to the Fullest mean to you?

I use to be this State Champion Boxer, Nationally Ranked Kickboxer, Football Player, Power Lifter, Martial Artists and Super, Super, Super Intense Dude! And then I got into Meditation and Energy Healing in my early 20's... 

Within a few years I suddenly Loved that Open way. The Open energy and finding the Flow... which I was very good at doing in sports including Football a very, very violent collision sport.

Whenever I found that flow in sports I always excelled... 

My over all point is, maybe you are into sports. Maybe you are super intense and Super Focused. Go with it! Do not hold it back because someone in your life says that's the wrong way or you are wrong for being a faster pace person or whatever...

Just like when I found Meditation on a Deep, Deep Level. It was at that time in my life where I found another aspect of myself that I deeply, deeply delved into.

And I didn't give a damn what my family or friends thought about me... This was my Journey, this was my Destiny and I was going for it! 

Sure I lost a lot of friends and alienated a lot of family members because I was leaving that former energy and way of life they have clung to their entire lives. And that's okay! There's nothing wrong with that... 

Your Life is your Choice! 

So Live your life to the fullest and follow your hearts desire and just live it, be it, do it!

Follow your Desire because that is your Energy

If you do that, other balls of energy will naturally be attracted to you like Laird was on the Beach out in the Rip Current constantly getting rescued. 

Laird Hamilton literally attracted his tribe to him merely by following his desire, following his heart, doing what he wanted to do with his life!

Do not listen to other people about your journey because they are merely sharing with you their journey! And No 2 Journeys are the same! Period...

Do your thing! And I promise you, your tribe will evolve and show up naturally! 

Have fun and enjoy your life!


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