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Injuries Should Completely Heal Over Time

How to Heal the Pain after the Injury has Healed!

Pain is a signal that something has not Healed!

A. It could be that physically something Hasn't healed yet!


B. It could be a Signal that Emotions are still connected to the Injury that need to be healed!

If you have old injuries that still hurt, believe it or not but they should not have pain at all once they are completely healed.

I know, sounds odd right?

So then why do some people have pain years and years later after their injury has completely healed?

The answer to that questions will also  answer why some people heal and others don't! 

It's all about your emotions and an issue you are carrying that is keeping you from not only healing, but from living your life to the fullest! 

So then why does pain persist even after the body has healed? Because there are emotions you are carrying that are connected to the injury that are crying out for you to deal with it and heal it.

There are so many gems in this interview! Are you willing to hear what he is actually saying for age is a Mentality! Age is a Decision!

In this Interview, Laird Hamilton is 53 years old and he still is surfing the Most Extreme Waves on the planet and is a Professional Surfer!

Pain is a Signal | Emotions Create Pain

At 1:30 minutes Laird Hamilton starts naming / counting off his injuries. And a lot of them are Extreme injuries he has had!

Then notice at 2:12 minutes what Laird Hamilton has to say! 

Interesting stuff!

My Personal Pain and Suffering

I can tell you first hand being an Athlete my entire life in Football in High school and college, Wrestling in high school and college, racing BMX for over 15 years, martial arts, rough housing with my brothers, fighting at school, Being a State Champion in Boxing and #1 Ranked Kickboxing in the United States. I suffered a lot of injuries, broken bones etc..

I will give you 1 example: I completely destroyed my right shoulder, broke it in 3 places, complete Separation etc. etc.. 

Well, eventually I got surgery on it. And yes at the time during the injury it hurt really bad. But after the surgery within 2 months the pain was gone. I completely forgot about it.

Years later I competed in Kickboxing on the National Level, I then after that was bench pressing at one point 365 for 2 reps, doing shoulder presses over 225 and on and on... 

I feel zero pain in that shoulder, nothing!

It's because I don't have any emotional issues attached to it!

Now if I did, I would go and see an energy healer or someone who is really good at NLP and or Ericksonian Hypnosis! Why? Because once you find the root core issue it will heal up!

Right now I am working with a client who healed 80% of the pain from an injury that he sustained many, many years ago. His name is Rick. He is on my home page in a video with his wife!

In a matter of 3 sessions we healed Ricks Pain up to 80%! 

And Rick is Back to work for the first time in years!

He went from trying everything to Acupuncture, Chiropractic to Physical Therapy to everything in the book. And nothing worked for Rick at all. Nothing!

If it was just a physical injury, then any of those would have healed Rick and also healed the pain!

But Rick clearly had an energetic / Emotional Issue connected to his injury!

Now here's what happens with energy and emotions. They can begin to become Crystalized. Meaning they harden and become more solid. The good thing is we can open up, release this Crystallization and allow the natural healing to begin.

Once we found what that was, Ricks pain healed almost completely! 

We are now working on the final pieces to heal the rest of his pain!!

I Healed from Getting Ran over by a Car

Yep! I was ran over by a car 10 years ago. Not only did I heal my brain injury, I also healed my spine, lower, middle and upper and Neck! 

Now I had over 2 dozen completely broken through bones. Ribs were broken, sticking out of my ribs for a long time... meaning they were like fingers poking through almost through the skin even 6 weeks later etc... my doctor was horrified when he saw it... He basically said, "Just keep moving forward it will heal." And they did!

Now the funny part is my lower back was in the absolute worst pain. That pain, after seeing a healer for months is completely totally healed now! There are a lot of injuries from this accident alone that have completely healed. Sure there was lots of pain for years after until I healed the emotional side of it. Now they're gone!

I still do have a few places where there is pain but #1 it's much lower. #2 Yes, it is emotional issues that are holding on. So I am currently working on those parts now! I would say I have healed close to 80% of my Pain!

Pain is a Signal that you have Emotional issues to Heal 

* If you have emotional pain, emotional suffering it means there is an issue that needs to be healed.

1 thing we know is emotional suffering is a sign like a flag waving to get  your attention. It's saying, "Hey!!! You forgot something here. You have an issue you were supposed to Learn from and then it will heal!"

That's the way it works! 

Once you learn what you were supposed to learn, the pain goes away and it heals.

Not only can emotional issues cause physical pain, they can also cause the injuries not to heal. Do you have a stubborn injury that just won't' heal? Maybe it's an emotion that needs to be learned from!

So if you have an injury that is not healing, it's very likely it's because there is an emotion attached to it that is waving a flag of pain to get your attention to bring you back to this issue so you can heal it by learning what you were supposed to learn from it!

Energy Healer, NLP Trainer and Master Hypnotherapist

I have over 41 Certifications in Energy Healing, NLP, Ericksononian Hypnosis, Timeline therapy, Consciousness work and work I did with Buddhist Monks!

If you are serious about healing emotional wounds, emotional issues and even physical pain that just wont budge, please go to my website and find out how I can help you!

Contact me below by message or phone call.

Blessings and Best Wishes to you all!!


Mike Kollin 

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