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Hi, I'm Mike Kollin - Your Guide & Coach 
I’m an Elite Dating and Relationship Coach that specializes in communication between men and women.


"Born & Raised in Napa Valley Wine Country"

Napa Valley Vineyards | Elite Dating, Relationship and Marriage Coaching

Graduating from Vintage High School of Napa, Ca., I was deeply and proudly involved in Athletics, Music, Art and the student body and later attended and wrestled at Chico State and transferred to Arizona State. “Go Sun Devils!”

Also a God Father to an amazingly Creative, Cute and Highly Curious God Daughter whom I am very Proud of.

I was born & Raised in a family of 7 siblings with 2 restaurants. Growing up with 4 brothers and 2 sisters taught Me a Powerful work ethic, which has carried through my entire life. Teaching me to always strive to be the very Best in everything I do.

This has lead me to win numerous State and National Championships in Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Football & Art. And to writing my books "Crack The Female Code" & "Why Men Just Don't Get It".

Dating & Relationship Coaching Advice | Napa Valley


My Story Starts Here 

A Uniquely Powerful & Painful Journey that Opened the Doors to Understanding Myself & My New Discoveries in Romance, Love & Understanding!
As a Child Growing up I was highly competitive, the overachieving sibling. I put my heart and soul into everything I did. Winning a few State and National titles all the while getting straight A's in school for years, it seems there was nothing I couldn't do!
I always had Big Goals, Direction and I always Knew where I was going in life! And then somewhere along the line there was a tragic turn that destroyed everything. I lost sight, I lost myself, I lost everything for many, many years even over a decade.
Friends started to die from Accidents. A lot of friends including my high school girlfriend's brother and my 4 best friends. It had a huge effect on me emotionally. For the first time in my life I was lost for years.

It was this very Tragic series of Turns that Ultimately, Continually put me, Nudged me onto my path!

 On the outside everything looked Great to the people who knew me outside of my family. But inside I was living a nightmare since I was a very, very young child. If you know anything about overachievers, they are usually overachievers because of something that was lacking or going on inside. Well, I was very much that person. 
I suffered from Tremendous Fear and Anxiety my entire life since I was a very, very young child. Lets just say for now I very much so didn't have the best childhood at all. By the time I was 8 years old I was a mess and had my first breakdown. 
For Decades, I had to lay down 3 towels at night just to sleep because I would lose up to 5 pounds in water weight from sweating due to extreme anxiety.
The Guy you see in the picture above is someone who spent a lot of time developing himself and spent lots of time in all kinds of therapy. I wasn't always a confident, happy person at all. 

So after my friends died: 

It hurt so bad that it drove me to seek, search for anything and everything that could help me get back on track. My pain and suffering ultimately is your Benefit!
On my search I found Tony Robbins. During 1 of his Seminars, it hit me like a ton of Bricks, this was what I wanted to do! So I spent the next 12 years going to every NLP, Psychology, Hypnosis, therapy and personal development type of seminar I could go to! I read NLP Books and Hypnosis books non stop while going to college studying Psychology. I listened to NLP audio tapes in my sleep, while driving, while jogging and every moment I could, for over 12 years!
I started making changes and I took to this field like it was my calling. I Fell in Love with NLP and anything to do with Human Change Technologies!
And during this time in my life, I fortunately made a commitment to meditating every day for at least an hour in the morning and an hour at night. And on weekends I would meditate at least 6 hours, sometimes up to 12 hours or more....
And this was the Catalyst that drove me to the Answers you have been looking for your entire life!

Let the Journey Begin

I suddenly found the money 1 way or another to go Jet Setting Across the country to Train with the Giants in the field! I flew to Hawaii, Costa Mesa California, Los Angeles, San Diego, Indian Wells California, San Francisco, Burlingame, Pennsylvania and back again, anywhere the Journey took me, taking the most Powerful Training Seminars on the Planet on Human Change and Development! 
In Hawaii we studied NLP, Hypnosis and more importantly Huna. Every Morning, for 5 weeks, we did 2 hours of Huna beginning with different meditation techniques, Healing techniques, awareness and consciousness practices that opened me wide open! 
I practiced every technique I could every single day for years and years and years, over a decade! For years myself and a few guys would simply go out and use all these techniques on people at cafes, coffee shops, book stores, Clubs, etc.. We even worked with Homeless people on the streets of San Francisco!
Helping people make shifts and changes became easy! It started to become fascinating to see how far someone could shift from who they thought they were to who they wanted to be.

My life was on Fire! 

After my 28th Birthday I made a Commitment to meditate every day, all day until... well... Until I had some undeniable experience I guess. I can't put it into words. All I can say is I was really, really hurting still almost 9 years later after my Best Friend died and I couldn't take it anymore. I didn't know what else to do...

It was on the 14th day that it Happened. 

I burst out Crying, Begging for God to come into me and take away the pain! I finally, completely and totally surrendered, let go. It took 14 days of fasting, no food and meditating every single day to get to the point of total and complete surrender! I fully and completely Let go full of tears flowing down my face... 

Out of Nowhere a Complete and Total Calm washed over Me, My entire Mind, Body and Soul.... Suddenly everything was ok. It was over.... 

I finally went to bed, fell asleep and slept the deepest sleep I had ever experienced in my life!

Something was Different

I woke up more refreshed than I had ever felt in my entire life. Something was Different. Such peacefulness, clarity and openness. Total and complete relaxation. 


My mind was completely silent. Not a thought... just silence. I woke up feeling a sense of happiness or peace I don't think I have ever felt. I got out of bed. Walked to the bathroom mirror and looked into my eyes and suddenly began to smile... 

My entire life I thought I was the ugly duckling of the family. And I remember noticing how Beautiful my eyes were. I couldn't tell if my face or anything else was considered beautiful but  my eyes... I fell in Love with my eyes. I didn't know why but I Loved my eyes. Later I realized I had finally fell in Love with myself! 

I looked down at my hands and they didn't look like my hands. They looked like a strangers hands. They were older a bit rougher, like they were 15 years older... I suddenly realized I haven't really looked at my hands or face in over 15 years since I was a child. The image in my mind of my hands and face didn't match what I was seeing in this moment... 

I was having this amazing experience like seeing life for the first time in over 15 years! It was more than Clarity, it was Awareness, Consciousness, it was a Deeper Understanding of myself and others. Suddenly I could feel Life!

Suddenly everything I believed, I didn't believe yet I did believe. I mean, it was a 180 Degree shift in Perspective on everything, Life, Religion, Spirituality, Relationships, People, everything!! 

It was like I was seeing life from the full 360 Degree perspective! Life was Full and complete!

Suddenly I could see! I was Awake!


It was a Deeper Understanding! A Greater Awareness! 

It wasn't belief, it wasn't faith... sure Faith and surrender Opened the door... but it wasn't belief... 

It was a Knowing!

Before all I could see was a surface level of life. Now there was depth to everything there was Rich Color and Contrast to every experience I was having! Being able to shift from one perspective to the other suddenly gave me a full spectrum of experience and understanding, a major advantage to see things, to learn things to understand things on different levels in different ways! 

Suddenly I could hear things from people that use to go right over my head for years! 

It was the Total Feeling of Freedom to Fully Experience Life!

The problem was, I didn't know what this was or what exactly happened. 

Buddha Kham

 So I began the Most Powerful part of my journey and I began to ask every Spiritual Teacher I could find and talk to. It was completely intuitive. I just followed my gut instinct as to where to go, who to talk to, what questions to ask. And at each stop in my journey I learned what I needed to learn in order to understand the next learning on each stop in my journey!

I started out with my Pastor in Mountain View California. And he knew what I was going through and said he had gone through it when he was younger but only opened up a little bit for a short period of time and not as open as I was.

I went to a Sikh Temple where the men were kneeling on the left and the women were kneeling on the right. Someone walked up to me, he smiled and Congratulated me. 

I went to a Japanese Buddhist Temple in San Francisco, I continued my Journey to the Berkley Psychic Institute. And they all seemed to say the same thing that Uncle George Naopi "The Big Kahuna" said in Hawaii. That I was a White Healer or a White Buddha. And that all I had to do was Open up and I would be able to heal people. 

I needed someone to explain this to me, to guide me through whatever this thing was that I opened up to. Sure it was amazing but my religion, culture, nothing in my life prepared me for this!

And then it dawned on me, my girlfriend was a Laotian Buddhist. So I asked her to take me to a Laotian temple to find a Monk. Sure enough her family Monk from Laos had just moved to the Stockton California Laotian Temple. 

And it was my Experience with Buddha Kham helping me through my Awakening that led to the Development of this course. Once again, to your Benefit.


The Blessing 

Well, I went to Temple with my Girlfriend 2 or 3 times a week and I would stay for hours listening to Buddha Kham. Practicing everything he taught me. Almost every time I went there he would do some kind of spiritual healing. 

This was the first time in my life that I fully and completely experienced actual energy or spiritual healing and was very conscious of it. Buddha Kham was the Best! 

About the 10th time I went, Buddha Kham Did a Long Prayer for about 20 minutes or so. And then he tied the strings on our wrists and then he splashed this water with flowers and scents on me and my girlfriends head once again.

And after a few hours of being at the Temple we got up and left. All I Know is every single time I left the Temple I was so Happy and so Peaceful. It was a level of Joy you can't explain but only experience. It's the sole reason I kept going back to temple. 

Well on the way home my girlfriend wanted to pull over to go to a restaurant. As we were eating we suddenly realized everyone in the entire restaurant was smiling at us and staring at us, the whole time, with the most peaceful smiles. And she looks at me and says, "Have you noticed every time we go to temple wherever we go after, everyone smiles at us and is so nice to us? And how people are drawn to us?" I realized that I had noticed this same thing and realized it was something Buddha Kham was doing to us... 

And it hit me like a ton of Bricks what he was doing... Because of my years of meditation and Background in NLP, Hypnosis, etc. and something I learned in Huna that was similar to what Buddha Kham was doing but was no where near as Powerful, that allowed me to see what he was doing and how to do it!

Call it the Gift of Love, Joy and Bliss!

It's this gift that I pass on to my clients!

They suddenly realize it's not about techniques, it's about Opening up to a Greater Knowing, understanding of who she truly is within, the real Her!

They suddenly watch how women will walk up to them, start conversations and develop a greater rapport and relationship with who they truly are as a person within!

There's much more to this story but for now I will leave you with these words of Wisdom:

"Look within for the Kingdom of Heaven is within you!" 

"Love truly is "The Answer!!"

"Looking forward I could not see how the stepping stones connect. But as I look back I can see very clearly how each stop on my path was another stepping stone to my Destiny and Purpose in life!" 


Jacob "Stitch" Duran my former Coach & Cut Man

Notably one of my coaches, current Friend & Mentor, is the famous Jacob “Stitch” Duran, the #1 cut-man for the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) & Top Ranked Boxing and World Champion Kick-Boxers, Who has also been in 5 block buster movies including 2 Rocky Movies!


Cut Man Jacob "Stitch" Duran UFC

Former Coach & Cut Man Jacob "Stitch" Duran


Jacob "Stitch" Duran | Professional Coaching


I have over 41 Certifications in the Arts of Psychology, NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Energy Healing and Consciousness, listed below! I am a Highly, Highly trained Personal Development coach and Communication Expert!

And a Life time of Kicking Ass, Facing my Fears and Overcoming some of the most Intimidating Challenges that a person can go through!

"Step into your Power and Live an Awesome Life!"

I was also Licensed by the State of California’s Athletic Commission as a Professional Trainer and Corner Man for Professional Fighters.

I am an:

NLP Trainer
Master Ericksonian Hypnotherapist
Master Practitioner in Time Line Therapy
Master Practitioner in (HNLP) Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology
Trained and Certified in Huna, Reiki, Pranic Healing, and Energy Medicine

Trained and Certified by Tony Robbins – Sales Training, NAC, NLP

Some, but not all of my top trainers include:

Tony Robbins – Robbins Research International
Dr. Bob Bays, PHD. – Professor of Psychology of Syracuse University
Dr. Krazner, – A.I.H American Institute of Hypnotherapy
Dr. Tad James, M.S. PHD. – Advanced Neuro Energetics
John Overdurf, C.A.C. – Owner/Trainer Neuro-Energetics
Buddha Kham – Head Monk of All the Northern California Laotian Temples (R.I.P.)
Buddha Chandy - Head Monk of Richmond California Laotian Temple (R.I.P.)
Dr. Richard Bandler – Creator of NLP

– Mike Kollin



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