Crack the Female Code the Answer to a Meaningful Life and Relationship?

There is simply to much pain in the world right now. And a lot of it is simply do to complete and total misunderstanding. To much fighting, too much hurt and pain and suffering on all levels. Men and women simply do not understand each other at all. When I say we literally speak to completely different languages, I mean it!

See, one of the things that most people simply do not understand is that the only way to end the wars outside is by ending the war inside!!! This is the Greatest truth you must come to understand in this life time! If you talk to any of my clients who have truly spent enough time taking responsibility for the experiences in their lives, they will come to understand that it's their own energy, mentality, focus, intention that creates all of these experiences.

NO! This does not mean they are perfect at all. It simply means they are now taking action in learning how to take charge of their lives and their outcomes and the experiences they create Consciously and Unconsciously.

I've never said Life was easy. I've only said there are real tools that can help you to "FINALLY" understand the opposite sex and each other. And to take these tools and apply them in your daily lives at home, work and in relationships.

Coaches can use these teachings in communication for their athletes as well to communicate more effectively to get Greater Results in life! We are now at a Precipice in life where we are now Discovering the answers to life so we can make it better for all.    

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You Create You!!! Have you ever noticed how and when you are standing next to or talking to someone who is a nervous wreck or is fidgety, within minutes all of a sudden you begin to feel fidgety or nervous?

Have you ever noticed that when you are in a super good mood, the people around you seem to also be in a Super Good Mood? Now don't go to deep on this. It really is common sense. But a lot of people never even notice this. Whatever your mood or energy is at in that moment is what you "LITERALLY" draw to you and create magnetically.

Other people get sucked into your energy or Mood or Emotion. Whatever you call it, I don't care. Begin to notice on those days when you are in a really shitty mood it seems like everyone around you, even in other cars driving alongside you are in shitty moods. Or notice whenever you are in a really calm, relaxing and down to earth mood how suddenly everyone in life seems to be calm, relaxed and down to earth. It's not Magic. It's just common sense. We effect one another. That's Life!

We are Professional Projectors!!

What we see is what we are!!! If you see something that is Awesome, it's because you are Projecting Awesome images and or thoughts about things Unconsciously. That's why you can be in a room of a hundred people and you think it was the most Amazing, Inspiring experience of your life. And your Best friend right next to you thinks it is sad and depressing.

We are always projecting our thoughts and images over, overlapping reality! So why not begin to realize now that we can effect our environment by our very own thoughts and begin to change the way we think and perceive the World? So we can create a world that is more in harmony and in synch with each other.

Why not choose to see others differences as your Power to your benefit? Or see their differences as Beauty or Love or a Powerful Learning experience to make your life and the lives around you better and better and better! Why not Project thoughts of Love and fun and joy and begin to create a life worth living that is meaningful for you and the people around you and with you??

Love, Communication & Understanding

There are Powerful tools that I teach in my course that Absolutely will show you how to Understand people better, communicate better and know how to Love them in the way they need to be Loved so you can both know you are on the same page.

My course is more than just Understanding women. But by Understanding women I mean truly, deeply understanding women, suddenly you will "UNDERSTAND YOURSELF". You will be able to understand your boss, co workers, friends, family members, you will begin to open up to a level of compassion and understanding that you didn't know existed. You will become more Powerful Socially and Personally!

The question is: Do you want to Understand yourself? Do you want to understand your wife? Do you want to understand Society? People? Life? Do you want to make the World a Better place or not? Do you want to become a much more Powerful person and learn how to "STEP INTO YOUR POWER?"

Do you want to live life by accident? Or on Purpose? Come learn how to Step inside YOU!!!" This is where your True Power is - Inside You!

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