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This one is going to be a very, very powerful secret that I teach in my course and personally use! I do admit, it may be a bit challenging by just reading it, but it is extremely valuable. If you want me to teach this and the last technique in the last blog just beneath this one, then we can set up a few meetings for these Powerful Secrets that women Love! That humans Love! I am reminded of one of the most Powerful, most effective understandings that has made it sooooooooo simple for me to meet women, romance and Love women. It also helps you to just simply make someone feel better!

In short, the real answer is, LOVE!!!!

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Because there is a Better Way!


As you will read my teachings and learn from me, you will come to understand more and more that it's all about Love! So please, please, just follow me here because this is one of the biggest gifts I can give to you in a blog and one that you can begin to offer those in your life whether you are trying to share romantic love or simply help someone feel loved because they need to feel loved or need your help feeling a bit better! I am sitting here at Starbucks in Corte Madera California, near Napa and San Francisco. And I am listening to this amazing, amazing, tiny little girl who is singing the most amazing song ever written. It literally brings tears to my eyes every single time I listen to it. And our Sweet little Rhema Marvanne sings it better than Celine Dion. I am not kidding. It is one of the most Beautiful experiences I have ever had the honor to enjoy in my entire life. She is just amazing! She shows you that there is good, that there is love, that life can be an amazingly beautiful experience to behold and live. So just keep on going, just keep on going and keep on learning because that's how it all gets better and better and better. See, life is something that you have to learn how to open your eyes up to. Because once you do, you will finally see how Beautiful life is. So please, come learn how to open your eyes. This is what my course is really all about. So to little Ms. Rhema Marvanne, Thank you very, very, very much for coming to us and sharing your beautiful gift from God!

So what is this amazing Secret?

Well, the biggest Secret or lack of understanding, is that people feel what you feel... That's why some people seem to get ahead or receive more love than others. And you know what, it's actually quite simple. All you have to do is get really good at creating better emotions and feelings within yourself! That's it! Now a lot of people will go and screw that simple thing up. hahaha... Please, please do not add anything to that, it's really that simple. But I know I have to explain what not to do because of the habits that men as a group do by nature. For example, since men are the external creatures, they tend to want to reach out and push their energy or emotions onto others. "I DIDN'T SAY THAT!!!! I DIDN'T SAY PUSH OR FORCE OR MAKE ANYONE FEEL ANYTHING!" I said, just get really good and making yourself feel good all over your body! That's it! You absolutely have to understand that you are a ball or bubble of amazing, amazing energy that can actually power an entire city! I'm dead serious. The Energetic power within humans is soooooooooo Powerful and so amazing that we as a species can do amazing, amazing things. So please, please do no push your energy onto, into, on or over someone, because that will only push them away. What you have to understand, is that your energy is so powerful that you are kind of like a mini nuclear power plant. People can feel your energy from across the room. And women especially, because women are so much more in tune and open to their right brain, which is directly connected to the 5 senses, see, hear, feel, taste and smell, can feel you very, very much. So you don't need to push at all. And I mean zero. In fact the better you get at putting your awareness within yourself, the more comfortable she will be in approaching you and connecting with you mentally, emotionally and sexually. All you have to do is create an amazing field of energy within your entire body by learning how to reconnect with yourself, be mentally and emotionally grounded. And simply let go, relax and breath deeply. Trust me, this alone will attract women to you! Women need to feel a sense of calm, relaxation and a level of sensuality before connecting with you sexually. What I do on a daily basis is simply listen to the most amazing, powerful, beautiful music that brings you to tears, opens your heart or just let's your energy flow and allows you to open up to your emotions and feelings... This is what allows your energy to simply flow because you have let go.... And this will allow women to want to be with you and choose to come to you. * Note: I Did not say be a baby or cry at movies or be wimpy at all. This is the biggest mistake most men make. Be Powerful, be grounded, have Powerful emotions. Don't be wimpy or babyish or an emo. This does not turn women on. If you do cry, do it alone, not with her. At the very least don't try to push it onto her or force her to be emo with you, it's just creepy! hahaha... * When I say tears or even cry, I mean usually alone and or more like when you are about to step into the kickboxing ring and you are trying to get fired up. Many times, powerful, emotional music can get your energy flowing and allow you to open up. That's what I am saying. * Ok, here's a better way to explain it. I am saying open up from your heart, not close down from your ego. See, there is a total difference. I'll teach this to you more in sessions. See, whenever you push yourself onto someone, they can feel that and it really upsets them and pushes them away. Learn to put your awareness inside, within. And then simply allow people to engage you in conversation. Once you have mastered this, then the next step is to simply learn how to approach women in this way or people and keep this sense of awareness within yourself instead of on them. It makes people feel so much more comfortable with you and helps them to open up to you. I teach all of this within my courses to men and women. And yes, this helps you in business and especially in sales or any area of influence, including coaching, therapist and a lot more. But, for now, simply learn how to create better emotional states that create a more flowing energy within you, inside you not them. If someone wants to join your energy, they will and they will be glad you (Key word) "Allowed" them to join your energy! Stop pushing and start opening up to receive more love, more happiness, more money! That my friends is The Secret! Literally! This course is about so much more than just getting laid or romancing women. This course is all about Love & Understanding, Happiness, Success, Achievement and so much more, on all Levels. And yes, a part of that does include Romantic Connections between men and women. And it turns out, this is the #1 Secret Mother nature hid from the male brain. To him, at first it doesn't' seem powerful until he truly understands it and begins to get Powerful results from Applying it. Because this is foreign and hidden from the male system. At first it is hard for him to see, but once he does, it changes his entire life! So come now and learn the hidden Secrets only Monks teach you!

Love & Understanding, Communication, Romantic Seduction and Consciousness!

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Come Learn How: 415 456 8558

Because there is a Better Way!


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The real Secret is that I have gotten really good at opening up to my heart and Love!

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