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If you are Nice to a Narcissist they Assume you are Weak | BE STRONG

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The Joker Heath Ledger | Kindness is Not Weakness | BE STRONG


If you are Nice to a Narcissist they assume you are Weak!

Wrong Mistake Compadre!! Wrong Mistake!! Kindness does not = weakness! Only the Strong can be Kind! It's the Weak that are mean!

Once you realize someone is a Narcissists, "Literally be like a Porcupine and a Scorpion and be prickly as Fuck and Sting like a Scorpion!!! They'll leave you alone!! If not Keep on stinging them until they Leave you alone! Period!

Let them know There are Consequences for Fucking with you!! Be Strong!!

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How to Sting a Narcissist!

#1 Call them on their Shit and Shove it in their Face, Hard!!!

Whenever a narcissist lies to you, plays mind games, gas lights you, simply call them on it! Do it Loudly! Do it Powerfully! And do it Rapicaly with intensity and energy!!!

And Never, ever ever let them off the Hook!

Simply Do not Back Down at all! 

The more they deny, argue or try to explain, the Louder you get the more intense you get! Response immediately!

#2 Tell them their flaws! 

If they Lie to you, point that out! Remind them of multiple times they have lied! Tell them you don't like being lied to! Tell them you think it's disgusting and weak!

#3 When they are mean to people!

Call them on that! Point it out that they were unfair and mean for no reason etc.!

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