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I Hypnotized Adam in this Video | Watch the Results

Okay! Here's my client Adam whom I Hypnotized #1 to get over his fear of approaching Women. And #2 towards the end, to get over his fear of Wooden tables! 不不不 Watch til the end!

I had a lot of Fun Training and working with Adam in a 6 day Training! What we worked on in this Training is helping Adam overcome his fears of approaching and opening conversations with women!

I used a multitude of Modalities I am highly trained in from NLP, Ericsonian Hypnosis, Timeline Therapy and Consciousness Coaching!

During the Course we Delve deep into the Psyche of the Female Mind, Emotional Right Brain and How her Mating System is directly Stimulated and Turned on to Powerfully Desire and Want to Make Love and have Sex, "With You!"
As you can see in the Video, Immediately after Adam and I did Hypnosis on his issue in the Training room, we came out into the Lobby and Adam Immediately approached a woman he has been attracted to the entire training!
He didn't even hesitate and didn't need any encouragement from me at all after we completed the healing work and hypnosis!
Once we Healed Adam's Issue and Locked it into his system to feel totally comfortable approaching, meeting and opening up conversations with women, Adam immediately went into action without even thinking about it!
I'll see you at your Life Changing Training in Romantic Seduction!
P.s. Yes, this does Absolutely Help you Fix, Heal and Save your Marriage! This is the Only way you actually can!

This is the 1 on 1 Private Elite 5 to 6 day Training Adam Attended!

Beautiful Blond Girl in Black Sports Bra and Panties | Seduction Power

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