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Huge Mistake Men make Meeting women! Written by Mike Kollin of MGK Enterprises & Crack the Female Code in San Francisco / San Rafael Now, here's the deal. So many men are given this same exact advice over and over and over on how to meet women. The problem is, it's the absolute worst and I mean worst advice you could ever give to a guy who wants to meet a girl. Now here's what I mean. The Article that stimulated this blog on how to meet women, was on yahoo. Another article written by another author/relationship/dating coach who clearly is missing the big and small pictures! Now what I am about to show you is merely a tiny example of why my classes blow away the competition and what's missing in all the other courses. See, what I am doing is showing you the other side! Now here's the deal. After you take my course, you will see how the female coaches only see it from their perspective and how the male coaches only see it from there perspective. And this is where my course pulls away from all the other courses. After taking my course, you will be able to take their courses or read their books and realize what they are saying without them consciously realizing it. And you will also see the Huge, Huge gaps in their courses and why they don't work. They are only teaching 1/2 truths; literally. [caption id="attachment_2315" align="aligncenter" width="178" caption="How to meet women!"]How to meet women for dating tips for sex![/caption] Ok, Ready? Let's open this up! How to meet women The Right Way! Ok, so in this article I just read online, I am going to talk about 1 very specific thing that is constantly taught to men that is the absolute worst thing to tell a guy on how to meet women. Now the reason why, is because what women are saying, is not what men are hearing. 1. Hold steady eye contact A man should look deeply into a woman’s eyes, even lingering and holding her gaze a bit too long after she’s finished speaking. It creates excitement and puts her on edge, a sensation that generates the impression, “There’s something going on here.” Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! hahaha... Now here's what I mean, specifically! What a man hears and what a woman is saying, are 2 completely different things! And that is the crux of my entire course in every way! Almost all of my blogs, articles and youtube video's constantly talk about how men and women are talking 2 completely different langauges, because we process communication in 2 completely different parts of our brain, which happen to be 2 completely different processors that give 2 completely different meanings to every single word that comes out of our mouth! So yes, we are speaking english or whatever language you are speaking in your native tongue! But!!! But!!! You are not speaking the same language. There is the male, logical, left brain, "Linear Processor, and there's the Right brains Emotional Processor that is "Non-Linear and Internal Language vs the males External language! We are speaking 2 completely different langauges because we are using 2 completely different processors to process words and communication. It's just like the IBM type Linear processor Vs. the Apple/Mac Processor, they process in 2 completely different ways and use 2 completely different languages, literally! And so do men and women! If you can truly understand this, her language and speak her language and her body language, I absolutely guarantee you an Entirely Brand New World will Open up right before your very eyes! You will see everything and I mean everything in a completely different way; in The Female way! Now lets do this. Meeting women can be easy, If you know how! For example. In the article it said, "Hold Steady Eye Contact!" Well, what does that mean? You have to start asking this question over and over and over to get to the real answer! Now here is why! In this example, I can't tell you how many men absolutely piss women off when they do this 1 thing, Hold steady eye contact! I can't tell you how many men tell me how this clearly does not work. And how many men I see on a daily basis piss women off and have women storm off when they do this 1 thing! And yet, these men will say, "But that's what women say, Look me in the eye or stare at me, hold eye contact, etc. etc. etc. etc." So I say to them, "Well, how well has that worked for you?" And they always stop, think about it for a minute and then come back out and say, "Not very well, in fact, it doesn't' work at all... they always get upset or irritated!" Bingo!!! And that my friends is what this blog writing today is all about! What is it that men are doing to irritate and piss women off when men try to meet women? Now the reason is because the way the male looks at a woman! Yes, guys it's "The Way" you do it! Write that phrase down! "THE WAY!!!" Women use it allllll the time because there is something huge here! Now the left brain is the male brain. It's the Logical, linear, rule oriented, black and white brain. The either or mentality! And when you come from this brain when you are trying to deal with, understand and worse, attract, turn on or pick up on  a girl, it's the absolute worst thing you could ever do! Period! Now here is why? The left brain is the work brain, get the job done brain. But, the right brain, which women use, especially in romantic situations, because it's the Romantic, Feeling, soft, warm, sensual brain that processes words through emotions, literally, is the And & Both Brain, the options and possibilities brain, the brain of colors and hughes and the slightest feeling, flavor, smell, color, sight, or sound! Yes, the right brain is the emotional processor, so whatever you say is processed through her emotions and feelings! So she is literally feeling what you are saying! Yes, I am serious! So, it's "The Waaaaaaaaay you say it or do it!" Because she is feeling the slightest everything of what you are doing and saying! So if you say it in a black or white way, that will bore the living shit out of her and turn her off fast! But, if you say it in a deep, warm, soft and smooth way, it will make her body feel that! And that is a lot more sensual than logical, black or white communicating or doing or touching or feeling, or whatever. I mean think about it. Don't you like it that she has began to master the art of make up, beauty, hair tips, style, "The way she dresses, moves, walks and talks to you in that warm, soft, sexy and sensually stimulating way?" Well, she needs that from you too because that's what turns her on! Now if you are in your black or white, linear, external, either or brain, it's only going to piss her off because who want's boring, non colorful, black or white sex? I know you don't! You, even as a male want hot, heated, sensually stimulating and passionate sex! But with a girl it starts with "The way you meet her! The way you talk to her! The way you move, the way your voice sounds and literally the way you breath!" And yes, I teach all of this in my course!" And most importantly, it's The way you Look at her! Now here's what I mean! I've teased you long enough! What she means is not the left brains logical, linear way of literally looking directly into her eyes! That is rude and intrusive and invades her space! Do not! Do not! Do not do this! It will only push her away, literally! Instead, what she means is for you to soften your "Gaze" and look "AT" her. Notice the key words. "Gaze and At!" If you want to get really good at meeting women, the #1 thing you have to learn how to do is know how to effectively Gaze and look At a woman in a way that draws her too you, melts her heart and brings her into your arms! If you have to go after her and chase her, you are doing it all wrong! So here is what I mean. When a man looks at a woman, he is looking at her through his left, logical, linear brain. Now let's look at that one word, "Linear!" What does that one word mean? It means "Line!" To look in a line way! It's narrow! When you look at a woman in your linear brain, you are literally looking at her in a very, very narrow way. In other words, your eyes are very close together and very concentrated. And what that does is suck her eyes back together and closes her off from her right brain. Now remember, her right brain is the sexual, sensual, social brain. So if you suck her into her narrow vision, what that does is sucks her into her logical, left, black and white brain, and it tightens up her body which will piss her off Big Time Bro! So stop that shit! 1 Now I already gave you a huge, huge hint! Narrow! Narrow is bad when it comes to social situations and sensual / romantic situations. See, when you are in narrow vision, meaning your pupils are small, tiny, like laser beams, you are in your left brain. When your eyes are softer, wider pupils and the pupils are slightly apart from each other then the linear way, it opens you up to your right brain! And this will soften your entire mind, body, eyes, even your breathing. And this will bring her into her sensuality and make her want to be in your arms and make love to you! So Stop Looking into her eyes if you want to meet her! Instead, Gaze, softly about a foot from your chest and then go wide! hahaha... I bet you didn't' see that one coming, did you? See, you don't actually want to look into her eyes at all... you want your vision to stop before her eyes, face and body! What you want to do is go into massive, massive peripheral vision! Go wide my friend. Notice what's going on around you to the left and right and behind you and way past her! IN other words, instead of direct or locked on, do the opposite and open up to receive her. That's the Secret those guys who meet a lot of women are doing, even if they are not aware of it. They are opening up and allowing women to come to them. Otherwise in the Linear, logical, direct way, you are literally pushing her away! So relax, breath deep and allow her to talk to you, to come to you! This is the Ultimate way of melting her heart and actually bring her into your heart! And that my friends is the difference between my course and all the other courses! See, in my course I will teach you The Hidden Way! The art of true Romantic Seduction! It's Powerful, it's fun and she will Love you for it! And if you are married, this will not only save your marriage, but will light a spark and fire in her heart that will lead to the ultimate in desire! So come learn the Art of Meeting women! It's fun! It's Fast! And it gives you back the Power in Dating, Relationships and Fun! And again, she will love you for it! So come on!  We do trainings right here in the San Francisco Bay area and located in San Rafael, Ca. If you liked this article and want to learn more about Crack the Female Code, go to my resource page and buy my book, "Crack the Female Code" so you can learn more on how to meet women! This is Mike Kollin your dating and relationship coaching expert! 415 456 8558
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