Asian girls twins crying because they met for first time in life.

How to Understand What Women Want from Men

And Why Men Just Don't Get It! 

 What you are about to read is going to help you understand the Greatest Need Women Have & want from Love, Life and Relationships! 

And what you are going to see in this Precious Video will make you Cry! 

There's a Level of Emotional Emptiness that women Experience that you as a man Couldn't even Fathom let alone Possibly Understand! 

But there is an Answer and I have it! And I want to teach it to you!

I will do my very Best to Help You Understand what is going on between men and women and the Huge Communication & Emotional Gap Between men and women in this blog, but I know it will only be the tip of the iceberg for what you both men and women need to learn. But it's a start.

It's time to Let go of your Hurt and Anger because it's all due to complete Misunderstanding between the Sexes!

The War is Over! 

There is a New Teaching & Understanding that helps men and women finally Truly Understand each other with clarity and deep Understanding!

What do Women Want? What will make her Happy?

Love? Well, not exactly but almost and it is Love to Her! 

The Answer is:

Emotional Fulfillment, Meaningful Fulfillment

 My Entire course is Wrapped around this one Meaningful thing that she desperately needs and wants you to Understand. 

Please watch Video of Cute Twin girls first! 

Notice how right away the mom talks about and uses the word "complete!" That's part of the right brain Female language!



It's Simply Time that Men learn how to Understand women and the Suffering She goes through emotionally. It's almost a form of Torture! It's time to learn & understand her emotionally.

She's feeling this deep, deep, deep Emotional Pain and you think it's nothing. Talking about a huge, massive misunderstanding between men and women,

If I was a woman, I would be pissed off too!

It's simply Time to Man up and Learn how to Help her with this, Now! 

There's a Hidden right brain female language that women speak all the time! Women don't know that you don't' know this language, She assumes you do but can't quite figure out why communication is so hard with you. 

She says A. and you are hearing B. Or worse, She says A. but doesn't mean A at all, she actually means B. but you are hearing A..

Notice how at 7:00 min. 1 of the girls answered and said, "Now it's Complete!"

When I said "Men Just Don't Get It" I do not mean that in a bad way at all... what I am explaining, is that men and women are so neurologically different that men feel a sense of being so whole and complete that they never notice is because that's the way they are... women, go through stages of feeling empty and thus feel a sense of emptiness, which then allows them to feel a sense of connection or completion.

This all has to do with how we are physically built and wired neurologically.

Women have a womb/vagina.

Now this is an Open space, something men don't Experience. And it causes her to have a deep sense of her internal world/body! She's very aware of her physical feelings inside. 

Thus her nerves literally send a signal to her Right, Emotional Brain if she is not connected Physically. Thus the signal sent to her (Key Phrase here) Emotional Right Brain is "Empty!" And thus emotionally she feels empty inside, her entire body, physically and emotionally feels this sensation throughout her body!

And it's the absolute worst possible feeling a woman can have!! It's literally the same feeling when someone very, very close to you dies! Yes, Same!! It's a very, very, very powerful Feeling of Emptiness she is physically feeling. 

This is something that men simply can not comprehend at all. Except when someone very, very, very close to him dies... And after he gets over that loss a year or years later he can move on... She can't!! This stay's with her for the rest of her life constantly coming and going...

There is no escape. But there is an answer! And you men can be a Huge Part of this solution for her to feel whole and complete again! 

Even when you tell him you feel Emotionally Empty Inside or you don't feel connected, he basically is hearing gibberish, because it's an experience that men don't have. He does not have a vagina or a womb. In fact, he is so whole and complete that he has an Extra Appendage, the Penis/genitals. 

Ladies, if you really want to learn more about "Why Men Just Don't get it" then buy my 2 Newest Books for you!

Men, for a moment, Literally Imagine an Open Womb inside your belly area. It's Open and Empty. Feel that... really, really imagine feeling that... 

When women say things like I feel Emotionally Empty inside. Men are like "Emotionally Empty? Huh? What? Inside? Inside what?

What in the hell is she talking about? OH... she's talking fake, drama talk or fake attention getting, emotional talk." 

When in fact she is expressing a very deeply held emotion but in a way he can not relate to let alone understand. That's why men don't bother and think it's all made up in your imagination, etc..

Thus when women speak the Internal language he literally does not understand you. And when women speak about feelings inside using words like connected, bonded, Emotionally Fulfilling, inside, etc. these are words and experiences that are completely foreign to him. 

Because his brain is the External Brain. He is focused on the outside.

We are experiencing 2 completely different worlds and speaking 2 different languages. 

It's not that men are bad or anything at all... Men are just so completely wired differently that he has no idea what you are experiencing and or saying, even if he truly wants to. He simply does not understand.

Thus when women use the Internal Language to explain things emotionally inside it goes right over his head...

There is literally a female language men can learn to better understand and communicate with clarity with her. And I can teach him not only how to Understand this language and how to speak it, I can teach him how to "Actually Understand You!" By teaching him how to Open up again to his right brain, the way men use to be in the old days.

There is a way to teach men how to be aware of this and understand and communicate in the Right Brain's Mentally Stimulating and Emotionally Fulfilling Language so you can feel whole and complete and connected to him and bonded.

This is absolutely Essential for a couple to bond and refresh and renew their bond emotionally!

Men can Learn how to Understand women on a deep, deep Level through opening up to their his Right Brain, the Internal World and learn how to speak and understand the right Brain language!

This is why I do this work. Women do not need to go through life feeling Empty Emotionally and alone not Feeling Connected & Understood. There is an answer to this!

So I am going to add to this and throw in some basics. For the Ladies, you unconsciously understood what I already said but there needs to be a bit more for him to possibly begin to understand. 

For girls, before they hit puberty, they are fairly grounded and life is ok. Life is this place to explore and be very curious about. 

If you are a father or older brother you may remember when she was a little kid, you could really understand her. 

In fact one of my clients was a father in his 40's. He said, "My little girl use to be my best buddy! But now that she's gone through puberty, it's like she is literally speaking a foreign language!"

I laughed a bit with compassion and said, "She is!" 

Now what does that mean guys? 

Well, the Female system / Right Brain is very connected to her "Internal Self", meaning she is aware of her body inside. Inside where? you you might ask.

Well, inside her chest, her abdomen, stomach, inside her head, literally, feeling inside her body! 

The Right Brain is the Internal Brain. It is highly aware of and "In Tune" with the body and what the body is feeling, sensing and aware of. 

In fact the right brain literally processes body language, communication, thinking through the 5 senses. Because the right brain is the 5 senses Brain. 

Meaning your 5 senses are processed through your right brain. The INTERNAL BRAIN! Thus her language is literally the "Internal Language." The words are all "Internal" Meaning inside, inward words.

Now women are both Left and Right Brain and thus are aware of Both worlds. 

Men, well you are highly connected to your left, logical processor, External brain that is all about the External World outside of your body so you can cross the street, drive, etc.. It's about things, money, gold, Jewels, Looks, appearances, etc. etc... 

The Male language is called the "External Language."

Thus the way men offer Love to a woman is not Love at all. It's nice, but it's definitely not Love! If you don't believe me, remember how many times a woman has said to you or in a movie or song, "That's not Love!" 

Back to the original purpose here! 

When a girl is young, she is basically closed down there. Her Hymen is intact. Thus the electrical circuit literally goes through her entire system. Thus it is a complete circuit. 

So it says, "Complete! Complete! Complete! Complete!" 

And that's a very, very, very good feeling for a woman / girl. So she is clear headed, emotionally grounded and generally happy.

And this is why young women or daughters can understand their fathers and he can understand her until! Until... until... Oh No!!! 

Until her Hymen Breaks or she has her period, puberty so to speak... because now there is an opening down there.

And what happens is when the electrical circuit sends electricity through the entire body/system, when it gets down there, the circuit does not complete. The circuit is not complete, thus it does not go through and complete the circuit. And this is not a good thing at all.

And now she is beginning to feeling the nightmare feeling of
"Empty! Empty! Empty!" 

As this father said, "It's like My Daughter is on this emotional roller coaster all of a sudden!" Because she is. Now she is beginning to understand what it means to be a woman. 

And she begins the life long journey of learning from other women of how to deal with this "Death Like" Empty Experience she has to go through off and on for the rest of her life until Menopause. 

Now men. There are 3 ways you can help her to continually complete this circuit and help her to feel real sensations of feeling emotionally grounded down to earth and complete! And we will mention 1 here today.


I just realized something. You, men don't understand the Emotions and Feelings I just gave every woman who just read that last sentence.

1 way you can help her to continually complete this circuit and help her feel real sensations of feeling emotionally grounded down to earth and complete. 

(That made her feeeeeeeeeeeel soooooooooooooo good!) 


Words! The Internal Language makes her feel whole and complete. And this is what she needs from you! And you can learn how to speak this language! 

For now simply use words like: Solid, grounded, whole, complete, inside, enter, penetrate, internal... she will suddenly look up at you, stop and listen. 

If you learn how to speak this language effectively she will melt and love you! This is what women want from men. But you have to take the course to learn how! It's not easy and it will take a mountainous effort on your part! But I know you can do it and will do it because you want your lady to feel your love and you want to feel hers! 

Side Note: The words "Complete, Complete, Complete, Complete" literally release an Emotional Chemical release of feeling Complete when you say this to her!

Why? Because words are encoded Bi-Chemically. That's how our system knows what a word means and how it remembers it's meaning. Yep, through chemicals that are released due to that word being coded with that chemical set. 

You become her drug dealer. You become her #1 Go to man on the planet because you know how to use the right words in the right way that makes her feel really, really good inside! 

But you must be Warned!

The Worst Nightmare for a woman is to not be Emotionally grounded.

This is why when your daughter first opens up, she goes on a massive emotional roller coaster ride that she does not know how to handle. She has to learn how and it's going to take time, lots of patience and understanding.

This is a Life Long Journey and your Wife or girlfriend "Needs" for you to understand this ands what she is going through. And understand how to help her Complete this circuit when it disconnects. 

In fact that last word gave her a very bad emotional feeling inside... 

Yes her right emotional, 5 senses processor sent that feeling through her body! She felt that, literally! 

To men, words are just words. They are not emotional feelings. Because the male brain processes words through logic, literally. The male brain is the logical processor! Thus he gets logic, not emotions or feelings! 

Now this does not mean men are not emotional or sensitive. In fact quite the opposite. Men are actually more sensitive than women but men communicate their emotions in a way that her brain literally can't recognize. Thus no matter how loudly you yell or express your emotions or feelings, she thinks, "How come men don't have feelings! It's like men are devoid of emotions or something!"

That is simply wrong! Men are highly sensitive to their emotions and women hurt men all the time not realizing he is even feeling it. So she attacks him even harder to try to get him to feel anything because to her he can't feel anything. And that's all because he is communicating his hurt in a way she can't feel or recognize at all. Thus she thinks you are not feeling hurt so next time she will do it even worse... until you feel... but you already do! 

She can not process your expressions of hurt and pain in the way you express it in the male way! It goes right past her! 

All of this is literally neurological. She can't help it!

But you can learn how to communicate everything in the way she can relate and understand and realize she is hurting your or you are feeling her love!

Now, this is all done through a foreign, Hidden Language called the Internal Language! 

If you learn how to speak this Hidden Language, you will melt her heart and fill her with Love! Because this is what gives women "Emotional Fulfillment" and makes her Feel Complete!

Buying her a new Car, Diamond ring are literally "External Things". They do not make her feel Emotional Fulfillment... Happy, Sure! A Quick sugar high that might last a few weeks at best, but never True, Long lasting Love & Emotional Fulfillment! And this is what she wants from you. And it's all done through Communication. 

There's a lot to learn here! 

So the Answer is "Emotional Fulfillment" which to women is LOVE!!!

Now you know what women truly want!

Bless you all.

May all the Love & Emotional Fulfillment be Yours!

Sincerely Mike Kollin

Men, you sincerely Care and want to learn more, please sign up and take my course on How to Understand women, Crack The Female Code. 

There is a Code to her Heart!




It's not over until you Win! See, that's why you are here!!! Period!!



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