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How to Talk to Women is actually easier than you Think!

 In Fact it is Not about Thinking but Feeling!

Stop Thinking & Start Feeling Damn it!! 

Ok, to my Male Clients. When I teach you how to Communicate on a Much Deeper Level in a way that she can actually Understand you, there is 1 thing I continue to express to you.

That women want and continually say, "Think before you speak." But what I teach you, is what that really means, What she really means is "Feel what you are about to say before you say it!"


And this Young Gentlemen is doing Exactly this! 

This is Derry, my New Hero! And Derry does exactly this very thing I am talking to you about! To Stop and FEEL What is is about to say. To Take a Deep Breath & Really take his time to Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeel what he is about to say!

Watch and see for yourself how Derry totally Pauses, Goes Internal and just stops at: :034 seconds. 

Now this is what I am talking about. He actually does this a few times before and throughout this entire video, but this really shows you here.

And because of this is he Melts Kelly Rowland's Heart and the entire female Crowd's heart!!!! 

Because he is "literally" Speaking from his Heart and Not his Brain! He is "NOT" thinking!!! He is Feeling his Feelings his Feelings, his Feelings he is Feeling.... and thus it comes out & across as genuine, real and from the Real Person inside! Because, well... Because it is and he is being Genuine.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet THE REAL Derry!

Back in the 70's and I believe 80's there was this Game show. And they would have 3 guys standing side by side in front of the Crowd. And they would talk about a man, let's call him Tom McDowell. They would describe his career, his education and  his life, etc. 

And then after doing that for about 5 minutes, they would say, "Will the Real Tom McDowell step forward?" And of course all 3 men would step forward.


And that was the Game. To try to figure out who, of these 3 men, was the real man they were talking about in this particular game show. 

So as the show went on, the contestants would ask questions and over time would have to figure out who the Real Tom McDowell was. 

And that's what it's like for most women when they meet a man and go on dates with him. Even after a year or more they are still looking at you like, "Who in the Hell are you?" 

All she wants to know, is Who are you? What do you like? What do you feel? Believe? What foods do you like or not like? Where do you want to go on vacation?

Unfortunately most modern men play the hide n seek game like they are little children. In fact these modern men have gotten so good at it, they don't know themselves or who they are because they have also hidden from themselves. 

This is where I say, "Stop being so damn worried about Right or Wrong? Stop being so damn worried about whether what you are about to say to her is right or wrong!!!!"

See, when men first call me, they ask me, "What's the right thing to say to a women in this situation or that situation?" Or "What's the right thing to say when you first approach a woman?" 

My answer is and always, "What do you want to say?" And for most men this just blows their mind like I just came from another dimension and offered them the Holy Grail of Life!

My point is, The Answer is, "What you want to say, what you feel, what you believe, what you want IS THE RIGHT THING TO SAY!!!!" 

So many of you men hide behind your logic like scared little boys that you don't even realize that you simply won't tell her the truth.

If you don't like Hawaiian Pizza, then say so! If you don't' want to go to the Beach, then say so! If you don't want to go out on a date, then say so!

Tell her what you think and feel and like and don't like about EVERYTHING!!! 

This is all she wants from you! She simply wants to get to know you for who you are as a person "INSIDE" YOU!!!!!!! 

If you continue to think in terms of "What Does she want me to say" or "What does she want to hear?" Or "What is the Right thing to say that will make her happy?", then you have already killed any chance this relationship ever had!! It's already over before it begun, LITERALLY!!!

Because after a while she is going to realize the guy she married or the guy she committed to dating and seeing is not who he seems to be on the outside! There is another complete and total stranger inside. And this is not the guy she met or has been seeing. This is a total stranger.

I know, I know, you are worried, "What if she doesn't like what I want to say or do or who I am?" 

Answer: Then she is Free to Leave at any moment in time! And you get to find a girl much easier and faster who actually likes you for who you truly are on the inside, the real you!

And this is where you have to have enough Man Balls, a Sense of Self Esteem and know who you are to not feel you have to be a total fraud and fake to be with her. 

See, in the long run, you have to realize, "What if she likes you for who you truly are but you were never you?" And, "What if you just spent 6 months or years of your life worrying about saying the right thing to keep her happy and you realize, you don't even like her or she doesn't like the real you?"

You just wasted years of your time on someone you were not compatible with. Whereas in that same amount of time you could have been dating and simply were your self and because of that you saved a ton of time and money and were spending time with someone you actually liked who liked you for you? 

You simply have to Be You "SELF"! Period.

Let her, Allow her to find out who you are and Allow her to get to know you. Trust me, you are a Beautiful Person inside! And she just wants to get to know you!

I know life isn't easy and dating can be scary and harsh and hard, but you can make it easier on her and yourself by simply being honest with your "SELF".

If you are wondering why I write your "SELF", its because the #1 main Component to my entire course is about #1 Showing you who you truly are and where you are!

Yes, I said, "WHERE YOU ARE!!" 

You are INSIDE!!!!

"Look Within" 


Take your Next Step on this Great Journey called Life, Buy this book and find out more. I Promise you, you will never be the same after reading my book

"Crack The Female Code" 


Mike Kollin


Now you know, "How to talk to women is actually easier than you think!"


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Now you know How to Talk to Women is actually easier than you Think!

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