How to Sell without Manipulation!!! Sales, Love & Sex!

I will prove to you beyond a shadow of a doubt that I can teach you how to sell yourself or any product without manipulation at all... Believe it or not, but you can sell without taking advantage of or hurting or lying or anything like that at all... And that's coming from a guy who is a professional Influence coach!


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See, all you need to do is learn how to let go of your won ego and open up to your heart, rather right brain which is a lot more aware than your logical, left, male brain! Ok, so what's the difference? Well, the difference is, your Focus, Intent and where YOU ARE COMING FROM!!! See, the challenge is, whether you are selling cars, houses or yourself or trying to meet the girl of your dreams or man of your dreams, the fact remains, they are in the market for something better!

A Better product, a better experience, a better person! And, if you are that person who can deliver, of course they will buy from you! And if it's that special lady, then she just might buy  your heart or sell you hers! The question is, who is selling you are her or them? Look, you have to remember, if they walked onto your lot or have engaged in conversation with you, then clearly they are looking to buy! All you have to do is find out what it is they are looking for!

Now here is what the not so smart salesmen will do? They will not pay attention to a single thing the person is asking for. Instead, this salesmen will try to sell you something you are not interested in!

Real life example: I once walked onto a car lot and told the salesmen I want to buy the newest MR2 sports car. And he told me I didn't want that car. I looked him in the eye and said, "Yes I do, I really do want to buy that car! I want a small sports car!" Again, he repeated, "No, you don't want that car!" And he proceeded to sell me a huge luxury van!" He went on to tell me, in 5 years when I get married and have kids, I will already have the van to drive the family around. I looked at him and said, "I'm not married, I don't have kids and Yes, I want a sports car!" And then walked off the Lot!

Clearly this guy was talking about himself and what he wanted and the situation he was already in! And like most people, that's all they could see or think of; what they value, believe and want! Most people absolutely suck at seeing things from the other person's perspective. And for some reason salesmen and most men looking for a girl do the exact same thing. They try to sell themselves based on what they want. And usually it isn't even remotely close to what the buyer or girl is looking for!

If you would only learn a few skills on learning how to "Listen to Understand" you would be amazed at how simple it is to sell to anyone! And that is 1 of the Core pieces I teach in all of my courses because it applies across the board form sports to life to selling to relationships!

* Remember, Feed-Back is KING!!!

So listen to what the customer says and pay attention to when they light up when they are talking. They'll show you and tell you what they really want. All you have to do is give it to them! And that's true in sales, business and Life!

Of course there are some caveats like, "Are they in the market to buy?" "Can they afford it!" "Do they have the credit." But these are skills you should have already learned in your former sales training in "Qualifying the Prospect!" \

And for men looking for a girlfriend or wife or for ladies looking for that special guy, you need to learn how to Qualify your potential partner because a long term relationship is a long time to spend time with anyone if you are not enjoying the experience.

For example, do you guys like to do the same things? Do you both enjoy hanging out together? Are your values comparable? Do you really get that high when you are with that special someone?

And when it comes to sales, it really should be just like this! Your customer, client should walk out or drive out of your shop high on life, glad they met you and glad they bought that Awesome Car because it really clicks with who they are as a person because you learned the art of listening and finding out what triggers them naturally!

If you sell to someone's Core Values from their Core Values, you will have a Powerful Match combined with Deep Satisfaction they bought from you! Now that's what sales is all about! So come learn how right here at MGK INTERNATIONAL. There's a Better Way!

It's not over until you Win! See, that's why you are here!!! Period!!



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