How To Pick up, Meet Women & Use Romantic Seduction Effectively

How To Pick up, Meet Women & Use Romantic Seduction Effectively

How to Pick up, Meet Women & Use Romantic Seduction Effectively!!

I recently emailed back and forth with a client of mine who bought my book "Crack The Female Code".  

He was so impressed by the book that he called me and is set to flying out to California to complete the Real 10 session Training on "Crack The Female Code." How to meet women better than a pickup artist. The course sells itself. Since then he has been asking me questions, a lot of questions. See, the thing is, the Book is an Eye Opener in a Big, Big, Big Way!!! A lot of people who buy the book are so impressed they think it is The Course on how to do pick up and meet women. It's not. It is just the Biggest Breakthrough you will ever have on how to meet women and do successful pick up in a way that is congruent, healthy, down to earth and from a place of compassion and Understanding! And this is the Fastest, easiest and most comfortable way to Pick up & Romantically Seduce women! Any woman!! Yes!   

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How is it this is not a pickup artist course yet you can meet more women, have sex faster with more women and still have women love and respect and care about you and be happy they met you?

I am not against you or any man/guy getting laid a lot by his choice of women. In fact the very course is designed to Put "YOUR POWER" back into your hands! Because it's always been your Power!! Seduction Power This is not a course about being Powerful "Over" her at all... it's not about taking away her power either. In fact it's about you "Stepping into your POWER!!!" And thus helping her to step into her Power as well... POWER IS GOOD

Out at the Club with 2 Cute Girls in my Arms

#1 The thing is, I wish I didn't have to use Seduction or Pickup artist at all in my advertising... But men don't understand otherwise and wouldn't call in the first place... I mean if I talked about what this course is really about... Love, Communication & Understanding & Connecting within your Soul, your Core, being Solid within, would men call at all? I don't know.

I think they would have no clue how POWERFUL this is to women and how Attractive, yes, Sexually Attractive this is to her and especially how it Powerfully Triggers her Mating system to go bonkers over a guy who has learned how to Open up to this Hidden form of Power within.

You want to get laid? Do this! It's the Reason women Love Adele so much... The words are Powerful... Hello The other side From the outside meaning there is an inside... But that's not even it... THe real reason is the Energy is... Within completely and totally... she is not Afraid to do this... she is Within... which makes every woman who listens to her when she is in this space feel solid and grounded...

There is nothing more comforting to a woman than this... If you can learn how to be in this space, women will "Literally" come to you...

You don't have to say anything or do anything... The biggest mistake is that pickup artist think... think! Don't do that... That turns her off by disconnecting her from her Mating system and bringing her into her Logical Mind... "DON"T DO THAT!!!!" As Bruce Lee Said, "Feel!!!! Feel!!!!!! Just Feel!!!!" It's not something you do to her at all... it's what you do to you!!!! Feel!!!!!!


This is what her mating system is Unconsciously looking for! A man who has learned hot to Step into his Power!!! A man who has the balls to "LET GO!!!!"

Let go of his logic and stop hiding behind his ego or logic or intellectual side which is a shield, a barrier to his own emotions!


Believe it or not but most men most of the time become Masters of Hiding from "Them "SELVES!!!"

Look within and Step into your Power!

The absolutely Most Powerful thing a man can do is Learn how to step into his "SELF!!!" TO simply "LET GO" "Open UP!!!" And surrender to himself... no, trust me you are not Submitting... I did not say Submit or be weak... and I NEVER said cry or be Mr. Emo Boy!!! NO!!!!!

I am talking about you learning the real art of learning how to let go of your ego and opening up to a much Greater Part of who you are, the True, Real YOU, SELF where Your Real Power exists!

You want to Meet Women?

You want to be a Pickup Artist?

You want Seduction Power and the Ability to easily, comfortably Meet Women?

Diego My #1 Client | Pickup Artist

Well, I can guarantee you that all the pick up lines, openers and tricks in all the books on the planet will not work...

What will work is what triggers her mating system and turns her on sexually to the point of no return where she will "Literally" do the work to attract and get you to be with her sexually and in a long term satisfying relationship full of happiness, love where 2 people are working to make this thing we call life work; together!

Now that's a relationship and what relationships are about!

But first you have to "LET GO"... Open up! And then take the plunge! And step into your POWER!!!

It's scary, it's foreign, it's the complete and absolute total opposite of what you would ever thin, imagine or do... yet that's where the Secret to your Life and Power is!!


As a client of mine said in a  Video, "Now that I am here I can only wonder what I was tripping on all these years... it's so easy and all the chaos is gone! So simple, so easy... "

And very POWERFUL...

See, when you are in your ego, you are literally holding on the brakes. Your foot is on the Brakes and you are not going anywhere. But you will lie, bullshit yourself and your friends and family and co workers day in and day out about how you're gonna, one day, how Powerful you are going to be one day!

Why not make that one day today?

Why not make an appointment and learn how to open up to your Power for Romance, Seduction, Pick up and really learn how to comfortably and easily meet women in a way that women like, enjoy and understand?

So how can this not be a Pickup artist course on how to meet women if it's a lot faster, easier and a lot funner to pick up on women and meet women and Romantically Seduce women?

Well, let me tell you why! Because Pickup artist courses are full of "Logical, Left Brain, Rule oriented, lines and openers, which by the way are all Left, male brain logical things and words.

See, her Mating system is directly connected to her Right Brain, the female brains processor, not the logical male brain processor!

There is a Hidden Language, that literally turns her on sexually. There is a way of being, physically and mentally that is like a Power magnet that draws women to you!

You learn how to do these 2 things, women will Love you and be good to you! You don't learn how to do these things, you are screwed to a life of emptiness and misery with and without women.

Life is a choice. It's up to you!

This same exact teaching is something that Jesus was trying to teach, "Look Within" because that's how you open up. It's also the same exact thing that Buddha and Buddhist Monks are trying to do with people, to help them open up by "Looking Within".

It's the same thing Bruce Lee meant when he said, "Be Like Water" or "Do not think, Feel!!!!"

These core teachings are hard for most to teach and takes a committed student to learn what these teachings mean beyond logic and intellectual understanding. You can watch this video of Bruce Lee's. But please, please pay attention and listen closely to what he is saying.

These are not cool saying or teachings, this is something very Powerful that most people look right past.

I promise you this. Once you take my course, what you see and hear Bruce Lee say in this video, you will go beyond merely understanding to "Stepping into your Power" and using this form of Power on a daily basis or at will to improve every area of your life, especially with women.

It would be easy for me to sell you a bunch of Bullshit and phony things or as Bruce Lee says in the video below, "Or I can teach you how to Express yourself HONESTLY not lying to oneself. And to express yourself Honestly! That my friend is very Hard to do!"

"That is what this course is about!! Pure Honest Expression of one's "SELF" within, the real you inside!! The Core you!! Because this is what women want from you... this is Love! This is Pleasure to a woman's mind and heart. This is what melts her heart!"

Please, Come learn how to change your life and be an Inspiration to all... You Deserve it and so do the people all around you and in your life! The Best You put forward, openly and honestly!

If you want to truly learn how to Pick up, Meet Women &  learn the most Powerful form of Romantic Seduction available, give us a call now!! San Francisco

This is not about you Understanding or thinking...

This is about you "STEPPING INTO YOUR POWER!!!"


Mike Kollin

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