Meeting Women online Can be a Waste of Time

Ok, I am going to be Super Blunt here. I do not believe that spending your time meeting women online is a good idea at all. And I will tell you why!

#1 When you spend time online, you literally can spend hours a day working, yes, I actually used the word "Working" online trying to meet women. And it is a freaking waste of time Now, understand a 
few things here first.

A. You might absolutely suck at meeting women in person and that's why you are attempting to meet women online. Well let's get one thing clear. You will waste a ton of time if you are trying to meet women online if you are not good at meeting women in person. B. Even if you meet a girl online, there is are a few major problems with doing this, which will waste a ton of time!!!

  • She might be 100 pounds heavier than the pictures she posted. And the pictures might actually be more than 5 years old.

  • I have found that women who meet guys online automatically have this assumption that if you are online they think you are a lower guy who can't meet women in person. Thus she has already made an assumption of who you are without ever meeting you in person. And thus any tiny little thing you do wrong she will vacate and say, "See Ya!"

  • And because of this, there will or can be an automatic level of disrespect towards you, simply due to the fact you went online to meet her. Yeah, I know she met you there which means she was online as well.

  • Here's the Biggy!!! Not only can she put up false or misleading pictures, or older pictures of herself, she can paint a picture of someone she is not! So, after you have spent time online searching, looking for a girl, you have to exchange messages, usually for a few days and then talk on the phone for a few times. Right there, that can be at least a week before you actually set up your first date. And this is only for 1 girl. This has literally become a freaking Job!!! UGH!!! What a waste of your precious and valuable time.

  • And the Big thing is, once you meet her, you are for the first time actually spending time getting to know her for who she really is, which means you are literally not only starting all over meeting someone, it's the first meeting. So you are starting from ground zero.

  • And then imagine, you go on a few dates, spend more time and money on her. And she realizes, She doesn't like you. Now you are starting from Ground Zero.

  • True Story. Years ago I mastered the art of meeting women online and I got super, super fast at it. I teach a Secret Discovery on how to Trigger the Females mating system which powerfully turns women on. And makes her want you badly. Thus I would get a date really fast, within hours to a day or 2 max. But:

  • Then she would show up in person and BAMM!!! She is 100 pounds heavier than her actual pictures. This actually happened to me more than once. One girl simply was at least 40 pounds and 5 years older than the pictures she posted online. Another woman showed pictures where she was about 125 to 130 pounds maximum. And when I walked into Starbucks a 15 minutes late, after she already texted me she got there 20 minutes early, there wasn't anyone that even closely resembled her. So I figured she must have gotten upset because I was late so she simply left. As I was walking out the front doors, a lady said, "Mike! Mike, where are you going?" I turned around and I kid you not, this woman, who's pictures were practically anorexic, was at least 250 to 300 pounds.

#2 Now here's the thing. I am really, really good at meeting women, approaching with absolute flow and ease and getting numbers is like ordering a hot chocolate, zero resistance. It's simply easy because I understand women on a different level that makes women feel comfortable with me because I am being 100% Myself and Genuine, open and relaxed.

It's Easy! Come on, I'll show you how!

One day after about 2 years of doing the online dating thing, it dawned on me how much time I was wasting meeting women online. Even though I was fast at it and good at getting dates within hours to a day or 2, the amount of effort and time simply was a waste of time. I could have been working a 2nd job and making a lot of money. And then gone out and met a girl within 20 to 30 minutes, got her number and got her into bed within 45 minutes to a few hours. It's really not that hard once you understand women on different levels and from different perspectives. And this is what I teach to you in my course!

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In all sincerity, I actually met a hot girl at a local bookstore and got her into my bedroom, in my bed within 45 minutes. That was my fastest time It's very, very possible. All you have to do is understand women and learn what it is that women want from men that will easily and comfortably lead women into the bedroom in a way that she wishes men would do.

Is this Seduction? You bet! It's the Most Powerful form of Romantic Seduction  there is! And women Love this from of "Right Brain - Female Seduction". Yep that's right, I said "Female Seduction".

The Female Brain is so different than the male brain that men don't realize it but they are doing the Male form of Seduction that Seduces and turns on men, not women. This male way actually Hurts women and upsets women powerfully.

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