How To Gain Massive Sexual Power! Tricky Trick - Awaken to Your Power

How To Gain Massive Sexual Power! Tricky Trick

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Author: Mike Kollin | Dating and Relationship Expert  

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Today I am going to give you some Powerful Dating tips that Work!

Well, here's the deal. The female mating system literally has the need to chase you! Women have something, that I call the Cat and Mouse game hard wired or built neurologically in them. And they can't help it! hahahaha... Have you ever heard women say, "Men need a Challenge?"

See, nothing and I mean nothing could be further from the truth. If a hot girl comes up to us and wants to have sex, we are not going to turn her down! So what's really going on? See, what women are doing is something we call in Psychology, "Projection".

And women do it a lot and that's why men completely misunderstand women in every way! hahaha... See, what's going on, is she is hard wired to look for a challenge and once she finds a challenge, she will lock on like a pit-bull and will never let go and will even, literally fight to the death to keep that challenge. Have you ever seen 2 girls fight to the death over a guy? That's why? He was a massive challenge and the 2 girls will literally do anything to get him! And I mean anything!

So, do you want to learn how to get girls or women to do anything and I mean anything for you and to lock on to pleasing you like a Pit Bull locking on to a challenge? Even be willing to fight intensely for you and over you? hahaha... Now here are some amazingly powerful secrets and tricks. And here's the funny thing. If you don't do these things, women will be bored with you and lose all respect for you.

So, it's your choice. You can either be the guy that girls cook and clean for and make wild passionate, erotic and kinky sex with and will do whatever it takes to please you, or you can be that guy who's girl wouldn't even think of fighting over let alone doing anything for you; who's already looking for a better boyfriend who is a challenge, and is currently cheating on. Or you can Be That Guy all girls find to be a Challenge! Well? Are you ready? Be a Damn Challenge Already!

Ok, so what in the hell does that mean and how do I do that? hehe... #1 Do not just give up sex to a girl. A. She has to earn it. Yes, I am dead serious. She has to cook a meal or buy you gifts, give you a real massage, not some 5 minute stroke to get you turned on. NO!!! Screw that! Make her earn it. Yes, I am serious. Women innately do not respect men who are push overs or who will do anything for her to get sex or love or respect.

The truth! She must earn your respect. If she doesn't earn your Love, attention, sex, then she see's you as of low value. Get it? Now I can hear all the low self esteem guys and social wimps whining and complaining right now. You think that if you are submissive to hear and buy her everything and do her bidding, she will suddenly love you and respect you and make wild passionate love to you! Well, I have 1 question for you? How well is that working for you? Well? See, people with High Self Respect and who have boundaries and stand firm on those boundaries are the ones who get what they want out of life, including Love, Respect and sexual pleasure.

Now, I use to go to therapy and am highly involved in personal development. The reason I bring this up, is because every psychology class, teacher, therapist and personal development coach has a high focus on you having Healthy Boundaries and Self Respect. So, is this a bad thing? Hell no! This is a very, very good thing and fortunately, it turns her on massively. But, to guys who are use to playing the submissive role and buying her things and paying for stuff who don't get sex or that rich millionaires wife who left him for me, cry and whine and go out and get 2 jobs so they can buy a nicer car and pay for more expensive dinners and gifts until they work themselves to the bone only to find out she has no respect for him! We call these guys suckers! And so do women! So stop being a weak sucker and stand your ground.

Yes, you deserve respect and love and admiration and yes, sex! So many men think that women are Gods or something and can't figure out why women don't have sex with them or Love them! You have to Love yourself and stand firm on your boundaries and stop giving in so damn easily, make her earn it and prove to you that she deserves it! When she comes over, ask her to pick you up something from the store. Ask her to massage your feet or back. Ask her to rent a Movie. Ask her to cook dinner for you. Or ask her to make a picnic and choose a spot to have lunch. She loves this.

Yeah, I can hear some of you already. You think this is wrong or bad. Wrong! Let me ask you a question. Do you do nice things for her? Does she ask you to pick up things on the way over to her place? Does she ask for massages and other things? What? You say yes? Well then what in the hell is wrong with her also doing nice things for you too? Well? See, our society has raised women to expect men to do for them and men to just give and give and give and expect nothing in return! First of all women don't respect this on a deep level and will lose attraction quickly.

Another thing that wills shock most men is that when you first meet a girl, she usually will want to cook, clean and do things for you, but what do most modern men do. They take way her joy! Yes, he will say things like, "Oh sweetie, you don't have to do that for me." Or, "Don't worry, I will do the dishes later, you dont' have to do that for me." So what did you just do? You literally took away her joy, her pride to do for her man!

You told her that you are not worthy and are a lower male who doesn't deserve good things. Thus she gets sad inside because the man who she was proud of and wanted to look up to suddenly lowered himself in her eyes. Now she can't show of her prize, her King, her Man to her girlfriends and sisters. B. Now this one is huge, massive, extremely-dangerously powerful! If you really like this girl and you are on your first date with her and possibly see her as a long term relationship, do not have sex! Yes, that's right. See, if you have sex with her, she will lose all respect for you and suddenly lose all sexual or personal interest in you! Now why is this?

Well, what did I say above? "WOMEN ARE LOOKING FOR A CHALLENGE." So damn it, show her that you are worth it. Show her that you are not easy and not desperate! See, a guy who has dated a lot of women and can literally meet a new girl and lead her successfully into the bedroom for sex on a daily or at least weekly basis, suddenly doesn't rush into having sex with a total stranger. I'll tell you why. Because over time, he has met his fair share of psycho women who are controlling or demanding or who flat out don't respect him. And the kind of guy who has self respect doesn't let women do this to him.

So, he has learned there are a lot of games some women play. And if he has a lot of choice with women, he would never in a million years suddenly jump into bed with a girl who he doesn't know. Again, this is her "Projecting" her thoughts onto you! hahaha... Get it?

See, this is the way that women think, not men! See, by not having sex with her on the very first date or the first time you get her into an intimate situation, ie home alone at night, you are literally saying, "I don't know you and you might be a pain in the ass or a bitch or a psycho or someone who is out for themselves and I am looking for a girl who values me.

Now this one is just as powerful as the one before. So lets say you have gone on a date or 3 dates with her and maybe the 4th or 5th date, you do have sex. Ok, fine. Now what? Now the next time you go out, bring your buddies and friends and literally enjoy everyone's company. Don't totally focus solely on her and make her the center of attention, because that shows that you don't have a life and are lucky to have finally caught a girl let alone a quality girl.

Get it, if you do this, it shows her you are of low value and can't get other girls. And trust me, nothing is more of a sexual turn off than a guy going on and on and on about how Beautiful she is and paying for things, etc. etc. Yeah, I know, you were just trying to honor her and show her how much you like her. Well my friend, if you were dealing with a guy, this would work magnificently, but unfortunately we are dealing with the female brain and the female mating system and it works much, much differently!

So, what you do is, go out, have a great time, bring her home and bring 1 or 2 or a group of your friends and hang out, watch a movie, etc. etc. Have fun with the group. And then when everyone goes home, "DON'T Have sex with her! hahahahah.. This will massively, massively make her want to earn your sex and love you! Dont' even make out with her.

What will drive her even more crazy, is go to bed and if she joins you, don't' have sex, nothing! hahahaha.... See, she is so used to guys chasing her and that is a major turn off! And now all of a sudden, you are barely showing any interest in her. This will shock her system and make her prove to you that she is worth it! That she is of high value and damn it, she is going to lock on like a Pit Bull and cook and clean and massage you and chase off all hte other girls and when you do finally have sex, she will do whatever it takes to show you that she is good in bed! hehehe... see, I told you this stuff was tricky! hahahaha... D.

Now after you have dated her for a few weeks and maybe had sex 2 times, continue to deny her sex... E.. Now this one will shock the shit out of you. Now in the first month of dating, go out to clubs or invite friends over or out to clubs with you. Now remember, some of these friends are other females who are highly interested in you because you have read this blog before and have also denied them sex. You bring these 2 or 3 girls all together at a club or your house party or your friends and watch the sparks fly! hahahahahaha...

Now here's the deal. What you are showing her is that you have choice. And a man who has his choice of females is the guy who she wants to keep, marry and hold onto forever! Now this is what makes a marraige and relationship last and keeps her happy because she has captured her Hero, her Knight in Shining Armor. God Bless you all! Best Wishes and may the Happiness and Love Flow in your lives and all relationships!

Understanding the opposite sex is possible once you know how!

Sincerely, Mike Kollin Author: Mike Kollin 415 747 8598

Dating and Relationship Expert 

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