How to Pickup girls at Coffee shops

How to Easily meet that cute girl at the Cafe or store!

#1 Meeting girls is best done in the day time! Why? Because women or girls are not expecting you to approach them for a date or sex during the day! In other words, their defense shields are down a bit more in the day. Now at night, at clubs or parties, etc., girls defense shields are up big, big time, because girls know or at least believe that's all guys want at night or clubs, etc.

Now there is some or a lot of truth to the fact that some guys or a percentage of guys are out for sex and sex only! But I will tell you ladies, that that percentage is about 10% of the population of men. These are the extreme left brain guys who are not as connected to their feelings and just want what they want! Unfortunately these are also the guys because of their selfishness that women tend to date and have sex with, because your mating system wants to conquer him because a selfish caveman is a caveman that can feed himself and his offspring.

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The nice caveman is to wimpy or weak to survive in the big bad world. Ok, enough of that for now! Now, here's the deal guys, during the day, women find it much more appropriate to meet guys and are much more comfortable meeting guys during the day as long as you are not doing the typical creepo nice guy routine which most guys do because they think women like it. Take my course and I will show you what I mean and how not to do the male creepo technique! hahahaha...

Ok, so #1 Night game is extremely hard and difficult for most guys simply because these girls have an untrue belief that all guys or meeting a guy at a club is not worth while because all men want at clubs is sex. Yet she can meet the same guy, "You", at a cafe or gas station or grocery store or wherever and suddenly see you as relationship material. Now, do I think this is logical or real? Absolutely not! Why? Because you are the exact same guy at the night club as you are during the day at the cafe, yet she believes you to be dating and relationship material if she meets you in the day at a coffee house or book store, etc.

#2 So, if you want to date and meet women easier, then do it at a cafe and preferably during the daytime! Much, much easier!

#3 Now, this is what this article is really about right here! I was at the coffee shop yesterday reading a book called the 4 hour work week. I highly recommend it by the way. Now, I Looked up and there was a group of 3 really beautiful young girls, about 20 to about 26 max. And they were laughing, playing around and having a good time! AND THIS IS WHAT GUYS ARE MISSING BIG TIME!!!

So, what's my point here? Well, most guys try to have game all the time! And to be honest, it's completely off the mark. Don't be cool or have game or whatever! That's a freaking joke! See, what I am getting to, is that all girls want to do is be happy and have fun when they are not at work or other responsibilities. What I am trying to say, is go back up a few paragraphs and look at those 3 beautiful girls laughing, playing games and having fun! Let me spell it out for you! T-H-A-T'S W-H-A-T THEY WANT!!!

Yes, women/girls love to flirt, have fun and play games! Why? Why? Why? Because it's fun! Get it??? See, if you try to be so freaking serious and all about sex and getting into a relationship, you bore her to death! To a girl or women, being in a relationship should be happy and fun where 2 people can laugh and goof around and not be so serious!

So here's the really, really cool news! ALL THE PRESSURE IS OFF!!!! Forget sex! Forget getting her numbers! Forget asking her out! And for god sakes, forget about relationships and all that crazy stuff! hehe... That's my secret! hahahahaha... Guys are so simply amazed at how I meet girls and pick up on them! They simply don't get it!

How do I do it? hahahahaha... I DON'T!!! That's how!!! I am totally and completely serious... So forget all that pickup artist stuff and seduction and trickery and for god's sake, please, please, please forget about those stupid, fake lines! Oh GAWD those are totally awful!!! You want to learn how to meet girls? #1 Go out there and simply watch!

Yes, I still do it to this day and I am amazed at how I missed the simplicity of meeting girls. All they are doing is having fun and goofing around and being playful. So what do most guys do??? "HI THERE!" "I'M MR. SERIOUS AND I AM GOING TO TRY TO IMPRESS YOU WITH MY MONEY, CAR, MUSCLES OR EVEN HOW GREAT MY JOKES ARE!!!"

#1 Oh guys, guys, guys... throw all that serious stuff out the window and get over yourselves already!!! #2 And do not, do not, do not, do not try to impress her because that shows her how much of an idiot you are!!! And it puts you into your serious left brain...

Look, I was a champion boxer, kickboxer, fighter, and racer! I never, ever tell this to women! EVER!!! Because women hate that shit! They usually find out through meeting someone who knows me months later by accident if my friend or family member brings it up! My point, do not brag or impress her. Just don't do it. And then guess what? It takes all the pressure off of you to impress her and then you can just relax, have fun and enjoy yourself...

See, most guys try to be perfect!!! Women absolutely hate this. Why? Because it puts you into your left, logical brain and that is not attractive to women at all. For now, simply relax and enjoy meeting her or them. Ok, so, #1 Do not impress. #2 Do not be perfect or you will drive her nuts. #3 Do not be Serious at all or Mr. Logical.

Now here's what you can do and should do: #1 Go to your local coffee shop where women are loose, relaxed and chatty. Now a library may not be a good place because most people there are A. quiet and B. are usually there for a purpose. So don't' try to meet women when they are on task.

Ok, so now, go to coffee shops or clubs or wherever women congregate and socialize. And simply watch, listen and learn. Do not try to meet or start up conversations. Just watch them and notice how playful and non serious they are. They are having fun. This is the #1 most important thing guys can learn, to simply loosen up and have some freaking fun already!

#2 When you meet girls, do not, do not, do not try to pick up on them. Why? Because this takes all the pressure off of you. Just simply learn how to have conversations with women without pressuring the situation. *** That's how guys blow it!

They cause pressure and try to force or control the situation, all of which tightens her up and causes her to want to run and get the hell away from you!

Go back up and re watch what the girls are doing when they are socializing! They are loose not tight! They are relaxed, not perfect. They are having fun, not being serious. They are enjoying themselves in a loose, open and relaxed manner, not in a serious competition to see who's right or wrong or who is in charge, blah, blah, blah!!!

Most guys truly believe if they can impress her or control her or be Mr. Serious that they will impress her and I am telling you, this is soooooooo far from the truth it's not even funny!

So, here's my magic secret!

Here's how I meet a lot of girls. I don't even try to meet girls. Sure, I will engage in a conversation if a girl starts chatting with me. And sure, I will put myself into situations where women can be close to me, ie. like sit next to them or close at a coffee shop or club. And when she asks me a question, I look over my shoulder and casually respond.

Notice, casually. Not "Oh HI, you are a Goddess and you are so freaking amazing, OMG... you are talking to me... OH, well now let me impress you now!"

I really have a laid back, I don't care attitude. If the conversations takes off, great! If not, I will turn right back around and go back to reading or whatever I am doing.

See, it's ok if a conversation doesn't work. And sometimes it doesn't. And by allowing that to be an option, suddenly you open up a ton more possibilities with women, because you don't' care if you don't have a perfect conversation or a conversation with her at all.

See, by doing this, suddenly the pressure is completely gone and that is My Secret!!! JUST GO WITH THE FLOW!!! - ALLOW!!!

All I do is allow conversations to happen naturally and by doing this, I meet all the women in the world and make a lot of friends. Trust me, women are much more entertaining than guys, that's for sure!!! hahahaha... Ask any girl or lady and she will agree! :) 


Mike Kollin

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