"How do you Meet Women?" Dating & Relationship Coach Mike Kollin

"How do you Meet Women?" Dating & Relationship Coach

  Make Her Chase You

Just like the Phoenix Rising, first you have to burn your old ways to the ground. Then you can start anew, fresh and build a solid foundation on correct understandings and teachings. See, the way men and women interact is from a place of lack, from a place of total and complete misunderstanding based on the way we, individually are wired, which is the complete opposite way they are wired...

For example! The #1 Core Teaching in my course is "Internal Awareness" or being "INTERNAL!!!" Because this is where your POWER COMES FROM in every area of life, especially in Attracting and Turning women on Romantically!!! THIS IS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!!

Men come from the opposite way or from the opposite place! Men come from the External Left, logical, Male brain which visually looks and processes and thinks in an External, Outside Fashion! Which tells her mating system 2 things. #1 You are a stranger, a foreigner!!!!! She can not relate to you at all or even communicate with you! #2 You are not a good mate to mate with!!! Because a male who is External is a Follower, not a leader and he will not get ahead in life!!! So in the beginning of my course I have to tear down your former, false, totally misleading beliefs that flat out haven't worked for you in any capacity! But, believe it or not, for most males, this is very hard to see no matter how much he struggles or fails with women again and again and again!

There is 1 Phrase I repeat throughout the trainings to my clients. "Well, How well did that work for you?" Most men never even stop to think, "How well did this strategy work?" Or "How well has this way of doing things, picking up on women, relating to women being married work?" For some reason most men will do the same damn thing over and over and over and over and over for years, even decades UNTIL they finally realize "This isn't fucking working!!!!!!"

It's at this point where I get most of my current clients. They usually are in their 40's on their 2nd or 3rd divorce and about to lose their 2nd or 3rd house to their wives!" It is now when they have had their heart and soul and bank account Ripped out that they finally realize they have something to learn... and on an unconscious level "Literally" subconsciously they begin to look at articles, read stories on yahoo or accidentally come across relationship blogs and instead of moving past, they actually read them... Or maybe they are on youtube and they are clicking on sites ranting about women, divorce or whatever...

Until finally something clicks and they realize there are newer, faster, better ways to put the power back into your hands!! And that's where I come in!!!


Welcome to the World of "And & Both" the "Internal Way!!!" This is where your Power is!! There actually is a way to learn how to Open up and step within or "Look Within" and actually experience a New Way, a Much more Powerful way to actually Be Powerful in the world. Once you learn how to do this 1 single thing you will realize it is "literally" effortless meeting and attracting women to you! This 1 Single Powerful Shift will Transform your Entire life!

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