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How can we Possibly Love each other let alone Understand?

"I teach men and women how to Love & Understand each other!"

That's what it's all about. It's so, so, so important for you to be able to simply understand each other so you can Love each other and come from a place of understanding.

I teach men and women how to Love & Understand each other!

It's not easy! Trust me, you don't make it easy on me, but it's worth it when I see the light turn on! When you have that Aha moment that Life Changing moment where all your memories, dealing with the opposite sex, come flying up through you mind all the way from your past childhood memories into the now! That is why I do this work!!! 

It's the absolute most amazing experience I have ever had in my life. To simply see the Relief, the... The Life Changing Moment when someone see's the light shine through and all the hurt, anger and pain begins to make sense and starts to melt away. Watching that person's Transformation in that very moment makes all the effort, time, energy and years and years and years of dedication all worth it!

What you are going to learn in this course is like nothing that you have ever learned or heard before. 

You simply don't have to suffer anymore. These teaching will reveal a Truth that has been right in front of your eyes your entire lives! You simply just couldn't see it or know it, that's all...

They will heal your heart and emotional wounds from the past! And open you up to a much happier, more meaningful and fulfilling life.

"I was afraid that if you saw all of me, Knew all of me, you would run away!"

"The other Side - It's Monstrous!"

 "Embrace all of who you are!"

In order to heal the other side you have to Embrace the other side fully and completely! 

One of our goals is too fully and completely Accept all that we are! The Good, the Bad, the Light, the Dark, all of it! This is how we heal; through Love, Understanding and Compassion for ourselves & each other!

If you reject a part of you or the other side of you, you can't and won't heal it. Thus it will continue! This is why we must learn to be Patient, Kind and Loving towards the Dark side & our "Selves!" To Embrace, to Love, to Heal... 

One of the teachings is that in order to Love someone else we need to learn how to Love and be Understanding of our selves. We need to learn how to be Compassionate towards our "Selves!" 

See, you can't Love someone else if you can't Embrace and Love all that you are! And you can't allow them to Love you no matter how much they attempt to Love you if you can't Love yourself!

If you have compassion for yourself, others will see that and experience that around you. And they will know that you are a compassionate person simply by being compassionate with yourself!

To Love yourself, to embrace & hold yourself emotionally allows you to know how to do the same for and towards others!

It's the Same with Money! 

If you don't have a $1,000,000.00 Million Dollars, how can you give me a Million Dollars? 

If you don't have $5,000 dollars how can you give me $5,000 dollars?

If you don't have Love & Compassion for yourself, how can you have Love and Compassion for me?

Answer: You Can't!

How can you understand her if you don't understand you?


To be able to Care about yourself means you can Care about others!

I teach men and women how to Love & Understand each other!

Be Beautiful 

To Love is to be Beautiful

To me, this is what it means to be Awesome!

Are you ready?


It's not over until you Win! See, that's why you are here!



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