Bruce Lee | Honestly Expressing Yourself

Honestly Expressing Yourself - Bruce Lee

Watching this video inspired me to write this... as I began to write this video I saw something different in Baby Metal... I realize what it is that has captured my attention...
"Martial Arts Means Honestly Expressing yourself."
- Bruce Lee
When I watch these little teens get up on stage in front of Metal Fans... They Capture the attention of fans who would normally not like this band at all.

In fact at one venue the fans brought glass, filled with Urine, bottles and things to throw at these little kids because they didn't believe these kids deserved to be up on stage and they payed to see another band instead... but that band canceled out and Baby Metal was called last minute to replace them.

Thousands of people watched as these little girls Bravely, Powerfully transformed and almost... Actually yes, literally as if Magically transformed and tamed this angry crowd of grown men / Metal Heads... 

I was stunned in absolute awe and wonderment of their Power! How could they possibly have done this? Thousands upon thousands of people had purposely planned this, to throw bottles, food, etc at the little girls and Massively Boo them off stage. 

And it was not an easy transformation. In the first song the fans were booing, angry and one of the girls microphones fell off and one of the girls ripped her dress and it got stuck. But they soldiered on!  And then it happened. Moa The lead Singer literally began to command the crowd of men into a Mosh Pit circling ever faster.

Here is that Performance - 

BABYMETAL - Ijime Dame Zettai - Live at Sonisphere 2014 UK

So what Happened? 

What was the "Actual" Power these girls used?

Bruce Lee | Honestly Expressing Yourself

Honestly Expressing Yourself 

If you have played in sports, sang in choirs, bands, music, been an artist or been in a relationship where you Love someone with all your Heart and soul... and have grown the the breakups, hurts and emotional pains of losing someone you love, you begin, at least unconsciously, to learn that Honestly Expressing yourself is a very hard thing to do.

If you've ever been in a Choir on a sports team, a competitive Fighter, etc. you know that you have to work and work and work and practice and practice and practice for months and months and months, even years and years and years until you can begin to fluidly express yourself and your emotions and feelings.

I remember the day in Boxing I got this. I went 2 years undefeated for 1 reason only. I was so frustrated that I simply through all the rules into the garbage and I just began to emotionally express myself. And it was so fluid, natural and graceful, So Powerful! The effects were amazing. Everything opened up! 

My Power, my speed, my accuracy, timing, everything! 

But it took years and years to get there. It didn't happen over night. In Football it took me years to finally get to a point where I could do the same thing. I would naturally hit and spin off of defenders and run up for more yards. There was no thinking at all, rather all feeling... stepping into the natural world of emotions, feelings and sensing my environment.

Nobody taught me what to do or how to do it, it just came to me because I allowed it to happen. I let go and went with it.

When I ran off the field all my teammates were like, "How did you know to turn that way? How did you do that? Who taught that to you?"

This is where you begin to develop, create and unleash your "Style" which is your True Power!

Sure you and I can learn from the same boxing or kickboxing coach and taught the exact same techniques etc., but it's when you learn them well enough to where you don't have to think of them is where you can began to do them from your Emotions and Feelings!

This is Honestly Expressing Oneself!

As you watch these girls you can see how they are actually Expressing their Joys and Feelings, Emotions. And that my friends is what won over the crowd. 

Sure it was Choreographed but Choreography alone or learning techniques alone is mechanical. A non feeling, step by step manual if you will. 

And that crowd payed all that money to fly there, pay for the event, food, hotels, etc. because they wanted 1 thing. "THEY WANTED TO FEEL!!!!" 

And that my friends is the Power these little Band members in Baby Metal used. They let go, opened up and expressed themselves. 

You have to Be Brave

 There is a Hidden Power inside of you! 

"Honestly Expressing Yourself."

It's not a Gift as in it won't be Gifted to you or handed to you. Just like these little girls in Baby Metal did. You have to face your fears and be willing to swing away with every intention of hitting a Grand Slam! Yes, actually let go of your fears completely and Go for it!

This is Love! And this is Life!

You are here to learn how to Let Go, Open up and become One with yourself!

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Baby Metal.

This is more than just a course on Romance, Love and Communication. This is a course on Understanding THE POWER OF LOVE! 💕 


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