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Ok, what in the hell is Vagina talk? hahaha...

Men, pay close attention here because there is something very powerful for you to learn here!

Open your Eyes and see!
  Ladies, I need your support here if you want to create more men who know how to speak that true, deeply emotionally fulfilling language of love that melts your heart. Then I need you to chime in by calling and coming to an intro workshop! Let's have a Ladies only workshop. Seriously ladies, this is absolutely vital for you if you want this to become a reality in this world for your heart! It is now possible, but you must understand that men were wired so differently that even when you speak of this emotionally fulfilling language, he is not hearing you are even understanding you because his brain/emotional system is wired differently. But, he can learn. And, I need your support to help men even dare approach this subject of Romance, Love and Emotionally fulfilling language. In fact, call me right now, email me and let's set up a workshop for the ladies to teach you what is going on and what is missing between the sexes. There is no other teaching on the planet like this one. In fact, this is not being taught by anyone except me. And it's the very thing you want from men. 415 456 8558  http://mike@cf3.728.myftpupload.com Author of this article: Mike Kollin of MGK Enterprises. @ http://MikeKollin.com With all due respect, men don't know that they don't know. We, men and women are wired so completely differently, that it takes a monumental effort for him to even begin to open up to this side of his brain to even begin to see this deeper, more romantic and emotionally fulfilling form of communication from the heart! And, someone, someone on this planet has to figure out how in the hell to help him learn how to open up to this side of his brain so he can literally hear what you are saying. Oh, well guess what??? I DID IT!!! I am serious, I discovered and helped create a very specific way to help men learn how to open up to this side of his brain so he can finally understand what you are saying let alone learn how to speak to your heart. There is an amazing answer to discover! Now, here's the Key. If you have been following my writings, then you will know there is this language I teach called the "Internal Language" that women Love, understand and speak all the time. This is the Hidden, Female Right brain Language that men don't speak, because men are literally stuck in their left, logical brain and were not wired to speak this right brain female language. So, when you are sitting at a Love and Relationship Seminar with your husband, guess what? Your husband or boyfriends is hearing something completely differently than you are! See, these seminars are right brain seminars. Unfortunately, men were born stuck into their left, logical brain and can almost never open up to their right brain. It's extremely hard for him to do this. And he's not even aware of this. So, you are sitting there hearing A. smiling at him saying, "See honey, this is what I have been talking about." And he is sitting there looking at you thinking inside his brain, "Yeah, I know, you won't stop bringing this up! I get it, I get it! Damn woman!!!!" But, he doesn't' get it. He is hearing B, Left brain processing communication. And, remember ladies, his mating system is not wired to his right brains communication center like yours is. Thus communication is basically meaningless to him! He just doesn't get it. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. But, but, but, he has learned that it is completely necessary and completely politically correct to say and speak the words of, "Oh yes, it's all about Communication." But he has no idea why or what the hell that  means. He can't. He's not wired the way you are!!!! He just knows that if he says this, he is more likely to get laid. You as a female absolutely have to realize, that this is a very, very, very Powerful motivator, energizer and extremely inspiring mechanism that you have to learn, develop and master the art of "RIGHT BRAIN" Communication from a very, very early age. I mean come on, your sex drive is connected to your communication center. Of course specific right brain, sensually stimulating and emotionally fulfilling, right brain language is going to turn you on sexually! hahaha... But to him, these are just words and mean blah, blah, blah... I am dead serious. I can't tell you how many times since high school me nad my buddies have said, "God, why do they talk so much! Why don't they just get to the point. They just drag it out forever!!!!!!! UGH!!!!" Get to the point is a very left brain process and word in the left brain's logical male language. See, we really are speaking 2 completely different languages. And you know what? That's AWESOME!!! Because now we can teach him how to speak directly to your hear in that sensually stimulating cat and mouse game type of way that triggers massive attraction in you! Because you lovvvvvvve this elongated communication that just stimulates your little female brain... And then I will teach him how to open up to his right brain, go into peripheral vision nad reconnect inside with his heart so he can then open up and communicate in this heart fulfilling language that melts your heart, opening up up with overflowing love and emotions that simply spill over into deeper connections with him! (Ummmm.. guys I just said, spill over into her vagina in the female language! Yes, I am dead  serious. But you must learn how to speak this language in order to learn how to talk into her heart nad fill her up so she can spill over to that real, emotionally bonding, deeper connection with her. She really wants you to learn how! so please, please for the sake of Romance and true Love, put your ego aside and come learn how to do this in the way she needs you to learn how! Trust me, it will be the greatest thing you will ever learn how to do. And, besides, she will truly melt, open up to you and reward you with love from her heart of hearts!) See, Romance, Love and Erotic, Deeper, more Energetic/spiritual bonding is truly, truly possible, but men must learn how to do this in a very powerfully specific way that energizers her and awakens her true spirit of Love! So, I am going to do my best to give men a clue on at least a portion of what needs to be done. Now, #1 The male way of doing things is extremely penetrating and very Narrow, like a needle poking. And, it's rude, disrespectful and very, very intrusive. But ladies, most men have zero clue about this, because this is the logical, linear, left brain in action. He actually thinks that leaning forward into your space is proper! hahaha... And, his eyes go into lock on, like he is targeting an animal to hunt and kill. And that's why his pupils become very narrow and tiny thus giving him a more intrusive view and energy, penetrating your eyes and body and space. See guys, you really need to soften up and back off a bit. Seriously, just take 1/2 a step back and soften your eyes. Here's how. #1 Go into peripheral vision. #2 put your Awareness within your chest, heart, lungs and stomach areas. This massively helps take the energy off of her and stops the ultra laser beams that women hate. My ex use to call this space invaders. #3 Put your awareness on your own bubble. In other words, humans have an 18 inch energy or body space. And it's even protected by the Law. Yes, I am serious. You have the right to defend a space of up to 18 inches around your body. Yes, it is so illegal to invade someone else's body space that they made a law against it. So guys!!! Back the F;'k off!!! Ugh! Women hate this! Hell, I hate this when guys try to lock on eye to eye in that ultra narrow, linear way and then lean forward into my space! Back off!!! Seriously!!! Now a lot of guys say, "But Mike, women tell us all the time to look them in the eye!" No! Sorry, they don't quite say this and especially don't mean this at all. What women say is, Key word here: "Gaze into my eyes!" Now, what this means is, to go into peripheral vision, then look about 12 inches or so from your own body and then go wide! I said "WIDE!" Left to right at the same time! So, imagine there is like a clear, plexiglass wall about 12 inches from your eyes and your vision stops there! Then it softens and opens up to a larger, wider view, spreading from left to right, widening! Then allow it to open up completely from the floor to the ceiling, then let it go wider than her and your body. This will allow you to #1 Go into peripheral vision, #2 Soften your gaze upon her, key word, "UPON" vs "Into". And, #3 What this will do is get her to want to pursue you! Hahaha... yes, this will trigger her into wanting to get you to lock onto her. I know, I know, it sounds crazy, I just told you not to lock onto her. See, if you are just sold immediately and she doesn't' have to do any work or do the cat and mouse chase game, thus chasing you and enticing you, then her system shuts down because you are not a KING!!!! Yes!!!! That's right, I am here to make you her King!!! KING!!! So you do this by what I just taught you. You put your awareness inside and onto your body, not hers. Why? Because this shows her and the world that you listen to yourself and that you have Internal Approval. And this is sooooooooooooooooooooo important. See, if you are constantly goign external, listening to other and blindly listening to what they are saying, it shows the world that you are a follower! Now, that doesn't mean you can't learn from other men or people. Learning is huge and is very, very good. But, you must then take that knowledge inside and process it within yourself and make your own decisions based off of what your body is telling you within! And, I already taught you how to do that, look within, tune into your heart, chest and gut. Listen to yourself by listening to your body! Listen to your body by learning how to notice what your body is telling you by what you are feeling! Your body is desperately trying to communicate to you from your Master Internal Computer what is going on and what to and what not to do! This is a Huge, Huge, Huge, #1 Teaching in all of my Courses, because this is what makes you her KING!!!! You must be a self lead man! I am not saying you have to be a world leader at all. I am saying that you need to learn how to lead yourself from within! You do this and you will have her melting in the palm of your hands! Now, once you are here, you can directly speak to her heart from your heart. Because the way you drop down into your heart is by opening up. And, again the way you do that is by the steps I just gave you above by looking within as you talk to her and feeling what you are feeling!!! This is absolutely vital because it triggers her mating system to want to make love to you! It literally melts her heart! So come learn how!!! Now, when you do this, it opens you up to your heart and thus you are now speaking from your heart/emotional intelligence and this romances her because you are not opened up and speaking from who you are within emotionally from your heart! NEXT STEP: Now once you are here, the next thing you do, is then staying in peripheral vision as you look, gazingly upon her face and eyes in an open, wide way, you then in an open way put your awareness onto her vagina! Now that's how you speak to her vagina. And this is a very Romantic, Sensually stimulating and emotionally fulfilling form of Romance that will melt her heart, filling her up within emotionally and spilling over like a water fountain flooding her heart with overflowing sensual love that spills over into her deeper being within. Now, what in the hell did I just say? Well, from this open space in a wide open way, when you put your awareness upon her vagina, you do not look at her vagina, that would be rude! What? No I didn't! I never said look at her vagina! No I didn't! I specifically said, "As you look upon her face in this open, wider way, as you keep your gaze/eyes upon her face & eyes, put your awareness on her vagina!" See, that's it. This is how you speak to a woman's Love! Oh, sorry, I mean Vagina in the female language! Now all you have to do is come take the course on how to learn and speak the "Internal Language" of romantic Love! So get off your ass and make that phone call right now! And come learn how to truly make love to a woman's mind, heart and vagina through "Heart to Vagina talk!" Call now: 415 456 8558 And ladies, get a few of your girlfriends together and let's do a workshop to help you better understand what the hell is going on; for romance, love and sensual, deeper, more emotionally fulfilling connections. (Guys if you only realized what I just said in the female language! hahahaha..  Oh ladies, we are going to have a lot of fun!) And guys, Come take this course right now so you can truly Become a KING!!! And it will be recognized by the women in the room! Learn how to gain a females respect by learning how to speak to her heart within emotionally! So come, learn how to be her KING!!!

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