Harley Quinn Suicide Squad "Step into your Power" What Women Want. - Awaken to Your Power

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad "Step into your Power" What Women Want.

"Are you Willing to Let Go of your Mask?"

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad "Step into your Power" Be You!

Why was Harley Quinn such a Powerful Figure in this movie?

And what does this movie, Suicide Squad have to do with Personal Development, Personal Power and Dating / Relationship, Business & Sports Coaching?

Answer: EVERYTHING!!! 


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 First of all, What do I mean when I say, "Step into Your Power?"

I mean for you to Step back inside you! 

Now What I am about to say may challenge you, depending on what you know about History, Religion and spiritual teachings. 

Jesus spoke and said, "Look Within".

Buddha Said, "Look Within" 

Well there is a Powerful Key I have been teaching in all of my courses for years, actually 2 decades now. Yep! That's right, I have been teaching for over 25 years. I am a Certified Master Hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer, Time Line Therapist and I am actually certified in 3 different forms of Energy Healing and yes, I actually studied with and learned from and received actual healing from a Buddhist Monk who was from Laos. I worked with Buddha Kham for almost 8 years off and on. It was this Man, this Monk who Opened my mind to what is really going on between men and women. 

With my Back Ground in Psychology, NLP, Hypnosis, Linguistics and communication, and the Help of Buddha Kham I Literally  "Cracked the Female Code". 

Yes there is actually a Hidden Code to Triggering the Female Mating System. Which turns her on Sexually. And it teaches you how to Step into your Power. And there's a Hidden Secret here that Women Want and Causes her to be Attracted to you Powerfully. 

One of the Secrets is learning how to actually Step back into your Power. Most people and I mean more than 90% of people walking on the planet are completely disconnected from their Internal Power Within.

When a man Steps back into his Power, it triggers her Mating system and Powerfully Attracts her to you!!

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Believe it or not but Jesus, Buddha and Buddha Kham were all teaching us how to Attract women to us! Running to women is not the way to Turn her on or attract her or romance her!

There is a very, Very Powerful way to Attract and turn women on that women find Irresistible. 

There is a Hidden Secret in How to Step into your Power, which gives you Dating, Relationship and more importantly Social Power.

The Secret is to: "LOOK WITHIN". This allows your energy, your power to fall back inside you so you can connect with you! There is nothing more Attractive to the Female's mating system than a man who is directly connected to himself. 

Well, this is a bit more complicated than that. I mean before you actually know what I am talking about and can actually see it and do it. But, once you get there, a New World of Understanding, Love and Power Opens up & Reveals itself to you! 

And once you do, women melt at your mere Presence. Hint it has to do with being in the Present Moment. Technically what it does is opens you up to your Higher Intelligence, which gives you more Intelligence and Power. 

This is what her mating system is looking for. Otherwise she will be turned off sexually. 

So what does Harley Quinn & Suicide Squad and Jesus n Buddha have to do with "Dating & Relationships and Power?" Well, everything. 

The Teachings are everywhere but very, very few people actually see them. 

There is a specific scene in the movie where the Joker asks Harley if she would Die for him. He then says, "Will you? Would you LIVE FOR ME???" Then she plunges off into the Chemical Tank to which we all thought would kill her or burn her skin off Chemically. Which in a way it does. 

In this scene it's actually a symbol of Harley letting go of her Mask to which she was using to hide from herself and life! 

This is the Mask which hides all people from themselves, or their true "SELF!!!" Which is where your Power Exists. Through your "SELF", which Jesus Called the "AM" when he said, "I Am!" This is the "INTERNAL" Self in which I speak and teach about in my course. 

Harley Quinn and The Joker - Would you Live for Me?



Once you learn how to open up to your "SELF" you find your "Self" and your Power! 

There was a Powerful Poet who wrote, "Know Thyself" Alexander Pope. 

You can only know Thyself if you open up and Step Into your "Self". 

This teaching is everywhere. Once you learn how your entire life will begin to take shape in the way you Desire it to be. 

Come learn how. 

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