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Valentines Gifts for Women - Give her the Gift of Love 💕 Communication

How to Love and Understand Women. A Deeper Understanding of what Love and Romance is to a Woman! 

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The Extraordinary Relationship you want is within your grasp, but you Need clarity and Understanding to achieve it! There's a Better Way!

The Greatest Gift a man can give a woman is the Gift of Learning how to Communicate in the "Hidden" Right Brain Language.

Because it's the only way she can receive Your Love!

Communication is EVERYTHING to a Woman's heart because it's the only way she can truly receive your love and something women call emotional fulfillment! Which is the exact same feeling men get after having sex! 

I bet you didn't know that did you? 

Emotional Fulfillment is the whole reason we get into a relationship. 

The way men receive Emotional Fulfillment is through having sex with a woman. But she can not receive your love or Emotional Fulfillment that way. For her, she has to open up to you through a hidden Right Brain language that was hidden from the male brain by mother nature, on purpose! 

Her Mating system has a nerve that directly connects to her right Brains Communication Processor!

So you can buy her all the flowers and jewelry in the world, but that is simply not Love to a woman. Sure, it's nice but, alone it will never give her Emotional Fulfillment, the very thing she desires from you in Relationships!

This Hidden language triggers her mating system and thus turns her on sexually. And this is Romance to a woman's heart and emotions. It melts her heart and turns her on sexually.  

So what is this hidden Romantic Language that Melts a Woman's Heart?

Well I call it The Internal language because of the way her brain processes communication, body language and her experiences in the world.


How to Save your Marriage or meet the girl of your dreams is as simple as learning how to open up to your right brain so you can speak the "Hidden" Internal, Mentally Stimulating and Emotionally fulfilling language so she can Understanding you, Receive your Love and emotional fulfillment and add a ton of Romance and Clarity into your relationship and communication.

There is an Answer to save your marriage and it all starts out with a list of Key words that women use all the time for Clarity in communication and when used correctly, Romantic, Powerful Seduction that melts her heart!!

Without this, you are lost and will struggle for the rest of your life!

Emotionally fulfilling
Emotionally fulfilling communication


* Ok, have you ever noticed how women use these words when they talk?

For now, #1 Simply start noticing how often women use these words
And #2 Start to simply pepper these words into your sentences and begin to notice her interaction with you and her shifts.

* Yes, this is a very small or limited list of these words. There's a whole lot more.

* Yes, there's a lot more than just peppering these words into your sentences. There's an actually way to use these words in a patterned way that her brain will recognize and thus open her up emotionally and then triggers her mating system and turns her on sexually to want to mate / have sex with you!

To find out more, simply click on my Book "Crack The Female Code!"

Crack The Female Code | How to Love and Romantically Seduce Women

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