Happy Fathers Day you Caveman!!! Dad Bods!! San Francisco Coaching

Happy Fathers day you Caveman!!! Dad Bods!! San Francisco coaching 

Happy Fathers Day Mark!! :)

To all you Awesome Fathers and dads out there! Know 1 thing! You sincerely are Awesome! You do a Great job and many times are not rewarded or even thanked for how much you do for the family, wife and children and society! From Myself, Mike Kollin and MGK International, Thank you very much!! And for that I am going to give you a gift so to speak or maybe a break!!! Ok, so what is with all the articles about the New Trend in Dad Bods?? It's all over the News and Hollywood! Articles: https://www.yahoo.com/parenting/dadbods-that-are-too-hot-to-handle-dadbod-121870674782.html http://finance.yahoo.com/news/trendy-dad-bod-girls-going-214512969.html?soc_src=mail&soc_trk=ma Have you ever wondered why these out of shape older guys always get the girl, even if he has no money? Well, there is actually a real answer for that! The simple answer is, "You are an Animal. And so is she!" hahaha... Better yet, you are a Caveman!!! "Raaaaaaa" [caption id="attachment_568" align="aligncenter" width="218"]Caveman Rules! How to Caveman your girl into surrendering emotionally![/caption] Look man this is Literally Pure science! Caveman Science, but still Science. It all has to do with how her mating system is triggered by her reptilian brain, "Literally!!" Now this image isn't an actual real image of what a successful caveman would look like. Sure, muscular, tough, mean and aggressive, but he is too skinny! Not enough body fat... A real caveman would look exactly the same except 1 thing. He would have a Gut!!! And some body fat. Yes, I said a Gut, some extra Body fat! Extra body fat is really good for survival. And you have to remember the Cavewoman was always looking to get a Caveman with a Dad Bod, a guy with a Gut to fall in love head over heels in Love with her! Briefly and to the point, here's what's going on... A caveman with a bit of a gut who is still strong and in shape is much more attractive and literally triggers the cave girls mating system to want to mate with you. In other words, once her mating system gets triggered, she wants to have Sex with you or the Caveman with a bit of a Gut!! Why? Because in real life, a Caveman who had a gut was a caveman who could survive because he can hunt really well!!! A Caveman who can hunt and feed himself to excess is a caveman who can provide or is more likely to be able to provide much better for the cave girl and her offspring! And that is her mating systems #1 Priority; Her offspring and their well being!!! My point. Stop thinking you are a girl and being ultra skinny. Men are visual and we like women her "LOOK" (Visual) Good!!! She, women, her mating system is sexually attracted to guys with a bit of a gut who are still in shape and a bit strong... so go ahead have a little extra, drink that beer!! And get the Cave girl fast!! Enjoy!! P.s. this is only 1 of the Secrets. Learn a few more and combine them together and Bamm!!! You've got girls chasing you! Come learn how!! Mike Kollin

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