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Get out of your Head and Open up to your Heart Again! Key To Dating & Relationships!

I can't tell you how many men I have worked with over the last 2 1/2 decades who come to me and are totally, completely stuck in their head and don't even know it! 

You know, in all sincerity the saddest thing in the world is meeting a grown man who has completely lost himself because he disconnected from himself and who he truly is on the inside!

The worst part. 

It's this very part of who you are that women desperately need and want to connect with, "YOU!" 

And you are not even home!!!! There's a Deeply Held, Dark Sadness where more and more men are losing themselves and have no idea who they are or how to find themselves again!

Instead, they Lie & Lie and Lie and Lie about EVERYTHING!!!!! Because they don't know who they are or what is true or truth.


Remember Who You Are Inside!!

The #1 Core Teaching in my course is teaching men how to Connect with Themselves again!

To Find themselves, their Power, to appreciate and respect, even Honor themselves once again! 

To Step into Your Power "Inside You!"

The Sadness of the Human race is that men are being taught that they are wrong or bad simply because someone else doesn't know them or understand them because "We Are Different!!!!"

This does not make someone wrong or bad or anything other than misunderstood! 

Men tell me they usually say the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or even 5th thing to a woman because they are afraid of being wrong. They tell me again and again and again and again... Because I am trying to tell her what she wants to hear! I am like, "Why?" My clients say, "Because I want to make her happy!"

I say, "Well, how well has that worked for you over the years?" And they invariably say, "It hasn't because I don't know what to say? It's stressful trying to constantly figure out what to say!"

So I say, "Then tell her what you actually think or feel!" And they ultimately will say, "But what if she doesn't like or accept what I say?"

I say, "SO WHAT!!!!!! To Bad for Her!!!!!!" This is not about her! It never was!!! It is about you being you!!! That's what this is all about! All of it!!

Because she wants to get to know "YOU!!!!"

See, ever since he was a child he was told that what he thinks or says is wrong or bad, over & over & over & over again!

The girls he likes gets upset at what he says because she doesn't understand what he means & Misunderstands what he says because she is different. She is a woman not a man. She is neurological wired differently than him! She has a completely different communication processor than he does and thus his mother, sisters, aunts, girlfriends & teachers get mad or tell him he is wrong! And nobody was there to tell him, "NO!!!!! She is wrong! Because she misunderstands you!!!!

He doesn't know that he doesn't know. All he knows is that he has lived an entire life time of being punished and told his thoughts and beliefs and what he says is wrong!!!!

He has lived an entire life time of this and has learned, "Never, ever, ever tell her what you actually think or feel or believe! Because it's wrong! It's always wrong! At least according to her!" 

So he thinks & thinks and thinks and thinks again because he is desperately trying to figure out what she wants to hear to make her Happy!!! And on and on it goes!!! 

And Now:

#1 He gets stuck up in his head and loses himself completely as the years go by to the point he doesn't know that he doesn't know himself!

#2 She fights this impossible battle that she didn't know she started because she simply didn't understand you. All she "DESPERATELY"wants to know is "YOU!!!" But she can't because you are hiding from YOU!!! You are not being you!!! You are spending your entire life trying to figure out "What is the Right Thing to say?" And that is the WRONG THING TO DO!!!!!! PERIOD!!!

What I am telling you, is that whatever you honestly want to say or feel or think genuinely "IS THE RIGHT THING TO SAY!!!!!" Because It's You!

The Challenge

The Challenge is, as it's always been from the Beginning of time, that you have to say in the way that She Can Understand You!!!! There is a Hidden Right Brain language that she needs you to speak so she can understand you and receive and hear and feel your Love and thoughts!

As I have stated in My Youtube Video's over and over and over. "We are literally speaking 2 completely different languages using 2 completely different types of communication processors!!!"

So when you say A.,She hears The Opposite of what you just said, B.!! This is The Real Problem but you didn't know it!

The Male language is called the Logical, Linear, External language. Because it is processed through the logical, left brain, linear, external processor!! 

And her language is the Expansive, 5 senses, External language because its like the Apple Computers processor. It processes words through the 5 senses and it gives  here feelings and emotions through words and communication because of this! Thus she's having a completely different experience than you. And she is hearing the absolutely opposite of what you are saying to her! But nobody taught her or YOU that!!! 

So she's not getting mad at what you are saying. She's getting mad at the way you are saying it because she can't understand what you are saying and thinks you are saying something else!

In life there's a choice! 

You can go through life Hiding from who you are!

Or you can go through life "BEING WHO YOU ARE!!!" PERIOD!!!

Tell her what you think! Tell her what you feel! Tell her what you believe! And if she doesn't like it! To Bad for Her!!!! But you have to communicate from the heart and actually describe it in detail for her to understand!

*** Until you learn how to Communicate in the "Indirect, Internal Way" in her language you will always have communication Challenges.

The sooner you learn this the better your life will get! I can and will promise you this!!

Internal Awareness & Communication

This is what 1/3rd of my course is all about for men!

I realize for most men this is the absolute worse phrase to use because the male brain is the External Brain, not the Internal brain. So naturally you are going to reject the word "Internal" without even realizing why until you understand the POWER THAT WAS HIDDEN FROM YOU RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR VERY EYES!!!!!

I am here to Wake you up! Shake you Up! And get you to STEP INTO YOUR POWER!!!!!

It's not outside! It's not in the Dollar Bill. It's not in the Championship Ring! But it will get you the Dollar Bill. It will get you the Championship Ring! And it will get you the Girl you Desire!!! 

That's what this entire course is all about! #1


Be Who You Are

"In order to become who you want to be, you have to let go of who you think you are!"

Abhinav Kumar

"Be Who you Are"

"Because this is why you are here! The purpose, sole reason you are here is to become who you are! Not who you think she wants you to be!

This is why so many women lose all interest in men, because men try to make her happy by trying to figure out what she wants to her, by trying to be who she wants you to be!

That my friends is not how it works. It works the other way around!

When you are being who you are, thinking what you think, Honestly expressing who you are, that's how and when you start attracting to your life the people who belong in your life and "FIT" in your life!

This is the way to Win at life!"

- Mike Kollin


It's not over until you Win! See, that's why you are here!!! Period!!


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