Free your Mind the Rest Will Follow | Spiritual Awakening

Free your Mind the Rest Will Follow | Spiritual Awakening

If I had to pick 1 song to represent my entire work, this is it!

Growing up this song came out when I was in HighSchool. And I absolutely Loved it! It represented everything I was Born to do and Be! To Bring Freedom, Happiness and Love to the World!

This is it!

Going all the way back to the Book of Genesis, the Serpent, Adam and Eve and the Tree of Knowledge! The Tree of Knowledge is exactly what it sounds like! Knowledge, memorization, learning, steps, rules, right or wrong!

This my friends is the Logical Left brain God Warned you about! This is the brain that views everything as Right or Wrong, Either / Or, is all about Controlling and holding onto and Judges everything through Right or Wrong vs. just being in the Present moment and Purely Experiencing Life for what it is in that moment!

The Right brain is the Free Mind, the Open Mind! 

The way you Open up to this brain is by letting go! Letting go of Control! Letting go of Judgement! Letting Go of Right or Wrong! Letting go of viewing Rules blindly through logic vs through the Heart!

The Right Brain is the Emotional Heart Brain that is connected to your physical body and Emotions and Feelings! When you view the world through this brain, which opens up through Love then you are seeing the World through Love and not Judgement!

The way you Open up to the Right brain is through Love not Logic!

Jesus was Right! Love is the Way, The Answer! 

Love Fulfills all the Commandments!


People are always trying to take away your Power! Don't let them! Learn how to open up to your Heart which opens you up to your Higher Power, your Right Brain which can see the Truth for what it is! Not through a set of rules someone else teaches you and tells you is right or wrong! That's the wrong way!

Free your Mind


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