Welcome to MGK International | Dating, Marriage, Personal Development and Sports! - Awaken to Your Power

Welcome to MGK International | Dating, Marriage, Personal Development and Sports!

Welcome to MGK International - Dating, Marriage, Personal Development, Sports, Business, Sales and More!

We are Brand New To Shopify but we are not Brand New to the Personal Development Business. 

Hi, I'm Mike Kollin. Your Personal Development Coach and Communication Expert. I am a Dating, Marriage and Communication Expert who made a New Discovery in Understanding, Loving and Communicating with women in a way that is Very Effective, Powerful and Romantically Seductive in a way that Opens her heart, melts her from within and makes her Fall Madly, Head over Heels in Love with you from the Very Core of who she truly is, "LOVE!"

Me and Desi - Such a Sweet Lady! | Should have Married her!

Me and Desi! Such a Sweet lady! 💕

I have now been in the Business of Personal Development and Coaching for well over 25 years and received my first business license in the 90's. Times have Changed. 

My courses are life Changing and will bring a ton of Happiness, Success and Growth into your Life in a very Powerful yet Enjoyable way! 

1 thing you will find in all of my courses. They all wrap around and include my very Powerful Teaching "Step into your Power!!" 

How to be more Powerful in Dating, Relationships, Business and Life. 

No, this is not anything close to what Tony Robbins is Teaching. This is a step by step how to actually regain your own Power in life by learning some hidden secrets from the Human Mind. 

Whether you are a male trying to meet that special girl or save your marriage or a women trying to understand why men just don't get it in relationships or if you are a Professional Athlete in Sports and you want to get the edge there is a Powerful Series of Teachings that I will condition into you so you can Reconnect with your Real Actual Power inside you!

This also makes Sales and communication in Business a lot easier and more comfortable for you and the people you work with or your customers.

At MGK International, we have a strong Belief and Foundation that:

"Life is a Process that was meant to be Enjoyed."

We can't wait to meet you, work with you and watch you truly "Step into your Power" so you can get more of what you want out of Life, Love, Dating and Relationships including work, sports and business. 

From MGK International, "Bless you all".

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