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You Came to this Planet, to this Existence to "Find Yourself!" Literally... so do it!

Find Your "SELF" it's why You are Here!

"Opening up to Self is the Scariest thing we can do."
- Mike Kollin


Success is all in the Mind
It's such an odd thing. The Most Valued and Most important thing that we Desire on this planet is to Find ourself, Be Ourself & simply be good to ourselves! So that one day we can finally Love ourself! And yet what we are Afraid of is Finding "Our Self". The Very thing we are afraid of is our "Self" - Love!
You are Love!
We are so used to Living in Fear that when we finally come across real, genuine Love we get Scared.
And yet we spend our entire lives trying to get other people to Love us! We are Fighting this UnWinnable Battle!!!
The Entire Reason we are here is to Simply Open up to our Self! Yet we spend our entire lives chasing others, people outside of ourselves to get them to Love us!!! It "LITERALLY" Takes a Life time to Discover this!
Stop! Just Stop!!!!
Spend time with your "SELF!"
Find the You inside of You!
Reconnect with you!!!
I promise you, the more you learn how to Love You Within, the More the World will Love you!
This is how it works!!!
The Absolute Most Attractive thing I have ever found on this planet is a woman who is Genuinely, from the Heart, sincerely "In Love" with her "SELF!"
One day along my journey I noticed how I would be absolutely In Love and think this girl or woman was Absolutely Beautiful... she just glowed.... All the men Loved her! Everyone wanted to Hug, be with this girl... even other women would say how Beautiful she was...
But what was it that was so Beautiful about her?
Was it her eyes?
Her Hair?
Her Skin?
What was it?
It Dawned on me.,.. physically she wasn't that "EXTERNALLY" Different from any other woman or what many people would call Genetically Beautiful... Yet She Absolutely was Physically Beautiful....
So how could this possibly be???
As Time passed and I begin to wake up even more, I noticed there were women, females, girls who were physically more Beautiful yet were not Beautiful... I began to Understand and see... 
A few years before I had these realization's, I Had gone through The Awakening and I found myself, I Literally looked into my eyes, the very morning I woke up. I remember how the Entire world Looked Different.
I was experiencing the entire world in a Different way. All I knew, was that I was Awake!! I woke up! But I didn't know how I knew these were the words, yet I knew...
I was in what seemed like Wonderland, yet everything was exactly the same as it was before I went to sleep that night...
I looked around. I looked at the back of my hands and realized my hands had aged! A Lot!!!! Like 15 years or more...
It dawned on me the last time I looked at my hands was when I was about 12 years old... then I looked at my palms and was like "Wow!!!! What Happened??? They have so many lines now!!!"
I was lost, confused yet very calm and serene and Life was so Amazingly Awesome!!! I can't explain how Calm and Wonderful life felt in that Moment...
I couldn't explain it yet I understood, Deeply Understood it!
I finally looked into the mirror, into my eyes... and I noticed How Beautiful my Eyes Were! I couldn't stop Staring at them! I realized, I was falling in Love with.,... who I was Within, my "Self!" The person, being, spirit, soul "Within" as Christ spoke of! As Buddha Spoke! As that Poet said, "Know Thyself."
As I began to walk out into the world, I began to notice how Beautiful people were... Beauty was all around me, us, everywhere! It's there, trust me!
So I was looking a this girl, female I mentioned above and I just thought she was so Beautiful... I had such an Open Feeling inside.
I started remembering all these other people that were so Beautiful and something similar began to Dawn on me.,..
It wasn't their Hair or their teeth or nose or body or height.,..
"IT WAS THEM!!!" They were Beautiful inside!!!! They Found Themselves!! They were In Love with themsleves and Love them "SELVES!!!"
They had this smile or serenity that simply was Beautiful.
They were not in a rush anymore. They were simply there! With them "SELVES".
At Peace, Knowing, In Love! Finally Content!
They finally don't need to Be Loved or Accepted by anyone else... they didn't need to Chase that Illusionary Love, perfect person who was to complete them! Because that Twin Spirit, Twin Soul, Their Soul Mate was right there inside them all Along!!!
What I speak of Can Not Be found Outside of you! Because it truly is "Within" you!
When you find you, you find Love, Peace and Harmony!
And you Begin to Glow... you Become Beautiful...
I have seen Beautiful women who were not Beautiful at all to anyone yet they were physically Beautiful...
I can Tell you the Absolute Truth. "Beauty Truly is Within"

You came to this Existence, this Planet if you will, to Remember!!! To Remember YOU, to Find You once again!

And I will tell you where to find you! You are right There!
One day, as I mentioned above, "I literally woke up Physically and Spiritually." And I looked into the mirror and began to cry tears of Joy!!! The Game, The Chase the Journey, the Search was Over Because I found Myself!
I looked in the mirror and cried and laughed at the same time. I cried because I finally found my Long, Lost Self/Best Friend, Lover, Joy, Cherished one! I found me and All this time I was Right Here inside of me!!!
I Laughed because of all those people, all those real life stories of those people who would literally travel to another country, Climb that Mountain for weeks to finally find the Monk who they thought would Help them find themselves spiritually! 
And the Monk said, as he points to them, "You're right there!!!" 
And they walk away Dejected thinking the Monk didn't appreciate or value the effort they took to find him to help them!
And as I sit there looking into the mirror, I realize, "He wasn't kidding! You are right there as he pointed Directly INSIDE of them!" "Look Within" And I couldn't stop laughing because of how True it is!!! 
As I stood there crying, looking Deeply, deeply into my eyes.,.. I noticed for the first time how Blue My eyes were. I never even knew what color my eyes were. Because I never looked, I mean really really really really really Never looked at my "SELF" or my eyes Before that day!!!!
I never Looked at my hands since I was a child... how they aged so much. It was Shocking!!! At first I felt bad and was like, "What happened?????????" I thought I went through some kind of time warp or fell asleep along the way!!!
And I did! I fell right to sleep when my Best Friend died 9 years prior to that day!!! I was so scared, hurt and afraid... I gave up my soul, I gave up me!! I didn't want to feel that hurt ever, ever, ever, ever again!!!!
And yet the Ironic thing was, "His Entire Existence was to Keep me Awake to show the World that we are Here to Alive! To Live this thing we call Life! 
One day towards the end of 10th grade the school bell rang for first period. And I instantly without thinking or even saying, "bye or see ya" began to ran. And he yelled at me, "Mike????" I said, "What????" He said, "Are you Happy?"
I stopped and said, "What?" He yelled out through all the commotion, as everyone was running to class, "ARE YOU HAPPY?????"
Now this brought me to a complete Halt!
I quietly said, "What?" He said, "Are you Happy?" I said, "What do you mean?" He said, "Look, I know you have all the Trophies and are captain of the wrestling team and football team and have straight A's, But, "ARE YOU HAPPY???"
I said, "What does that Matter?" Instantly shocked at the words that just came out of my mouth.,.. Time Stood Still... suddenly getting to class on time wasn't that important....
That Moment stuck with me for 12 years until I woke up. It just kept digging and digging and digging... Because he was right!!! It still does, guide me every moment of every day!!
So as I stood there in the mirror realizing how Beautiful my eyes were, lost in time, I looked at my face but didn't know if I was a handsome guy or ugly.... and for some reason that suddenly didn't matter!
My eyes! My Eyes were so Beautiful... a Beautiful, Crystal Clear Light Blue... they were smiling at me... I couldn't help but smile back...
As I moved through life I began to see how Beautiful others were.,..
Most importantly I began to realize why they were Beautiful...
They Were Beautiful Physically because they were Beautiful Internally! They simply Loved them "SELVES!"
And from Within they Shined Outside!
See, you already are So, so, so, So Beautiful... And you will begin to shine your Beauty through your eyes, hair and skin and body once you finally Find Your Self and Love, Fall in Love with your "SELF!"
There's a Better Half, Other Half, "YOUR SOULMATE!!!" WITHIN YOU!!!
So Start to Love you Now!!! So the world can begin to Love you!

You Came to this Planet, to this Existence to "Find You!" Literally... so do it!

This is what all of my Courses are about! 

Once you Find you, Learn to Love you, the World will Open up to you!

I tell you the Truth! Once you Begin to Love you, Then you Allow "Others" to Love you!!
This is the way of the Universe!
We are Mirrors to each other!
"Look Within"
"I Love You"
- Mike Kollin


It's not over until you Win! See, that's why you are here!!! Period!!



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