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Find Her Heart by Finding Your Heart

Love, Heart and God!

Women are God's Gift to Man... 

I never said they were easy to Love or Understand or get along with. In fact women will be the toughest lessons you will ever learn and the Journey will be worth it!

Once you understand the way to her heart she will open up to you and life will be fun once again! This is the Way!

The way you connect with a woman's heart is first by connecting with your heart! You can't connect with her heart if you are not connected to your heart! She can not connect with your heart if you are not connected with your heart!

Everything is Everything!

You are me and I am you!

When you hurt that person, you hurt you!

When you love that person you immediately Love you!

There is no escaping this Universal Law!

Women are man's greatest Teachers!

Over the last 3 decades teaching this course, more and more I am seeing this!

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When I was a teenager or child the first time I heard this, I just thought it was the most arrogant thing I had ever heard... because at the time I was in a bad relationship and was hurting pretty bad and I continually suffered for years in relationships dealing with women. It just started to look more and more like women are man's worst enemies!

 If you have struggled dealing with the opposite sex, well, clearly there's an Understanding to be learned. And of course, it's not an easy learning but it's the most Valuable learning of your life! Love

How to Love and be a Loving, Kind, Compassionate person is The Hardest, most Challenging thing in a man or woman's life time! Most people simply close off, put up a wall, wear a mask and play by whatever supposed societal rules say and then they say, "Oh! Well I played by the agreed upon rules therefor I have no fault or responsibility in this situation!"

When have "Rules" ever Equated to Love and Compassion? Answer: Never!

Love is not from logic or from rules. Loves is Absolutely From the Heart of Hearts, from your emotions, from your compassion! Love Trumps Rules! Period.

"Look Within"

Oh Please Look Within... 

You can not find Love outside of your "SELF!"

Her Heart is your Heart! And your Heart is her Heart! This is the way.... 


There is so much hurt and misunderstanding out there... 

I absolutely know we are at a precipice in time. A time of Love and Healing is being Unleashed on the planet! I know it may not seem like it yet, but trust me, it's everywhere! 

The way you Heal her heart is by Healing your heart! This is The Way.... 

If you can not heal you, if you can not Love you, if you can not be "Understanding of you, there is no way in hell you could ever possibly even imagine Loving her let alone healing her heart of hearts deep within her soul!

The #1 thing a Woman is looking for is a Man who Can Find her, Discover her Heart and the little girl deep, deep, deep within her, hidden deep inside and fill her with your Love!

This is the #1 Goal of the Course!

You have to become a Loving, Compassionate Being to yourself and you do that by being Loving, kind and compassionate to your "SELF" first! 

If you notice in my past and current writings I almost always Separate Your - Self. The reason is because most people, especially men never learn how to Love the Inner Being, the person, the child within your body, literals inside you! There are 2 people, the logical male left brain person and the Internal, Right brain, 5 senses person. These are literally 2 separate beings. 

And the entire Goal of your Life's journey here on this planet, on this plane of existence is for you to learn how to #1 Find yourself! then #2 Love yourself!

Once you learn how to do this, then and only then will you Discovery her the child like, loving, kind, playful and sensitive girl within her!

The way you find her is by finding yourself! This is the Message of "Look within!"

Every Great Master from Jesus to Buddha to all of the Great Spiritual teachers have always stated and spoke: "Look Within!" 

And this is the #1 Core Teaching in my course! We will go over and over and over this and learn different ways, better ways to actually discover what this is and then how to do this! And then it's work time. To practice, work and develop this more and more and more! 

Think of it like this! 

The Male brain is the External Brain. So it goes from his forehead then out to the world! It looks outside of itself, literally, physically outside of itself for Love, for Understanding, for Compassion! 

But here's the problem with that. 

No one can ever Love you like you can Love you!

This is literally your inner child within, inside you! It's not possible for a wife or a girlfriend or anyone else to learn how to love you in the way "ONLY" you can Love you!

So the Question is, "What are you bringing to the Table?"

A Hurt, Wounded, Desperate, Needy person who brings their needs into the relationship? 

Or are you bringing a whole, complete, deeply connected, solid and grounded Loving, Kind, Compassionate person with a much Greater Awareness of Self and others into the Relationship?

See, what most people do is they look for someone else to Love them. The Problem with that, is that this child, this spirit, this tiny child like soul that is "Within" you is your child! 

Think about that for a few moments! 

If you reject your own Baby, Child, how in the hell do you expect your child ever to feel truly loved??? If you try to push your inner child off to someone else like a wife or girlfriend or husband, how in the hell do you ever in a Million years ever expect that child ever to Believe, truly believe it deserves love if you it's very own mother or father rejects it and constantly scolds it and says bad things to it. And then go desperately searching for someone else to Love your very own child, the very own child you won't spend time with to Love????? 

Do you know what you are telling every woman on the planet if you aren't loving your own "SELF?"

You are telling her that you won't Love her and don't know how to Love her because #1 You don't Love your "SELF!" And you don't know how to Love you! So how in the HELL could you ever possibly think you could ever have a clue how to love her or anyone else?

See, when a woman is walking around talking to people, meeting people she will notice if you can't or won't or don't love yourself. It tells her that you are Not a Loving, Kind, Compassionate person! 

Do you want to know what my #1 Secret is to Attracting women and attracting people in general for Business, social, etc.? When people see me, they see a being who is "In Love with Himself, who is patient with himself who is compassionate with himself." 

They see a Loving being walking around filled with Love and Compassion! 

So I ask you whether you are male or female, "Do you Love yourself?" 

"What do you bring to the Table?" 

A Whole and complete Being Filled with Love? 

Or a self Loathing person who speaks bad of themselves who is empty of Love and wants to take from someone else's tank of Love?

People can see and hear the way you treat yourself.... Women especial are very adept at this? 

The Most Attractive thing a man can do to draw / attract a woman into his life, into his heart is by being the most Loving, Kind, Compassionate man towards himself because now she is connecting with a Loving, Kind Man who is full of Compassion. 

Who would you want to connect with, date and marry? 

A person who has not Love or a person who is Filled with Love? Its' pretty obvious and a very simple answer!

So being the journey to learning how to Love yourself and be a bit kinder to yourself. And say good things to yourself. This it the way of Love! This is the way to her heart!

Think of it like this!

As I said above, the Male, Logical Left brain is the External Brain. And this is why so many people go on this life long journey outside of themselves to find themselves! Hahahahaha... 

They will spend $Millions and spend decades going to spiritual retreats or studying with the gurus and will travel to the 4 corners of the earth to find themselves. And then finally one day they throw it all away. They take the Trek of a life time. And they travel to a foreign country and climb that foreign Mountain that may take days to weeks to even longer to climb, suffering through cold, harsh weather struggling to finally find this Monk of all Monks! This spiritual teacher of all spiritual teachers who can show them the way back home to their self and their heart of hearts!

Out of pure physical and emotional exhaustion and a life time of emotional desperation cry out to this great teacher and say, "How do I find myself?"

And the monk smiles with a curious smile and says to them in a  dumbfounded way, pointing to their chest and soul and says in a cute, happy voice, "Your Right there!"

See, when you are looking outside of yourself you can't find or love yourself. And you also can't find her heart and love her. And here's why!

Submarine Radar System

When you are outside from yourself you are "NOT" connected to yourself! So how can she possibly connect with you if you are not "INSIDE" of you?????????? 

You are like a Submarine who is in Deep Waters searching for itself and is looking out there in the deep, deep ocean waters! And can't find itself because!!!!

The submarine is not connected to itself and needs to come back inside itself and reconnect with its Radar System!!!!

See, when you the male are External, logical, outside of your body, you are not connected to your Right Brain!!! Your RIGHT Brain is the Awareness Brain.

This is why so, so, so many women constantly say, "I am looking for a "SELF AWARE" Man who is connected to himself and deeply grounded, rooted into who he is as a man!

This means to literally be neurologically connected to yourself!

Once you, like the submarine reconnects with your Radar system, your Right Brains 5 senses systems and turns it on, it's all systems go!!!

Now suddenly you know exactly where you are in the ocean. Now you can see on the Radar system where the cliffs and rocks and other ships and boats and submarines are! 

Now suddenly you come out of the Darkness and you step into the light! And now you can see, hear, feel, taste, smell and sense the world around you!

And all of a sudden you "FIND YOURSELF!!!!!!" 

The Real you is Deep, Deep within your "SELF!"

And not only can you see, hear and feel and be "SELF" Aware of yourself now you can see her! The Real girl hidden deep, deep within her heart of hearts!

And this my friend is what women want from a man! A man who has discovered and developed the ability to See her, Ultimately to KNOW HER!!!!!!

By Knowing your "SELF" you shall also know her! 

This is how you Connect with a woman;'s heart by connecting to your heart!

This is the Answer you have been searching for your entire life! This is your soul purpose her on planet earth!

You are her and she is you!

Your heart is her heart and her heart is your Heart!

When you find your heart you find her Heart! When you find her heart 

"YOU FIND GOD!" - Look Within my friends! Look Within! It is the way to LOVE!


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