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Falling in Love in Long Beach California | Relationship Coach

I Fell in Love in Long Beach... Almost!

First of all I want to say how surprised I was at what I felt and experienced in Long Beach California. It was almost like being in a romantic movie with emotions and feelings and heart... 

People of all classes, all races would simply walk up, say "hello" and start up conversations about whatever was on their mind! It was... Refreshing, many times enlightening simply because of the simple things people would share, bring up and talk about. 

I think... no, I Feel.... 

It was because it came from their heart. It was Open, it was Free and it was real. And I greatly appreciated that and still appreciate it. 

I found my home... 

I've been searching for 51 years... 

Napa California was definitely my home but there was an accident that pushed me away! I lost my best friend at 19. And I've been searching my entire life for my life, my heart, my soul...

Sure, I went through a Major Spiritual Awakening that shook my world to the core of who I am and it finally revealed who I truly am. I found myself at the age of 28. The most Powerful experience in my entire life! 

And life became this amazing experience... 

The Journeys I have taken flying to Hawaii studying Huna, NLP and Hypnosis, learning about the culture, connecting with the heart of Hawaii. Traveling to the east coast to study with John Overdurf a Master NLP Trainer, Energy Healer and much more... there's always more John!

To finding my Heart in Napa Valley, once again, and finally healing my past emotional wounds to simply just being okay with the past! 

I didn't tell, the friend who convinced me to come down to visit and give Long Beach and So Cal a chance, that I almost burst out in tears when the 5th person on the Walk Way on the Beach just waved and smiled at me... 

I just wanted to run up and hug that person and cry from my Heart and just cry forever...  

The Long Beach Kid on the Beach

This is the Kid who smiled and made me almost cry... 

I call him the Long Beach Kid... 

I've lived in the Bay Area for so long I just have to finally admit, "I need to find my kind! My Family! My people!!"

For years and years I kept hearing people tell me how I was the Surfer Type. Yet it always shocked me because I have never surfed, at least until I went to Hawaii years ago. But I was always a Beach Guy who Loves the sun!! 

John Overdurf's ex Wife Julie said that to me and it really threw me for a loop. I was like "Really?"

You have to Fully Embrace "All" of who you are within!

Every single time I walked down the walk way with people smiling and saying, "Hello" I just felt... I felt... I just "FELT!" 

I could Feel Hearts and Souls and Emotions and Feelings and even peoples Dreams! Dreams are everywhere in the So Cal. Long Beach Area!

I literally said, "I think I am going to fall in love and get into a relationship! I can feel it!" hahaha... Every single time I walked on the beach I could feel it! 🐹😊

People in So Cal, Long Beach have this similar look they have in Napa California. It's a Dream like view of life, the world and themselves and their futures! 

And there were emotions and feelings everywhere! I could feel it in the air, in the humidity in the sand in the ocean... 

It's just like a Movie, being in a Romantic Relationship with Life! There's yelling and drama and emotions and feelings because that's what life is all about! Life is about crying, smiling, laughing, feeling all the Rainbow of Emotions that life has to offer!

At first I was like "Omg this is so Hollywood, sooooo... wait! This is so Real... so much heart, so much soul... yes there is Drama in life... there's hurt and sadness and loss... and there's also the other side of Love and Compassion and Kindness and goodness... 

And that's where I am. I have finally found and connected with the Fullness of Life! And this makes life Meaningful and gives us all a reason to Live! I Love you guys! I Love you all... 💕

Crack the Female Code

I Almost Fell in Love or Maybe I did...

I began to feel something every single time we went for a walk on the Beach on the walkway passing by all the people... 

People were actually smiling... at each other at us... at me!

I knew I had to move... I had to be around these people!

I had a feeling I hadn't had in almost 10 years or more... 

I so badly felt like I was about to Fall in Love! Ha! 

It caught me off guard it left me breathless almost lost but lost in a really good way... the kind of way you want to fall and be lost in Love where you truly find yourself, the being, spirit within, your soul but with another person...

I now as I speak to you realize I fell in Love with myself, the God spirit within when I went through my Spiritual Awakening at 28 and that has been one hell of a Journey!

This! This was... hahaha... 

I realized I am ready to fall in Love with another Spirit and soul, a Sweet Lady with a heart and soul who knows herself who Loves herself just as much as she Loves me!

It's like I came full circle in life, spirit, heart and soul... 

I Felt Life is what I Felt!

I admit, I am just writing from my heart throwing words down as fast as I can because I am attempting to express what I felt and what I am feeling... it's all in the song/video above. Just listen to it a few times over and over and over! You might start crying... I am!

I am an Emotional, Feeling person who Feels emotions on a depth that most can only imagine. I am an Empath, All Heart, All soul and all Feeling! And I will never deny that ever again... This is Who I Am!

It's okay to be yourself... And it's okay to Fall in Love!

Long Beach, God and Love...

I'm Ready... 💕 

Thank you Long Beach! I Love You!

Life is coming full circle... 

Mike Kollin




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Hello Ashley!!

Thank you very much… may I ask what you liked about it?
Southern California is very Beautiful, especially along the Beaches…

Thanks for the Response! How did you find this blog? Did you google something?
Or was it on pinterest or from twitter? Thanks!

Mike Kollin

Super cool story!!

Ashley Williams

Hi Mike well l smile more and l kind of feel more the main thing I have to work on is trust ,when I see what kind of world we are living in goodness’s me it’s easier to be safe l think and I no that’s sad it’s taken me a long time to be at peace with my self do l really want to give that up l once said when I was very young l would like to love someone that loves the way l do l now no that person does not exist l am not a person that gives up but maybe I understand acceptance now xxx


Thank you Angela… Enjoy your Life!!
Remember to Feel… it’s okay!

Mike Kollin

Oh my goodness l love the way you write your words are truly from your heart literally glowing off the page amazing I understand now just what you are about and what you care about you’re a bright light knowing l will never meet You I have to say to you it was lovely meeting you smiles are the loveliest of words Take Care Angela xxx

Angela Dennison

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