It's Time to Heal yourself | Empaths will Save the World

Empaths it's time to Heal, Love and be Compassionate to Yourselves!

It's Time to Be your Own Super Hero

This is your Journey! 

See, your entire lives you have spent  your entire life trying to support others, believe in others and be compassionate to others  to help them heal their  emotions and their wounds!

And this is your #1 Mistake!

Stop! Did you ever think that the very person you are trying to save and are here to save, love and encourage is the Inner Spirit  inside of you?

Well it is!

If you want to make the world a Better Place its your "JOB" to give all that Love and Support and Compassion and  Healing Energy to  yourself!

Everything you have  done for others and "Literally" given a way is Exactly what you are supposed to be doing for yourself inside you!

Can you Imagine How Powerful and Healed and Amazing you would be if you Simply did everything for yourself that you are doing for others?

And it would make you 1 more Solid, Complete and Whole Human being on the planet!

Trust me!!! This is what we need! We don't need any more Broken Empaths and Light Workers running around trying to heal total strangers or worse Narcissists that take advantage of our Love and Kindness!

Stand Up!

It's your Job to Heal yourself, Love  yourself and be Compassionate to that child like spirit being inside of your body, emotions and feelings!

You literally need to speak well of the warrior within you so you can learn how to gain the Trust of  that  POWERFUL SPIRIT inside of you!

The Moment you do truly do this over  a period of time and begin to reconnect with yourself suddenly you "Intuition" will become like a Bright Shinning Light from the Heavens and you will Suddenly  Know what to do!

And Believe me, this is a WAR!!!!!

You need to Heal and Strengthen your inner being and become ONE with yourself inside you! You need to become your Own Best Teammate!

"When the Inner Battle Goes Away & You become your own Best Teammate, that's when Life begins. This is what the Human Journey is About."

- Mike Kollin

And now you can begin to work with others. But it's going to take a lot of learning and understanding of simple principles!

#1 Having Boundaries! Strong, Strong Healthy Boundaries combined with an inner Love, Clarity and Emotional Health so you can begin to be there for others in a way you do not get caught up and or entangled in their energies!

#2 You need to learn how to become Emotionally grounded and build a solid, solid, solid sense of Real Self and Totally reconnect with yourself so you are coming from a place of solidity and "KNOWING!" 

#3 You must Tune into Your "SELF" and become Highly Intuitive and learn how to listen to your Intuition / Gut Feelings and Emotions as to what they are telling you!

This is not an easy Journey! It was never meant to be easy! You came to this planet to "Fight" this war and to help heal others! 

Have you ever been in a war zone? 

Bombs going off, machine guns being fired, people screaming for help?

This is what it means to be a Light Worker! This is not an easy job. These people are messed up, mean, angry and very hurt and confused!

You need to learn how to Toughen up while staying open and in tune with yourself!! 

It takes a Master To Fight this Fight! 

You don't have a choice!!! 

"Your First job is to Take Care of, Heal, Love and Support Yourself!!! And this has to be a Solid Job!!!"

- Mike Kollin 

See you on the Battle Field!


Welcome to the Spiritual Battle of a Life Time | Emotional Healing Begins


Mike Kollin

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