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Escape and Find Your Freedom Inside!

Where did the Emotions and Feelings Go?

Are you almost Afraid to have Feelings or any kind of Emotion?

Has society punished you for Being Open Minded and Open Emotionally! They Shut you Down because they Shut themselves Down!

(This is how they Limited your Power!)

I'll Show you how to Open Back up to Your Power!

It's Hidden Inside you but I will Show you How!

Is the World turning into 1 Giant computer? Are people losing touch with reality because they are losing touch with their Emotions and Feelings?

Yes! They are!

And yes there is an unspoken and many times spoken truth that any expression of emotions and or feelings is weird or wrong or some how not cool or even just plain wrong in today's society!

I mean come on it's all about Computers and Technology!

There are some people who were abused and hurt or whatever who have completely disconnected from there emotional Right Brain!

Thus they look at anyone who is Open Minded, Loving and Kind with an actual Heart and Soul whom expresses and actually "FEELS" Emotions as some kind of Threat they must shut down!

I mean imagine that!

Are your Emotions your Secret Power?

Turns out your Right Brain, the 5 senses / Emotional Processor, is directly connected to your Higher Intelligence, your body! This is the doorway to the Mind, Body and Spiritual Connection! And it's all done through your Emotions and Feelings!

And its these very emotions and feelings that allow you to tap into a Greater Power other than just your ego, the smallest part of your intelligence.

The problem is most people cling to their ego and their computers and their instagram, twitter, facebook and block out their emotions and feelings!

Can you Block out your Emotions / Feelings?

Answer: No! You can't!

For over 3 decades I have been Coaching people on how to Fully open up to their right brain. So they can access more of their Power, Intelligence and Natural Capabilities instead of being Locked inside the Lower, Ego Brain, the limited mind.

No, this is not Magic! It will seem like Magic once you open up because you have been so disconnected from your emotions and feeling and creative mind for a long, long time. 

Once you open up it's like a New World Appears. But that world, those capabilities you have, have always been there waiting for you to take the Brave journey into yourself. 

Besides, the fact of the matter is, those people who try to hide their emotions and feelings because Emotions and Feelings can hurt, BAD! Especially if you lock them up inside, shove them down and refuse to deal with them by not feeling them!

See, the illusion is, if you lock them up, close them down, you are actually just "Holding onto Them" inside a small box inside and refuse to let them go. So they sit there and you feel them locked up inside your heart or solar plexus or your gut and sometimes inside your forehead!

And what you have done is Concentrated your emotions and feelings and thus you feel them every single moment of every single day in a much more intensified way! That's why you are so sensitive

And I am offering you the Way Out!

I am offering you "The Only" way out! By showing you how to Open up to your Emotions and Feelings by reconnecting with your emotions and feelings! By Going into your Emotions and Feelings and Healing through the Emotions, Feelings and Pain!

By Opening the doorway to your emotions and Feelings, you will Open the Flood Gates and thus "Release" your Emotions and Feelings so they can Finally Heal by Traveling, Moving and flowing and getting back into movement which is where they were meant to exist! Freely flowing... And Now you Can Fly!

Yes, your Emotions and Feelings were meant to Flow and Fly and move around! Not suffocate inside a Tiny Jail like Box inside your Mind and Body! This is what causes Cancer and Disease! This is the very reason Cancer and disease exists!

When energy / Emotions are Blocked disease ensues! That's just a pure fact of nature and science! Period! Oh and Common sense! But then again, Common sense is a Right Brain Process!

Release the Flood Gates and Allow yourself to Flow Emotionally!

Yes, this means to allow yourself to feel your emotions and feelings and yes this means you will cry! A lot! Tears will Flow and your Emotions will Open up and "YOU WILL BE FREE ONCE AGAIN!"

See! Nobody was keeping you in a prison or restricting you! All those pent up feelings of anger and rage and frustration were the very act of Shoving those emotions down and keeping them in check inside your tiny little box where you kept your emotions prisoner!

But those emotions are not some separate entity..... those emotions and feelings are you! Yes the real you inside of you! That is you! You are your Emotions and your Emotions are You! So Feel them Fully and Completely!

You imprisoned you! 

And all you have to do is open the door and allow the emotions to Flow back into your wildest dreams!

Release yourself and Open up to the Fullness of your Power by Opening up to You!!!

I'll Show you How and Be There While you go through the Floods of Emotions Releasing!

The Techniques I teach are Very Powerful!

For over 30 years I have Traveled to Hawaii, California to Pennsylvania to the Midwest Coaching, training and teaching others how to "Step into your Power!"

Once people learn the Power of Internal Awareness their entire World Shifts! Power, Happiness, Success, Money, Love all Open up to them. Invariably people will call me or email me years and years later telling how it continues to Open up and Expand into Greater Experiences in Life in every area!

You have Power! But it's inside you!

You have been Lied to! They say it's in a designer shirt or a designer suit or a car or whatever. It's not! You can have all of that but first you have to find the real "You Inside" you first! 

Let's just stop right here!

And Put the Power of Decision into your Hands! 

Open up to Your Invisible Power and Make it Visible!


Step into Your Power and Live and Awesome Life!

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