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Is Romantic Seduction Love to a Woman?

Yes it is!

Romantic Seduction is the Epitome of Love to a Woman!

It's how she knows you Love her! Without this act, she will never Know you Love her or Know her, who she Truly is within. I so wish I could explain this in a Blog! Because she Desperately needs this and wants this from the man she Loves!

How do I explain this in a simple Blog? I'll do my best.

See, yes, as the words in the song suggest and state, "Did you hide yourself away! I can't see you anymore?" Yes! Yes, she did... but she wants you to desperately find her! She so needs you to find a way to reach her. Her very heart needs you to find her inside!  

What you don't understand is that she, the real girl within wants to come on and shine and be there with you 100% of the time! But in order to do this you have to calm down, slow down, relax and completely stop inside. Inside your mind, spirit and heart you need to come to a complete stop in order to see her!

In a way she has never hid from you! In Fact she is screaming for you to see her to hear her to feel her! She's crying inside, slowly dying each day hoping, praying you will one day Stop and See her right in front of you!

She Loves you with all her Heart and all her Soul but you can't even see her let alone find her! 

The Best Example I can give you is you are going way to fast and you keep going right past her even though she is right there in front of you and has been this entire time! 

It's like in this movie with Scarlett Johansson called Lucy where she fasts forwards and then Rewinds super fast all the way into the past! And then Finally stops completely in the very Moment! 

You are fast forwarding and rewinding way to fast! You have to come to a complete Stop! And be with her in the very Moment she is in! And then you will See her, hear her, feel her and Know her!

It is in this moment that you are finally Alive! 

What is Love to a Woman?

This is not an Easy Question to Answer rather Explain to the Male Brain! The reason why I say that is because the Male Brain is hard wired and designed to Process information in the Opposite way that women or the right brain processes information!

And herein lies the Key to Success in my courses of Love and Romantic Seduction for men! And this is where you get your Power in Dating, Relationships, Marriage and Social Power! This is a Life Changing Experience for all of my clients!

The Key Lies within you Learning how to Open Back up to your Right Brain! The Social Power Brain! The Romantic, Seductive and Emotionally Fulfilling Brain to her heart of hearts inside her!

And this is why all, all, all the courses you have Taken on Dating, Relationships, Pickup artist courses and courses on Love and Communication have always failed you! 

Because you have to learn a few Key Elements! And they are not easy to learn for the male brain because they are in the complete Opposite of the way you would ever think or talk or express your Love in a Million years! 

#1 You have to learn how to Open up to your Right Brain!

#2 You have to learn how to Fluently Speak the "Hidden" Internal Right Brains language!

#3 You have to Learn how to Ground yourself Emotionally in a way that allows her to be with you in the Moment! 

#4 You have to learn to to process information in this Hidden way while speaking the Hidden Internal language while being Emotionally Grounded and Internal while you do it so she can FEEL YOU! And Feel your Communication Emotionally so she can "FINALLY Understand You!"

* Did that sound like Greek to you! Did those words seem a bit odd or off? Well those are part of the Hidden Internal Language she needs to hear from you in order to Experience Emotional Fulfillment From you!

* Did I forget to tell you this Hidden way, this Hidden Language turns a woman on Powerfully while Melting her Heart and Making her Fall in Love with you?

Emotional Fulfillment is Love to a Woman

I have been teaching this for over 30 years to men! And I have yet to find 1 man on the planet who actually understands this let alone knows how to give this 1 thing to a woman that Fills her Heart with your Love!

What is Emotional Fulfillment to a Woman?

Emotional Fulfillment is when the Chemical Oxytocin is Released into her Blood Stream and Stimulates her mating system and thus turning her on Sexually! Yes, Sexually!

Let's get right to the point men! Emotional Fulfillment is that Same Feeling you Get after you have sex and have an orgasm! You know that totally refreshing, relaxing, calming feeling that washes over your entire body leaving you feeling more relaxed than you could ever feel with every fibre, ever cell in your entire body feeling totally relaxed and calm to the extent you can fall asleep with no worries in that very moment!

In that Moment you are Feeling Emotional Fulfillment otherwise known as Love! And this is what she wants to feel when she is with you! 


 A Woman Can not Feel Emotional Fulfillment through Sex Alone!

The Only way a woman Can Feel Emotional Fulfillment with you is through the Hidden Right Brain Language! And it has to be spoken in the Indirect, Internal way! Once a man Figures out how to speak in this Indirect, hidden way she knows she is Loved because this gives her EMOTIONAL FULFILLMENT! 

Imagine being married for 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 15 years or more and never, ever feeling that wonderful feeling you receive after having sex with a woman? That's what women go through! Seriously imagine never, ever, ever getting Emotional Fulfillment from your partner yet you lay in bed right next to them every night of your life!

Imagine being married to the Woman of your Dreams, laying in bed next to you every night never, ever making Love to her! In fact when she comes to bed you want to kiss her and touch her and make love to her and she looks at you and says, "What are you doing?" Like she has no clue what that is!

This is essentially what women go through in relationships with men! Because men don't know what Emotional Fulfillment is or how to give it to a woman!

I Want Mo' Powa!!!

You want more Power in Dating and Relationships? Then you have to learn the Art of Romantic Seduction! Because the way you give woman Emotional Fulfillment is through a Step by Step process I call Romantic Seduction!

What? No! No! No!!!


No! This is not a Pickup Artist Course! Those Courses are the complete opposite of my course on Love and Romantic Seduction! Romantic Seduction Opens yo up to your Right Brain and teaches you how to Speak the Hidden Language in the Hidden way to give her what she Truly Needs, Wants and Desires from you: Emotional Fulfillment!

If you can learn how to do this, you will have a form of Hidden Power you never knew existed yet it's been right in front of your eyes your entire life!

You've seen it, heard it and seen the results of it with your eyes but not your Soul or your Heart! I'll show you how! Once you see it, you'll never go back to the way it was before! Cuz you'll realize that was all a waste of time! Because it was!

Pickup Artist courses are very Left Brain, memorization courses using Lines and Openers and stuff like that! They are very simple, lazy and superficial! Now this is where pickup artists courses break down! There's no real depth or understanding of what's going on at all! Zero!

Pickup artists courses are like scraping the barrel! You walk in with blinders on and don't even know it! You are doing everything in the male brain in the male way! 180 Degrees going in the 100% Wrong Direction!! It's Blind!

Mine Eyes Hath Been Opened, Now I See! 

 This is going to Rip the Lids off your eyes and show your Brain something so Big, So Powerful your entire life will change and will continue to change over the next Few years to a dozen years! This is Powerful!

This is a Master Class!

Yes this is Better than a Pickup artists course. This is a Master Class! Most men go through their entire lives, never, ever, ever even noticing this let alone learning how to do it! Because it was hidden from the Male brain!

Mother Nature hid this from the male brain on purpose!

This is Not Easy to Learn for Men! This course is going to challenge you and cause a lot of Cognitive Dissonence in your Brain! Everything you thought was true will be Proven to be 110% Wrong! Why?

Because the Male Brain is the Male way, not the Female Way! The male way literally turns a woman off and makes her Feel Unloved!

The way a man Loves a woman is not the way a woman Receives Love!

No matter how hard you try to Love her in the male way she will totally feel like you don't even care about her! Because her Mating system is directly connected to her Right Female Brain! This is the Secret you have to Master!

The Left Male Brain way of doing things turns women off sexually because it disconnects her from her Emotional, Right Brain where her Mating system is connected! And no matter how hard you try to Love her in the Male way it will make her angry because she believes you don't love her even though you do! 

I understand men! The Good News! There is an Answer that Works in a  very, very Powerful way! More Sex! More Happiness! More Love for you and her!

This Will Save your Marriage!

Take the Master Class

It's the difference between going to an American Martial Arts Class paying for your Black Belt vs. going to Thailand and learning how to Fight from the Masters!

Yes, Absolutely 100%! Women do want to be Seduced! But not in the Pickup artist ways! That is not Love to a woman at all... overtime that will ruin a relationship!

This course will show you how to Meet, Attract and Romantically Seduce a Woman! And once you do, she will Fight for Her man!

Yes! Romantic Seduction is Love to a Woman!


Mike Kollin

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