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Do you really want to change your life? No! Seriously, I am not joking! Look, I am in the Change and Personal Development Business! And I want to show you the easiest, yet most effective way to change your entire life!!! This is Hugely, Hugely important and it's super, super easy! Come on! Let's get on it!!! It's all about attitude and 1 more thing; which gives you that attitude or may I say, Swagger!!! For years and years I have been involved in personal development. And there are really, really powerful way to change your entire life. There are a bunch of hypnotic techniques, NLP techniques that can link up very powerful and comfortable states of mind into your system. And this 1 technique really changes it all.... Here is an article called Rejection Therapy, 100 days of No! After I read the first few paragraphs, it dawned on me; this is what happened to me! Many years ago, I met this other guy who was an NLP Practitioner and we decided we were going to take these NLP techniques we were certified and highly trained in and apply them like madmen multiple times a week! And we did this for years and years. (Note: I went to many Tony  Robbins Seminars and did some similar stuff, but the level of public action we (My NLP Friend and I) took, took our level of Confidence in life and approaching women to another level that changed my entire life!) But, it wasn't' just about picking up on women. It changed every area in my life when it came time to taking action. It helped my business massively. I learned how to simply approach people, hand out my cards and make sales. I joined the Chamber of commerce and talked to all these older people who were so in the freaking box! hahaha...  I actually got into Hewlett Packard int gave 4, 3 to 4 hour presentations. It was awesome. I did my first NLP Sales training at a Real estate office! I mean man, suddenly doing things like this was easy whereas before, I wouldn't even consider it, even after taking Tony Robbins Seminars. That's the Power of having a highly trained NLP Trainer, like me, to help you make massive, personal breakthroughs!!! And the Power of taking massive action on your own and making it happen in real life! But, here's one of the Keys! You have to take massive actions and challenge yourself and Push yourself through your own fears and barriers and just freaking do it! So here's what we did. #1 We Anchored in some very Powerful and confident emotional states. Then, we did this very spiritual technique and then anchored that in. (It's fairly in depth, so I won't go into it all right now!) #2 We Then went out into a public place. To a mall in Walnut Creek and during a busy warm, sunny day, we would shout out this word we linked up to very powerful states, over and over and over while people were walking past us! And I mean a lot of people... The more they looked at us, the louder we would do it... The more powerfully we would do it! Until it shot us into such a Powerfully Confident state, that we didn't care. But it went beyond that. We were the ones who were in charge and large and feeling the power!    hahahaha... And it was freaking Awesome! It felt awesome to do that! Now, when I say we yelled out this word, we also exploded our arms out as we leapt into the air shouting this word out at the top of our lungs. 1 person at a time! We did it over and over and over and over, louder and louder and louder each time to the point we were screaming it out at the top of our lungs! #3 And then we immediately went up to girls and did 20 to 30 approaches that day alone! At least that was our minimum goal, until we started actually engaging women into conversations. I mean about the 5th approach, I suddenly got into this really in depth conversation about life and relationships and stuff like that with this total stranger, this really hot, confident blond girl I would have never approached in a million years before that day! [caption id="attachment_522" align="alignleft" width="300"]This could be you! Dating tips & advice for men. Meeting women is easy once you know how![/caption] Now here's the weird thing. The first 4 girls who basically shut me down or left, didn't' faze me, but I didn't even think about that. And after I talked to the first girl for about 20 minutes, my buddy was nudging me to get going! I  mean hey, we had to approach at least 20 to 30 girls that day! So, I got her number and we moved on. But then the next girl, I talked to her for at least 20 minutes. And it dawned on me that I had changed. I went far beyond merely getting up the guts to merely approach a girl and then get shut down. I wasn't thinking about all that bullshit of what if, like I use too. I had changed!!! hahahaha... It was simply mind blowing. I had shifted completely in 1 session. It was beyond Awesome. It was simply exhilarating!!! I could feel this energy pulsating in a very calm yet powerfully grounded way! We spent the rest of the day approaching total strangers, totally hot girls, cute girls, fascinating girls, fun girls, just people in general. Life had opened a New Door! Suddenly, the thought of getting shut down or not getting a good response was gone. I was so in state and in my core energy that I genuinely wanted to approach and talk with these girls, I was really genuinely fascinated in who they were and wanted to talk to them. IN other words, it wasn't about, "OMG what if she gets mad or yells at me or hurts my feelings!" It suddenly become about, "Hey, she looks cool, I want to go talk to that girl..." It went from fear to absolute fun and fascination... My entire perspective on meeting women went from this fear state and what if state to this fun, cool, let's go do it, this is so fun! And you know what, YOU are damn right I suddenly had some swagger! Hahaha... A lot of swagger... It was an absolute trip to make such a drastic shift in a few moments like that... Now, here's what we did next! #4 We started going to clubs! Now you have to understand, I was terrified of the club scene. I didn't drink or barely, barely drank, I didn't smoke, I didn't do drugs, nothing. And, I didn't have a clue how to dress to go to a club. And probably the most terrifying thing about it all was that there seemed to be some kind of code of ethics that I had no clue about. So yeah, it was terrifying. (There is a code, I'll teach it to you!) So what did I do? I did the same technique before going to the club and when inside, did it a few times on the dance floor with loud music and tons of people, so no one had a clue what the hell I was doing... hahaha.... And Bamm! I was in state. And once again, I was talking to women like it was no big deal... #5 The final thing I did, was keep going and keep approaching and talking and talking and talking until I got really comfortable all the way around. I began to get some style. Now you might not think that's a big deal, but I had zero clue about clothes and style... But over time I just started shopping and trying new things, I bought used clothes or a friend would give me a cool used dress shirt he had, etc. etc. and I just got into it! (I'll help you with all of this!) And that is what this is all about... You have got to start living your life right now and start getting into it! You can't let anyone or anything, not even yourself hold you back! You have to get out there and "Just Do it!"  (Sorry Nike!) But, it's true... Now, if you want a Highly Trained NLP Trainer and Personal Development Coach who can massively shift your perspective and get you on the road to Victory in Life, Love and Relationships, give me a call now!!! Yes, Right now, Call and Leave your number and take that first step!  415 456 8558 See, right there. Right there!!!! That's what I am talking about! What in the Hell are you waiting for? This will change your life and open the door and put you on such a greater track, it's not even funny! You, yes you are the only one that can make that decision to call now and change the direction of your life and get more of what you want out of your life! This is a once in a life time offer to work with someone like me who has as much experience as I do in the field of real human change. I have worked with the best and been trained by the very, very best! I have over 41 Certifications & 20 years experience in Human Behavior and change technologies, it's not even funny how good I am at what i do. And I have over 20 years working with Professional Athletes, Boxers and Kick-boxers and amateur athletes, Salesmen and women, teaching men how to meet girls at clubs and in life and so, so, so much more... You want real life change? You want to make your dreams come true? Well right now you have to make a decision to take that step right now and make it happen! 415 456 8558 [caption id="attachment_537" align="alignleft" width="300"] Be that guy she wants to go home with, make love to and Marry![/caption] If you really want to change your life, call me right now  and I will give you $250 off my first session with you. My normal fee is $375 per session. Right now for the next 30 days or until I take this blog down, I will give you $250 off your first session and I will give you a Phenomenal deal on a 7 or 10 session package if you decide to follow through on taking the next leap into your future happiness and success! Today's date is 1/12/2013. I reserve the right to revoke this deal at any time, because business is starting to pick up again. So get in right now, while you can! I want to help you reach your dreams! Hey, $125 for a 2 plus hour session is a phenomenal deal and there is no other commitment past that if you don't want to! This is the safest and best way to find out what I am all about and taking a look into what can happen in your life if you take this one step! What is it you want? How can I help you live a much, much better, happier life and gain that feeling of true confidence and swagger in your life now! Call right now and change your life with Action: 415 456 8558 It's time to Kick some Ass, so let's get this thing going Now!!! Free 30 minute phone consultation to find out more! *** JUST mention the title of this add and the date I put in there and the deal is good for you! *** NOTE: For the first 7 customers who call and are willing to work in a small group, I am willing to also, on top of that, throw out the $125 deposit. So what you get is your first session for $125 and no deposit, saving you $250 + $125 deposit = $325 savings. All you have to pay to get a full 1 on 1 session with  me, The Love Doctor is $125 total! That's it! And, all you have to do is mention this add with the deposit fee waved. That's it!!! * Now, that being said. Promise me 1 thing. Promise me that for the next 30 days minimum to 45 days, that you will take action on 100 things that will push you past your growth level to be a massive action taking person. Just Do It!!! I mean that. If you don't take this action for yourself, you life will never change! If you need change and want someone who is highly trained in this field of personal development or singles coaching, then you know I am here for you! Good luck and Live your life to the fullest!!! Bless you all! You are going to find that I truly, truly want to see you get the results that you desire in life. I got into this business because, not only am I a highly trained coach, I am also a naturally born to coach and I love, love, love to help people! 4 Years in a row I won the most inspirational trophy!!! I am Awesome at what I do! I get Results! And so will you! If I can help professional athletes and thousands of men learn how to easily meet, approach and pick up on gorgeous women, then I can help you with whatever your issues are! Come on, give me a shot! I bet I will prove to you beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am the Master of what I do! I'm that good!  
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